Month: December 2008

Team 1 Best of Talents – Quality Appreciation 2008

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Dear Friends who love words, graphics, sound & music,

Year 2008 have been very topsy turvy for many. However, for some of us who remained with a creative outlook, the year has been as productive or more.

As a freelancer and as a promoter of TQM & Positive Thinking values, I sincerely like to appreciate all those untiring and thankless efforts and pass on my appreciation to some members who came into prominence during the year 2008. In due course I will upload many of the commendable works by them which motivated me many times and inspired me to come out with an initiative of this sort.

I hope this initiative will be an inspiration for all the friends from media and it is an assurance that there are people who closely watch your work and appreciate your efforts. In 2009, I wish the list gets bigger and better and I hope all readers could form an opinion poll and evaluate it well in advance.

Sincere regards and All the very best,

Ramesh Menon

Venus, Moon conjunction on New Year’s Eve

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Venus, Moon conjunction on New Year’s Eve

New Delhi, Dec 30 : As the sun goes down Wednesday evening, two of the brightest objects in the winter sky – Venus and Moon – will get together to bid farewell to 2008.

A beautiful conjunction of Venus and the slender crescent Moon will be visible in the southwestern sky for hours after sunset on New Year’s Eve.

“The winter sky is very clear and you can have a spectacular vision of the celestial activity even with naked eyes,” Nehru Planetarium director N. Rathnasree told IANS.

“Venus blazes high and alone in the western sky at dusk. It will remain a beacon in sky throughout January, shining brighter than any other dot of light in the sky,” Rathnashree added.

Venus and Jupiter spent all of December 2008 blazing away in the western sunset sky. At the start of December, the two planets were side by side. Then, day by day, throughout December, they drifted apart.

“Watching Venus and Moon in conjunction is a wonderful way to end the new year,” said amateur astronaut Avinash Gupta.

Anti Commercial Counterfeiting Exhibition at Abu Dhabi Mall

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Anti Commercial Counterfeiting Exhibition at Abu Dhabi Mall by Department of Planning & Economy.

റിയാലിറ്റി ഷോകളുടെ സമ്മാനത്തുക കുറയ്ക്കണം – ശ്രീനിവാസ്

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കാര്യം ശരിയാണ് എങ്കിലും – കിട്ടാത്ത മുന്തിരി പുളിക്കും എന്നൊരു ചൊല്ലും ഉണ്ട്