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Surprise(d) – Only 1 Indian University in the ARWU World top 400 ranking!

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Education -  The 2015 Academic Ranking of World UniversitiesI am surprised to note that there is only 1 Indian University among the World top 400 in the ARWU ranking.

The 2015 Academic Ranking of World Universities , most commonly called Shanghai Ranking is now available. Although often debated, its presentation of the world top 500 universities is known worldwide.

The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) is conducted by researchers at the Center for World-Class Universities of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (CWCU). CWCU has been focusing on the study of world-class universities for many years, published the first Chinese-language book titled world-class universities and co-published the first English book titled world-class universities with European Centre for Higher Education of UNESCO. CWCU initiated the “First International Conference on World-Class Universities” (WCU-1) in 2005 and organizes the conference every second year, which attracts a large number of participants from all major countries. CWCU endeavors to build databases of major research universities in the world and clearinghouse of literature on world-class universities, and provide consultation for governments and universities.

Shanghai ranking – Statistics by University 1st 10

Shanghai ranking – Statistics by region

Shanghai ranking – comparison of universities with Indian Universities

Do you think there something wrong with our educational system compared to other top universities worldwide?

TOTAL sponsors emirati students to study film making at La Fémis Film School

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TOTAL sponsors emirati students to study film making at La Fémis Film School
 in Paris

From Left to right: Mr. Mohamed Bendjebbour, Regional Audiovisual Attaché – Embassy of France, Ms. Fatma AlKhumiri, Communications & CSR Manager TOTAL E&P United Arab Emirates, Shahad Alshehhi, Bader AlKetbi, Ayham Hasan Qayed Saeed AlSubaihi, Mohammad Ibrahim Ali Suwaidan, Shaqra Mohamed Ali Sultan Al Hameli and Ramesh Menon,Communication Co-ordinator, TOTAL E&P United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi, August 6th, 2014: Five Emirati students will fly to Paris this week to embark on an intensive course at one of the world’s most prestigious filmmaking schools.
The students, who come from all over the UAE, will join the specially-tailored Gulf Summer University Program at La Fémis School. All five went through a rigorous recruitment process conducted by Image Nation in association with the French Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the French multinational oil and gas company Total.
As part of the program, the aspiring filmmakers will take part in an intensive five-week curriculum of creative workshops that are designed to give students a complete understanding of the roles and tasks that are part of filmmaking today.
The students: Bader Khalfan Mohammed Al Ketbi, from Abu Dhabi; Ayham Hasan Qayed Saeed AlSubaihi, from Sharjah; Shahad Alshehhi, from Abu Dhabi; Shaqra Mohamed Ali Sultan Al Hameli, from Abu Dhabi; and Mohammad Ibrahim Ali Suwaidan, from Dubai have varying levels of filmmaking experience , but share the same passion to learn more about every element – from storytelling to final production.

Ayham Hasan Qayed Saeed AlSubaihi

“I have been lucky enough to study film in both the US and Australia, so to be given the opportunity to  practice in the birthplace of cinema is really exciting,” said Ayham Al Subaihi, one of the chosen five.

Shaqra Mohamed Ali Sultan Al Hameli 

“Working at the executive council, I’m already gaining great experience as a media specialist, but to get some hands-on practice at the acclaimed La Fémis school will allow me to develop my skills further, so that I will be able to do an even better job.” Added fellow student, Shaqra Al Hameli.

Michael Garin
Michael Garin, CEO of Image Nation, said of the students: “These incredibly talented young filmmakers have an exciting journey ahead of them. Understanding the process of how films get made is just as important as the making itself, and this program is a great opportunity for these students to learn and practice the crafts of the industry. The filmmaking industry is one where teamwork is essential, so attending the program as part of a ready-made crew will allow them to understand the importance of working together to achieve a great end result – which ultimately reflects on them all.”
Mohamed Bendjebbour

Mohamed Bendjebbour, Regional Audiovisual Attaché of the French Embassy added: “We are proud to be sending up and coming Emirati filmmaking talent to France for the Gulf Summer University Program.This is the first time that La Fémis has created a program dedicated specifically for the Gulf, so we are excited to see the outcome in five weeks’ time. This is both an educational and cultural experience for the students, so I encourage them to embrace Paris as much as possible – get to know the city, check out the outdoor cinema and learn as much as they can.”

Fatma AlKhumiri

Fatma AlKhumiri, Communications and CSR Manager, Total EP, United Arab Emirates said “Nurturing young Emirati filmmaking talent is integral to the development of the industry here in the UAE and we are thrilled to be part of that, along with Image Nation and the French Embassy.” 

Located in the historic Pathé Studios in the center of Paris, La Fémis is ranked as one of the top ten film schools by Hollywood Reporter. The students lucky enough to be selected for the program will be taught filmmaking theory and practical skills by top tutors in the industry. Trainees will also have the opportunity to discover contemporary French cinema through the study of important French directors. 

