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Short Take – GULF TODAY Dt. 28.08.2010 – Surprise gift

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Short Take – GULF TODAY Dt. 28.08.2010 – A surprise gift

Surprise gift

The other day, I was having dinner with an Indonesian friend of mine. He seemed to be very happy during our meeting. Conversing with him, I realised, he had just finished scheduling a Haj visit for him and his parents the next month. They were aged, and so he will go to Indonesia and from there fly to Saudi Arabia for Umra.

His parents have had a very normal life all throughout and they took care that their children did have good school and life, even forgetting about their own hardships.

Now, the son, who is here and well employed, is comfortable and thankful to hand over a surprise gift of their life to them this year.

I could see his joy as well as theirs while he conveyed this happy move from his side.

It brought out memories for me of many such parents who work all their life for the benefit of their children.

It was not a one-off instance, but it did create an impact in all our minds about what such actions can bring out in the life of those who get to receive it.

Ramesh Menon

Campaign – Appeal to bring Metro @ Whitefield Stn (Kadugodi)

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Campaign – Appeal to bring Metro @ Whitefield Stn (Kadugodi)

Background (Preamble):

Metro at Bangalore is the right step forward towards making this city truly international. This will not only reduce congestion on our overloaded road transport but will also be environment friendly. The need to cut trees for road widening or using own vehicle for commuting will be nullified to a great extent. Travel by Metro will be convenient, safe and affordable for all.

This petition is created for awareness and to bring all like minded people on single platform of having Metro at Whitefield station (Kadugodi). There are multiple reasons to do so and few have been highlighted below:

1) Whitefield station is the last railway outpost of Bangalore connecting southern lines with ample parking space for future Metro expansion.

2) Kadugodi bus stand (which is fully functional with Vajra, Vayu Vajra, Big 10 and other buses plying on this route) is the confluence where in people arriving from Hoskote and Kolar change their transport to catch appropriate city bus. It is also used by residents in and around Kadugodi/ Whitefield to commute.

3) Major existing residential/ commercial/ office projects and upcoming projects in the vicinity of Kadugodi area makes a fully functional Metro a must to avoid traffic, pollution and stress.

We, the undersigned, appeal to bring Metro at Whitefield station, Kadugodi!!!

Kindly log on to the above link and sign your support to this move.

Thanks and regards,

Ramesh Menon

Photo Speaks – Golden Blossom Memories – A spider at work

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Photo Speaks – Golden Blossom Memories – A spider at work


As I walked around my apartment compound clicking the beauty around, I found this interesting site. A spider at work. I watched it for a long time, as it slowly consumed it’s prey and moved around. Unlike the normal black spider, this one was beautiful too. Indeed, there was a beauty all around it. Isn’t true that God creates every creatures in the best and most beautiful possible way?

Mind Speaks – A visitor from the past

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Mind Speaks – A visitor from the past


It was a very common seen during my childhood days to see the above scene. A man carrying a wheel adapted to sharpen knife, and also selling knives in various shapes and sizes. The advent of latest equipments and the change of technologies have made redundant these age old visitor who travels from village to village and was once a common visitor to all homes. We used to have a regular person in our village who was from some distant village in Tamilnadu. It has been a very long time I have seen him, or any one who took over from him in our village. However, I did not stop my search for him. It was during my recent visit I chanced upon one such person in a village in Bangalore. I did not miss the chance and did turn my car and came back all the way to include him in my collection. From a casual talk with him, even he is going to put a full stop to this trade as no very few people uses his services. Except, for some barber shops or butcheries, even they have electronic equipment to sharpen their tools or completely electronic equipments to be used and thrown away. I wished him good luck for future and continued.

Rain, rain and more rain at Banglaore and Kerala

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Rain, rain and more rain at Banglaore and Kerala

A rainy day in Kerala

A rainy day at Bangalore

Anyone from UAE visiting India during July and August will love to enjoy the Monsoon rains. I cannot stop writing about the thrill of being around in the rain from the scorching heat of 50+ degrees which was the case when I boarded the plane. As expected I did get some good rain both in Kerala and surprisingly a heavy one in Bangalore too, not to dishearten me. Because, rain gods know, once back, I will have only these videos left till another monsoon I get to enjoy.

Precious moments, and who knows whether these weather conditions prevail in the coming season. Nothing is guaranteed these days.

Elephant enjoying the rain

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Elephant enjoying the rain

I did write about him early. He is taking rest and enjoying the monsoon rain at this special premises near Oorakam Amma Thiruvadi Temple. From the olden days, temple elephants on heat used to be tied down at this compound just next to our ancestral home. It is a site to watch as these pachyderms will be there for months, at times, creating fear amongst all, but mostly a sense of compassion and love as most of us from thrissur, love elephants and know their moods and syndromes better than our fellow human beings. And on this day, he was enjoying the rain, and I felt like watching him forever and ever.

Automated Car Paking facility at Bangalore Mantri Square

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Automated Car Paking facility at Bangalore

An interesting feature I witnessed during my recent visit to Bangalore’s Mantri Square. An automated car parking facility to park small and medium sized cars. Although, it cannot accommodate large cars or 4x4S, it is a solution to parking problems in malls. The lower floors that occupied the parking area did have ventilation problem. However, overall, the mall created an impressive outlook and projected safety consciousness throughout by way of well displayed safety instructions and equipments in place and on it’s website. An interesting place to visit while at Bangalore.

Have a great Onam Sadhya and…

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Have a great Onam Sadhya and…

Although, having pan regularly is inviting your chance to health hazards, today being Onam, if you have had a great luch, you can have one.

Continue the celebrations.

God bless.

2010 Annual Independence Day Horticultural, Lalbagh Botanical Gardens Bangalore

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2010 Annual Independence Day Horticultural, Lalbagh Botanical Gardens Bangalore

The annual Independence Day Horticultural Show commenced at Lalbagh Botanical Gardens Bangalore, display this year a minature version of India Gate. It has taken over two lakhs roses and several creative hands to create the replica of this monument which is the special feature of the Flower Show 2010.

The show featured around 260 varieties of plants, exotic orchids, anthoriums, several varieties of roses, daisies, corn flower, zinnia, petunia, cockscombs and phlox presented by 1200 participants. It was open till August 15 at the Glass House, Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore.

I couldn’t resist myself from visiting this flower festival.