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Plastic money – Short Take – Gulf Today dt 27.01.2012

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Plastic money

I had a good friend, who was not responding to my calls for a long time. Earlier, we used to talk daily on all matters. I was able to reach him finally and he talked to me for a few minutes.

He said everything was OK with him, but the tone and reply did not sound so. I wish him well.

Another friend of mine was also missing from regular contacts. I was worried about him, and last week I met him at a function.

He hugged me and apologised for not keeping in touch. I asked him where he was all this time. He replied, “I am a free man now.”

I got more anxious and asked him what happened!

He continued, “I have closed all my credit cards. They were killing me day and night. Somehow, I sold off whatever I could and closed them. Now, I have peace of mind.”

I could feel it from the expression on his face.

Yes, he’s one who could come out of the clutches of plastic money that has destroyed several lives.

I wish others too manage to follow in his footsteps.
Ramesh Menon

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A safety culture is critical – Gulf News Community Report – Dt 24.01.2012

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A safety culture is critical – Gulf News Community Report – Dt 24.01.2012

Image Credit: Ramesh Menon/Gulf News Reader
The reader advocates mandatory safety procedures, equipment and dress codes for maintenance and cleaning crews whose work constantly requires them to challenge vertical limits

A safety culture is critical

Firms undertaking dangerous jobs have a duty to their workers, and so do the authorities
I see that many old buildings in Abu Dhabi city are being painted these days. While this beautification campaign should be appreciated, I have noticed that some safety elements are being ignored in the process.
Most of the maintenance teams use poor quality suspended cradles and the painters are not properly harnessed and do not wear safety helmets. Even if they do have helmets, they often keep them aside as they probably feel the helmet-shaped plastic caps may not be much help in case of an accident.
Through this community report, I request the supervisors of companies undertaking such jobs to take appropriate measures for the safety of the workers.
I also urge the authorities to implement mandatory safety procedures, equipment and dress codes for all involved in such high-risk jobs. Let us be proactive and think of safety 24/7, rather than acting after an incident happens. 


— The reader is a technical officer, based in Abu Dhabi

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PlanetSolar at Abu Dhabi for World Future Energy Summit 16-19 Jan 2012

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PlanetSolar at Abu Dhabi for World Future Energy Summit 16-19 Jan 2012

planetsolar – First around the world with Solar Energy
At Abu Dhabi for World Future Energy Summit 16 – 19 January 2012
481 days in the Ocean on pure Solar power…
Follow planetsolar at:

തൃശൂര്‍ ജില്ലയിലെ ഊരകം പ്രാവ്സികളുടെ കൂട്ടായ്മയായ ഗോപുരിനെറെ ഉത്ഘാടനം

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പൊതുയോഗത്തില് ഗോപുര്  കൂട്ടായ്മയുടെ 2012  ലെ ഭാരവാഹികള് ആയി
ബാലഗോപാല് കുണ്ട്ടാര രക്ഷാധികാരി, രമേശ് മേനോന് പ്രസിടന്ടു,
പ്രശാന്ത് രാജ് വൈസ് പ്രസ്സിടന്ടു, മോഹനന് ചെന്നനാത്തു സെക്രട്ടറി,
ദിനേശ് ബാബു കണ്ണോളി ജോയിന്റ് സെക്രട്ടറി,  സജീവ് മേനോന് ട്രഷറര്‍‍,
ഹരിഷ് മേനോന് ഓഡിറ്റര്, കൊമ്പത്ത് ഗോപിനാഥ്  കോഒര്ടിനെട്ടര്,
ശ്രികാന്ത് മേനോന്, യുവജന മെമ്പര്, രതി മുരളി വനിതാ വിഭാഗം മെമ്പര്,
എക്സിക്യൂട്ടീവ് മെമ്പര്മാരായി ശ്രീജിത്ത്, രഘു കണ്ണോളി, പ്രശാന്ത്
ഐരാണിക്കുളം, അജിത്ത് മേനോന്, ഷാഫി ഊരകം എന്നിവരെ ഐക്ക്യകണ്ടെന
അവസ്സരത്തില് മിസ്സ് നന്ദ, മിസ്സ്നവ്യ, മിസ്റ്റര് പ്രദീപ്
എന്നിവരുടെ കലാപരിപാടികള് അവതരിപ്പിക്കുകയുണ്ടായി.