My sincere congratulations and best wishes to this dream five, whom I wish to see among the pioneers of the film industry in United Arab Emirates in the coming years.

Ayham Hasan Qayed Saeed AlSubaihi
Shaqra Mohamed Ali Sultan Al Hameli

Bader Khalfan Mohammed Al Ketbi

Shahad AlShehhi

Mohammad Ibrahim Ali Suwaidan

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
Photos and news courtesy: Image Nation & TOTAL

Learn French and let us communicate in French

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Learn French and let us communicate in French

In order to encourage the learning of French, Mr. T. K. Jayaraman has  prepared a video course entitled, ” Let us communicate in French” . The duration for the level A1 of the course is 150 minutes, consisting of 43 lessons. The course is available to all subscribers in the site The onetime subscription of INR 500 is kept deliberately low so that all students can afford the course. Once subscribed, the learner can learn at his/her own pace while online.
Please feel free to share this information with your contacts about the availability of the course.

For advanced learners, the higher level of this course will be online shortly.

Click here to visit the “Let us communicate in French” site.

Perseverance pays

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Perseverance pays

I believe having good language skills is essential for building communication with people.

As for me, it is part of my routine to master different languages through painstaking practice.

For most languages, I’ve managed to achieve mastery by learning from books and from Internet courses, without having to take recourse to formal tuitions.

However, for some difficult languages, extensive training is required for which I try and attend classes.

At a particular language institute the other day, I happened to meet my teacher who taught me French some years ago. After finishing my course, it was the first time we were meeting.

Along with her, was a girl – a local. Conversation took off in French, and suddenly I found this girl was conversing fluently in the language. I was quite surprised, which my teacher picked up — from my reaction. 

With a smile she introduced me to the girl and said that in addition to French, she could speak in quite a few other foreign languages, including Urdu and Chinese, which she was now learning.

She added that it was as a result of the girl’s interest and determination that she could devote a minimum of three hours daily — after her work — to study new languages. It’s no wonder that she showed amazing progress in foreign language skills.

I am sure, the country will have a bright future with this kind of determined youth.

For Gulf Today – Short Take Dt. 13 April 2013

A note on the Iran earthquake of April 9, 2013

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A note on the Iran earthquake of April 9, 2013

Sibal launches anti-ragging portal

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Sibal launches anti-ragging portal

New Delhi, July 27, 2012: Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal Thursday launched a round-the-clock anti-ragging website and helpline for reporting cases of ragging. The portal has been created by the Aman Satya Kachroo Trust, under Rajendra Kachroo whose son Aman was ragged to death by four of his seniors in a medical college in Himachal Pradesh.

“The Supreme Court gave order in 2009 that we should create an anti-ragging portal. Ragging is a crime which destroys a student’s confidence and even forces them to commit suicide,” Sibal said after launching the portal. Kachroo, meanwhile, expressed confidence that the new portal will ensure a response to the complaints lodged by students within half an hour.

“We will respond to the complaints in half an hour. The college principals and authorities will be contacted immediately. If they are not reachable or do not respond appropriately, the local police will be contacted,” Kachroo said. The complaints can be lodged at helpline number 18001805522, or on websites, One can also get the anti-ragging affidavits through email registering on the website and keep a track about the progress of their complaints.

Explaining the functioning of the portal, University Grants Commission’s acting chairman Ved Prakash said: “The complaints would be examined. If they are of serious magnitude, they would be transferred immediately to the police, the magistrate and head of the institution”. Kachroo added that the details of every development since registering the complaint will be taken in account and a file will be made to follow up every case.

“There are nearly 40,000 colleges across the country… we will create a database of all colleges,” he said.

e Nidhi SREE Nidhi – Christmas and New Year Gifts getting ready for children

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e Nidhi SREE Nidhi – Christmas and New Year Gifts getting ready for children

It’s Friday, and time to open the cloth packets I received from my friends and colleagues to be gifted to the children of e Nidhi SREE Nidhi Programme. I am thrilled, excellent materials; some of them included even brand new clothes and intellectual toys too for complementing my efforts. Tears rolled when I saw those new ones. A friend has offered as many ream of new clothes for their uniforms. God, you have been merciful and kind to support our thoughts and initiatives. My duty is simple now, to iron them once more, roll them neatly and include them in the large box.
Some more gift parcels, including toys are awaited during the coming days. Two more efforts are underway for them and as and when it is achieved, I will share it with you all.
Repeat my call, if you have any good quality, used clothes for children aged 4 to 18 years, white dresses for BOYS, do share them with me quickly so that I can include your gift in my New Year parcel for those blessed children. If you have good quality drawing books, pencils, and tools for crafts, please include them too. There are some talented children in them who may love receiving them.

