Month: June 2016

Remembering the school days during rainy season

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Remembering the school days during rainy season

Navarasas by Guru Kalanilayam Gopi Aashan

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Navarasas by Guru Kalanilayam Gopi Aashan


To know more about him, please visit:

Athirappally Vazhachal waterfalls

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Athirappally Vazhachal waterfalls – a destination you should not miss when you visit Kerala.

Mind Speaks: Education

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Mind Speaks: Education
For Some, school and education is still a set of long hurdles. However, there is no easy way to learning!


Mind Speaks: Motherhood

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Mind Speaks: Motherhood
A special feeling, for all living beings.

Funny truck slogan

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funny truck slogan 1

Photo speaks: Imagine following a 1980 model Matador tempo van on the road! He was trying to show his old muscles at least with the funny truck slogan.

Compassionate Ramadan 2016 – Photography Competition

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Greatest photo journalism opportunity of the season for all Passionate Photographers! Do not miss out.

A minute with ClicksandWrites – Working together works

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A minute with ClicksandWrites – Working together works

Ants have always fascinated me. In my childhood days, my grandmother used to say, any intense activity you see among the ants in the surrounding, you can expect a sudden weather change. There is lot to learn from them. Discipline, Team Work, Anticipating and saving for the future are some among them.
True, we have to always keep an eye and learn something new every day, even from the smallest of creatures living or non-living in this world.
Certainly, Working Together Works!.
By the way, it was not easy to stay where I was and click this set of Citronella ants. Those who know them will understand better!.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
#Committed to Continuous Improvement