Children shouldn’t use passers by for target practice – My Letters – The National Dt. 15.01.2012

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Children shouldn’t use passers by for target practice – My Letters – The National Dt. 15.01.2012

One day recently I noticed a group of children playing football in the empty space between two buildings in Tourist Club area.
There is a transformer there, and they use the wall of it as their goal.
While on my walk, I noticed them practising their shots by shooting at some labourers sitting nearby.
First I thought these were accidents but as I watched I realised they were also pinpointing passers-by at random and at will. Some of the people were hit quite hard.
I continued my walk but, returning, had forgotten this business and became their victim myself. It was painful.
The area has two public parks plus play areas, and these children should be controlled. Could the authorities take appropriate measures?
Children deserve opportunities to play but they should not be developing sadistic skills.
Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
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Volvo Ocean Race 2011 – 2012 – Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing wins Leg 3 First Stage and also clinches Etihad Airways In-Port race

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Volvo Ocean Race 2011 – 2012 – Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing wins Leg 3 First Stage and also clinches Etihad Airways In-Port race
Abu Dhabi – 14 Jan 2012
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing clinched this victory by little more than one minute over PUMA in a thrilling finish of the first stage of Leg 3, continuing their winning streak in home waters.
 Within two miles of the finish Abu Dhabi skipper British Olympian Ian Walker stole the lead from Team Telefónica, who had held pole position over the fleet from the start of the 106 nautical mile race to Sharjah.
The first Emirati team to ever compete in the race crossed the finish line at 1629 UTC, scoring the maximum six points and boosting their points tally to 31.
PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG netted five points for second place, finishing just one minute and 16 seconds behind Abu Dhabi. Groupama sailing team earned four points for third, Telefónica placed fourth for three and CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand will receive two for fifth.
Winning the sprint capped off a stellar week of racing for the locals, who leave their homeport as heroes having also won the Etihad Airways In-Port Race on Friday.
Overall Standings:
1. Team Telefonica 71
2. CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand 64
3. Groupama sailing team 51
4. PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG 36
5. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 31
6. Team Sanya 4
Today’s results:
1. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing — 57min 51sec, 6pts
2. Groupama sailing team — 58.48, 5pts
3. CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand – 60.47, 4pts
4. PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG – 62.22, 3pts
5. Team Telefonica – 62.47, 2pts
The first stage of Leg 3 of the Volvo Ocean Race starts today (2pm), with the fleet sprinting from Abu Dhabi back up to Sharjah, from where the boats will be transported to an Indian Ocean safe haven ahead of their journey to Sanya in China.

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Photos: On board clicks by Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi  / 14.01.2012

Broken Link – Short Take – Gulf Today Dt. 14.01.2012

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Broken Link – Short Take – Gulf Today Dt. 14.01.2012

I have been a regular contributor to this column, but I was forced to take a short break from Short Take due to unavoidable circumstances.

What made me look at the stark realities of communication channels is a vacuum created in my life due to the death of a close relative. I am sure, several of you have experienced it. When someone departs from this world without any warning, a link is broken.

There are several things that we closely communicate with that person, which the moment after, we find no one to refer to. It is a difficult situation indeed and, of course, it will change over a period of time, but with the changes associated and with missing personal touches of that special someone in your life.

Ramesh Menon
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Kadugodi Whitefield Overbridge – This is how we cross it – A shame for modern Bangalore

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What the Kadugodi, Whitfield residents have to say on this:
The plight of people is well known. Every resident of kadugodi is experiencing the difficulty in crossing the railway line. I have taken up through media.
Mr. Balasubramaniam
Its more painful for sick , old people who want to cross the railway track when so many goods trains are parked ( not sure if it is deliberately) just near the drop gates..  I cross the tracks daily and am grieved too ,  to see the condition of the people… This is absolutely callous behaviour of the authorities.. If they cant construct a walk over bridge , they can at least direct the drivers to park the trains in such a way that it does not bother the citizens more..
Mr. Shuja Wani
 The people travelling from/to Kadugodi bus station are facing insurmountable difficulties.  Parking of two goods trains across the railway gate, fencing the entry gate from Kadugodi end, digging of drain restricting people crossing over, darkness in the night are putting people to risk of life and property while crossing the railway gate.
Problem is greater for women carrying children, old/handicapped/sick people and those carrying luggage. This needs to be addressed quickly by railways by providing a foot over bridge.  After all people live on this side of railway gate while the bus station is placed at the other end which has no habitation at all.  Every one will agree that it is impractical for pedestrians to cross over by using the fly over, which has become dangerous even for motorists due to darkness and displaced road dividers.
Secondly, BMTC could be approched to extend the bus routes, more particularly volvos, to this side of railway gate.  There are several buildings and residential complexes coming up on this side and hence we could have a collective efforts.  The corporator and Legislator/ MP of this area should help us in this regard.  Could we build a movement?

Mr. Balasubramaniam

 I think the priority should be for railway over bridge which affects every one and critical.

Ajiyos Yohannan

 I support the cause for pedestrian bridge next to the flyover.
Mr. Raghuram Ch
We can perhaps submit a memorandum to the Whitefield Railway Station Master with an agreement from the Legislator……If someone has any contacts with the Railway Ministry or with Ms. Mamata Banerjee (now that she is the CM of WB), then that should also be looked at.

Mr. Abhishek Pakrashi