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Earth Hour 2020 – Stay at home and Do It Yourself Activities

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Earth Hour 2020 – Stay at home and Do It Yourself Activities


Today 28th March is Earth Hour Day. Since it is a compulsory #stayathome day in most of the places, why not we all try and share as comments how they engaged themselves and celebrated the 1 hour at home with family. Hope, all will be interested.

To all participants, it is to respect and underline our environmental responsibility and repeat our pledge to protect the planet earth and its limited natural resources.

For your information, approximately 323 megawatts of energy is saved in Dubai alone during earth hour (2018 data).

Earth Hour, started in 2007 at Sydney, Australia is now celebrated in more than 7000 cities and towns across 187 countries to raise awareness on energy consumption.

Really look forward to creative participation with family from all of you

Do it Yourself activities:  – Earth Hour Selfie with your family

Create a selfie board and During Earth Hour take a photo with your family with a caption connecting Earth Hour that you think best!

Post it with #TalentShare and #EarthHour2020

Do it Yourself activities:  Earth Hour Earth Hour Art Competition  with your family:

Brief your children the importance of protecting and keeping our environment clean. Guide them to observe the nature and the proceedings with keenness.  Encourage them to draw or paint and present what they feel about Earth Hour and its importance. Scan it and post it with #TalentShare and #EarthHour2020

Looking forward to your collective participation.

#StaySafe and #StayAtHome


#MindSpeaks : Gooseberry Goosebumps

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unnamed_InPixio2What a nice thought and title that came out in mind today to keep my blogging activity alive!.

True. I open my heart and mind through different media and medium. One is my blogging activity, other is photography and third is my quest for music.

In all the three, I am just a basic student. There are experts and there are critics as well as fans. I do give them due regards.

Now, coming to today’s topic. True. I am getting goosebumps! A different kind, out of fear or anxiety or excitement. I do not know which one is right and correct!

Trying to be a vegetarian, it has been my routine to have rice porridge in the morning before I start to office. Along with it, some dhal and an added marinated mango or gooseberry or spicy pickle of either of them is my routine. It gives me enough strength to take me through my day and be back home.

Rice porridge is traditional and staple food of many Keralites. The porridge made out of boiled rice give lot of strength and stamina. Intake of gooseberry daily gives lot of strength and stamina.

Being able to travel several times to my home town, I replenish the stock of gooseberry pickle each time I return. That means, there is always an abundance of stock and I have the liberty to have two, three or 4 pieces daily.

But, when I looked at the bottle, I found only a few, may be less than 10!….

I realized, I was in a dream world!. I never realize ahead about a tough day that was ahead.

What do I do? I long for having more than one piece today? Only option was to place the gooseberry in a plate and look at its reflection and believe and convince myself, there is not one, but two for you!

Life at times is like that. We are thrown into some harsh realities suddenly without any anticipation or expectation.

The ongoing Covid 2019 situation is also like that. We will survive. We will fight it out.

#StaySafe  #StayAtHome – that is the mantra now. Follow the government rules and guidelines.

We will have opportunities to smile and think over these tough days.

News update: Work permits, residence visas to be issued automatically in UAE

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The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship have announced exemption of medical tests for workers whose work permits have expired.

Work permits and residence visas will be issued and renewed automatically for labourers employed by companies and support service staff such as domestic workers as part of precautionary measures taken by the UAE to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Read more at: Khaljeej Times

News update: Coronavirus in UAE: Indian passport services suspended in Dubai

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The services will remain suspended until April 7.

Indian passport services at all centres in Dubai and the Northern Emirates have been suspended. The Consulate General of Dubai tweeted an advisory confirming this on Tuesday.

The consulate said that the services will remain suspended until April 7.

“Any emergency case can be brought to the notice of the consulate via an email to with documents explaining the emergency,” the advisory said.

Consulate officials will revert within 24 hours, it added.

Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi said that it will process only those applications where the passport of expatriates have either expired or will be expiring by April 30, 2020, until further notice. The embassy is also temporarily suspending normal attestation services.

