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Mobile danger

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Mobile danger
I always thought that using mobile phones while driving is a dangerous activity. I am now convinced that using mobile phones while doing any other activity is equally dangerous.
I read about two deaths that happened when those involved were crossing the railway track while listening to music on their earphones. They noticed only the train from one side and missed the fast one from the opposite side.
Here in the UAE too, I have read about a recent incident when a driver tried to send an SMS while driving, lost control of his car and perished in a collision.
It doesn’t end there. Just the other day, I was walking on the narrow corridors of a residential building.
A mother with a child in a pram and a daughter along with her were walking in a zigzag manner while talking on the phone. Whenever I tried to overtake and pass by, the mother  unknowingly blocked that side.
She was also not careful about her child who was walking ahead. The child rushed as the lift arrived and stood in the middle of the door before it opened.
Suddenly a man rushed towards the exit while talking on his phone. He hardly noticed the little girl and literally ran over her. There was total commotion, argument and blame.
Don’t you feel talking on the mobile phone should not be done while engaging in other activities?
Ramesh Menon
for SHORT TAKE, GULF TODAY Dt. 20.04.2013
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Gold in short supply in Dubai

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XPRESS reports:
Gold in short supply in DubaiBuyers come in droves to buy coins and biscuits

My comments as follows:

I believe the unexpected drop in gold price in UK market have forced the wholesale dealers in Dubai to hold their stock as reserves and wait for the market to move up again. If not, they will be incurring huge loss on stock they bought for high price which they have to release to the market to meet the demand created due to the current global scenario. I am sure it is the case in all the major gold markets, including India and in particular Kerala, where there is always a huge demand for gold. Those who have invested in gold, it is a time to hold on to it as prices will move up again. Those who have not invested in it, take advantage of the situation and buy some yellow metal for keep, only and only if you have reserve cash. However, caution to NOT USE YOUR CREDIT CARD for buying gold. You will regret heavily later.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Taxi ranks would beat queue-jumping

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The summer is here already, and the heat is creating problems for those Abu Dhabi residents who have to wait for buses and taxis.
There are no sunshades available at many stops, and no discipline among those trying to board buses or taxis.
A lot of people jump the queue for taxis, while slower or more patient people have to wait forever.
I’d like to see dedicated taxi ranks in Abu Dhabi, with clear signage indicating where cabs should stop and where people should form queues.
Eventually I’d like to see state-of-the-art bus and taxi stops all across the city. And, if such a system comes, I hope all commuters abide by the rules.
Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

17th April 2013

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Well done!

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Well done!
(Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi) / 14 April 2013

Best wishes to Khaleej Times on its 35th birthday.
As a regular reader, I wish to congratulate the entire team for the excellent change brought in to the newspaper in print and online during the recent times.
The online edition is attractive and easy to read and save. Local and regional contents of importance are well covered in print. Sports coverage is one of the best with excellent tabulations and graphics whenever there is any prominent event happening.
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An evening with Robert Rock

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An evening with Robert Rock.
European Tour title at the BMW Italian Open in Turin – June 2011
 European Tour title Winner at the 2012 Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship.
He is one of a few professional golfers that does not wear a hat while he plays, despite the sponsorship income it can bring!!!

Perseverance pays

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Perseverance pays

I believe having good language skills is essential for building communication with people.

As for me, it is part of my routine to master different languages through painstaking practice.

For most languages, I’ve managed to achieve mastery by learning from books and from Internet courses, without having to take recourse to formal tuitions.

However, for some difficult languages, extensive training is required for which I try and attend classes.

At a particular language institute the other day, I happened to meet my teacher who taught me French some years ago. After finishing my course, it was the first time we were meeting.

Along with her, was a girl – a local. Conversation took off in French, and suddenly I found this girl was conversing fluently in the language. I was quite surprised, which my teacher picked up — from my reaction. 

With a smile she introduced me to the girl and said that in addition to French, she could speak in quite a few other foreign languages, including Urdu and Chinese, which she was now learning.

She added that it was as a result of the girl’s interest and determination that she could devote a minimum of three hours daily — after her work — to study new languages. It’s no wonder that she showed amazing progress in foreign language skills.

I am sure, the country will have a bright future with this kind of determined youth.

For Gulf Today – Short Take Dt. 13 April 2013

Am I Singing Right?

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Manirang presents – Am I Singing Right? an extremely interesting and first of its kind in the history of Abu Dhabi programme by eminent musician Dr. Sreevalsan J Menon along with Dr. Preetha Menon, renowned Psychotherapist and academician on 12-13 April 2013. Open forum for rasikas tomorrow at ISC Mini hall from 1:30 to 3:00 pm. Closing ceremony follows with distribution of score cards and certificates.

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3rd Overseas Indian Cultural Congress forum at Abu Dhabi.

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ISC Abu Dhabi decorated for the 3rd Overseas Indian Cultural Congress forum being held at Abu Dhabi.