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Best Wishes for 2011

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Best Wishes for 2011

Dear Friends,

2010 almost over and we are now looking forward to another new year in our life. 2011. Over the past one year and before we achieved several things. Individually and collectively. Let us consider everything as a team effort. The momentum generated should be capitalised to make the commuty we live in as a dream community and wish our expectations and requirements not to remain as a dream.

Let everyone come forward in his/her own way, including women and children and not to remain indoor and online. Let everyone share in his/her own way equal responsibilities for the benefit of making our society a harmonious place to live.

Let peace, prosperity, security and friendship prevail.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year and ahead.

Ramesh Menon & family

Exploring Abu Dhabi through Clicks and Writes – Clouds and changing weather – 2

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Exploring Abu Dhabi through Clicks and Writes – Clouds and changing weather – 2

Reason for my Safety initiatives – Mrs. Victoria D’Souza and family

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Reason for my Safety initiatives – Mrs. Victoria D’Souza and family

I was not very much bothered about safety till a few years ago. It was in March 2007 that I started keeping a more serious look at road safety. On 26th March 2004, my mathematics teacher from school and her family members, six of them perished in a car accident here in Abu Dhabi. The new Corniche road, i.e. the Eastern Corniche road was being built and the road work was progressing swiftly during those days. Every day, the road directions and route changed, sometimes widening and some narrowing at various stretches. Mrs. D’Souza and family were on a visit to Abu Dhabi from Dubai and it was at one such stretch, a speeding driver drove past their vehicle hitting it. The vehicle was driven by her daughter in law. It was a brand new Land Rover car and they were all coming to Abu Dhabi to meet relatives after purchasing it. She lost control and hit the dividers on the side and the vehicle caught fire instantly. Incidentally, the tank was full and the doors got jammed and they were unable to come out or even rescued by those who approached after the collision.

It was a tragedy, which I can never forget. Mrs. Victoria D’souza was with us in Don Bosco High School and then she moved over here and was working as a Supervisor in one of the schools in Dubai. Her children were known to me from childhood and this was one incident very difficult to forget.

After this, I have always raised my concern over road safety and dangerous driving issues. It is a tribute to them. May their souls rest in peace.

Ramesh Menon

Exploring Abu Dhabi through Clicks and Writes – Christmas 2010

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Exploring Abu Dhabi through Clicks and Writes – Christmas 2010

Short Take – GULF TODAY – Dt. 25.12.2010 – Pleasant Journey

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Short Take – GULF TODAY – Dt. 25.12.2010 – Pleasant Journey

Short Take: Pleasant journey
December 25, 2010

WE have reached almost the end of 2010. It was an eventful year considering the economic situation and progress made with limited resources. Those who held on to their hopes and dreams and progressed even an inch have to really congratulate themselves. It requires lot of determination and self-motivation. I salute all those who did it.

I was at a HSE campaign recently. We were segregating waste materials and each one had his own task to do. I was observing a little boy and his father. The boy was very particular in not mixing plastic with paper. He was saying, “Dad, if we mix it, it is not good for the environment. It has to be properly recycled. That’s what my teacher has told us in our class.” I was happy to hear him promoting HSE in his own small way.

Christmas and New Year have brought lot of visitors to the UAE this year. It is a promising sign to see the tourism industry and the business in this region flourishing. It brings hope to all that the economy will revive in 2011 and all those who suffered in some way or other due to the impact of recession will have reasons to smile in the new year and days ahead.

It has been an enjoyable journey for me with Short Take. Each week I had a set objective to look forward to, identify a small happening around and describe it in a friendly way for the benefit of those who love to read.

Ramesh Menon

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