“If someone has an emergency attestation requirement, he/she could scan and send the documents, explaining the emergency through email on Embassy will reply to all the emails received up till 4pm on all working days, and if approved, will provide attestation service, on next working day.”

Source: Khaleej Times

News update: PM Modi announces lockdown, shares innovative banner to remind people to stay home. Twitter reacts

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while praising people who are taking to social media to spread awareness in creative ways, showed a banner that is both simple and informative.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed Indians at 8 pm today and announced a complete lockdown of the country for the next 21 days, starting 12 am tonight. In his speech, he asked people to follow social distancing and stay inside their homes at all cost.

While praising people who are taking to social media to spread awareness in creative ways, the prime minister also showed a banner that is both simple and informative.

Written in Hindi, the banner breaks down the syllables of ‘corona’ to create the phrase ‘koi road par na nikle’ which roughly translates to ‘no one should be out on the road’. The banner certainly shows the only way ahead in order to control the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Here’s the image PM Modi showed during his speech:
Corona by PM

Read more at: Hindustan Times

News update:TRA publishes list of 22 online grocery apps in the UAE

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The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, TRA, announced ‘Online Grocery’ that includes the purchasing application of 22 online stores in the UAE, noting that this is a preliminary list and will be subject to updates in the coming days.

The online stores included in the list include large shopping centres and cooperatives, in addition to grocery stores, meat and vegetable shops, and other services.

The start of the current year has seen solid activity in the online shopping sector, indicating a high demand from consumers to shop on the internet.

Read more at: WAM

News update:Indan PM Modi announces 21-day complete lockdown from midnight tonight

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Deaths from the coronavirus pandemic have topped 17,000 across the globe, according to an AFP tally. The count of coronavirus cases in India have crossed 500, including 9 deaths. Complete lockdowns have been announced in almost every state in the country. PM Modi will address the nation for the second time in two weeks. Stay with TOI for the latest developments

Updates from: Times of India

News update: Thank you heroes, Sheikh Mohammed tells front-line defenders in UAE against coronavirus

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In a video message to medical professionals in UAE, he thanked the heroes

Dubai: His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, praised the hard work and dedication of UAE first line of defenders against coronavirus (COVID-19).

In a tweet, Sheikh Mohammed said: “Thank you to all of those in the first line of defense. Thanks you for your sacrifices, sleepless nights, and efforts made for the sake of the nation. You are the true nation protectors and our loyal soldiers. I call on everyone to thank them for their strenuous and sustained efforts being made around the clock. To all doctors, nurses, paramedics and administrators in our health sector, Thank You.”

Read more at: Gulf News

News update:Coronavirus in UAE: Sheikh Mohammed posts emotional video, launches drive to thank health workers

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Dubai Ruler thanks the first line of defence.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has launched an online campaign to thank healthcare workers in the UAE.

Taking to Twitter, Sheikh Mohammed invited everyone to thank doctors, nurses, paramedics and hospital administrators. Residents can express their gratitude with #ThankYouHeroes.

Sheikh Mohammed shared a video that showed the chaotic circumstances healthcare workers toil under. One scene showed a healthcare professional leaving his phone on a table as he rushes to assist an emergency case. A WhatsApp photo he received shows a girl celebrating her birthday captioned: “We wish you were here.” His reply – “Tell her that I miss her” – remained unsent.

Read more at: Khaleej Times

News Update: Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi suspends rental evictions, freezing bank accounts

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The move is in line with UAE’s keenness to support members of society and reduce their burdens during the current situation.

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, on Monday directed the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department to halt all rental property eviction cases currently underway, along with executive procedures like imprisonment, blocking of bank accounts, seizure of vehicles, stocks and assets for a period of two months.

The decision exempts cases related to alimony and labour disputes.

The move is in line with the UAE government’s keenness to support members of society and reduce their burdens during the current situation.

Source: Khaleej Times