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A significant chapter in the UAE’s history – The National Dt 1 September 2014

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A significant chapter in the UAE’s history
With regards to your coverage of the new national service programme (A proud moment for the country and its citizens, August 31), it is indeed a proud moment for all of the country and especially those who are lucky enough to be in the first batch of recruits.
I am sure the programme will mould a generation into citizens who are patriotic and proud to work for the good of the country, keeping it on a path of peace and harmony.
It will not be easy for many of these young recruits as the environment will be different from the one they are used to.
However, as true citizens of this country, they will, I am sure, get up to speed with the tough requirements of the programme. I am also sure they will emerge as a generation who are always ready and willing to serve their country.
Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

The National Dt. 1 September 2014

Sheikh Hamdan’s endurance win – Letters to the editor – The National Dt 31 August 2014

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Sheikh Hamdan’s endurance win
Congratulations to Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed for winning the endurance gold medal at the Altech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy. It is an inspirational win, especially as conditions have been so tough for competitors this year. Let this win inspire all UAE athletes to excel in all sports they participate in.
Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Unknown path – Gulf Today, Short Take Dt. 30 August 2014

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Unknown path

At times I am confused about my urge to write my feelings and thoughts on a regular basis. To write or not to write is always a dilemma that I undergo, when I sit to pen my thoughts. However, I end up writing my feelings at the end of the day.
Today too, is not different.
First is about the marriage of one of my nieces. I remember the night she was getting ready to come out from her mother’s womb. It took approximately 12 hours for her to finally land into this real world making all of us happy to see a cute little girl arrive.
Priyanka grew up as a darling of all. She is getting married now and I really wanted to witness the historical moment. Sadly, couldn’t make it due to work reasons. I believe always that a girl child is an asset to the family. I am sure she is and will be in her new role ahead.
The second is about a friend, Joe, who was leaving the UAE for good after a nine-year stint. He was kind enough to part with me a huge collection of books to use for charitable cause.
What has made his departure more special? That may be your thought next.
True, it is special, as he is travelling a distance of around 8000 km by road to his home country Switzerland from Dubai covering several countries on the way. It will be a dream come true journey for any motorsport enthusiast.
It is true that the journey ahead for all is always adventurous. There will be always an unknown path ahead. It is how we walk our steps that make us different each time. I am confident that both will be successful.

Ramesh Menon 
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Old mopeds at Coimbatore – RUV of common man

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A common scene from Coimbatore. You will get to see all the old version of mopeds, still alive and in good running condition, carrying more than what a three wheeler can!. See the load already ready and imagine, two or three passengers on them any time and the picture will be complete. They are the real utility vehicle (RUV) of the common man.