True regards,

Ramesh Menon

if interested to participate, please contact me by email: or
Ph 050 8122319

Progress report – week 3 – Computer Coaching Class to children at SAI ASHRAYADHAM, Kadugodi, Whitefield, Bengaluru

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Progress report – week 3 – Computer Coaching Class to children at SAI ASHRAYADHAM, Kadugodi, Whitefield, Bengaluru

If you ask me, what is the most happiest thing happening, it is our visit to this small unit each week, or whenever I am there. The children are so happy to learn Computer, Mathematics and English. The glow on their innocent face, when they see us, it’s difficult to express in words. One has to experience.
Week 3, we had three new additional tutors and volunteers – Mahesh Nair, Mr. Srivastava and their little son…. Mr. Srivastava assisted us in cleaning up the computer hard disks, whereas Mahesh assisted in giving lessons. But, the most important member our little master Srivastava was the one who gave life to the entire afternoon.
The children were very happy to see him and straightaway brought a cricket bat and ball and they started playing. It was a divine experience.
Om Sai Ram.

1st day of Computer Coaching Class to children at SAI ASHRAYADHAM, Kadugodi, Whitefield, Bengaluru

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Dear Friends,

Om Sai Ram.

With the grace and blessing of all Gurus and Gods, we were able to launch the computer coaching class for children at Sai Ashrayadham, Kadugodi, Bengaluru.

Initial plans were to start with computer basic skills and more children were interested and participated in it on their on will.

 I append below an UNEDITED version of email from my wife Rajashree on the 1st day of this project:

“We left at 1:45 pm. Before leaving, I prayed a lot to BABA and our amma to guide and bless me to teach these children in the best possible way.Went along with Mrs.Pragya and mon for the class. 

The children were happy to see us. Initially all the elder boys aged above 12 years joined. But later i saw so many other younger enthusiasts eagerly peeping through the window. Then I allowed them also to join. They were simply thrilled.

They were so happy to learn. They showed so much interest  . They have very good grasping power also.

When I asked them simple questions like the full form of CPU, they just shot back with the correct answer. Then I explained to them the significance of CPU

Today being the first class, we took around the whole system.  All of them sat throughout the class keenly listening to whatever we were teaching them.Some of them have drawn some pictures in their books. I shall email you those drawings also.

It was a nice experience spending so much time with these children. WE HAVE A LOT TO LEARN FROM THEM WHEN WE CRIB ABOUT SMALL SMALL PROBLEMS.


Monu also enjoyed seeing them show so much interest in learning computer.

When we left, they asked us – ‘Aunty neenu saturday bharthiya’.  We told them we will surely come.

Mon has taken some photos of the class sessions. Shall email you””

and now the photos:

Thanks to all the three of you for this great FIRST STEP.
And you, know the children are indeed a talented and blessed bunch. See the drawings they shared with my wife, Pragya and Suraj:

To tell you, I knew they were a group of children and a power house of  talents, when I listened 24 of them singing bhajans before the Annadhanam, on 19th November 2011. The vibration I received was just the same that one gets in the bhajan hall of Puttaparthi with more than 20 or 30 thousands of devotees singing with one voice and devotion… What they need is a Tabala or dolak.. Everything will come, with our gurus blessings.
Sincere thanks to Mrs. Pragya for coming forward to extend a helping hand to this noble project and to my loving wife Rajashree and son Suraj.
Anyone interested to give us a helping hand may contact us on the details mentioned e Nidhi SREE NIDHI  . 
Contact details:
Mr. A P N Sharma – Ph 09845024039

Mr. Vaidyanathan – Ph. 09880109400

Those who are interested to participate kindly revert either by email (

Venue: Every Saturday between 2 pm and 4 pm at Sai Ashrayadham, Near Belthur Bus Stop, Kadugodi Post, Bangalore 560067.Ph 09845024039 (Shri A P N Sharma).

The joyous feeling of this first day is unexplainable.
Ramesh Menon
26 Nov 2011

e Nidhi SREE Nidhi – an opportunity to support children who wants to study

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e Nidhi SREE Nidhi – an opportunity to support children who wants to study

Dear Friends,

On behalf of Team 1 Talent Share group and blogs, I wish to encourage, motivate and support poor children to study and progress well in the life. With this in mind, I wish to initiate:

• A Scholarship in terms of a variety of assistance (monetary benefits, books, uniform, support etc) – to those children from families with difficulties to educate their children in the 10th, 12th and Degree education.

• Encourage them to join for higher studies in Engineering subjects (Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Engineering) and Medicine.

The idea now is to plan and provide:

• one cash award each for girls and boys for 10th, 12th and Graduation who gets high marks in the respective exams.

• additional bonus amounts ( in terms of cash) will be awarded according to:
  • The child’s extracurricular abilities like skills in sports and arts will get extra rating.
  • His/her parents education (the lesser the education of the parent and the higher mark he gets, he will get a higher rating)
  • Any physical disabilities he/she has in life will get special consideration and rating

The above are the basic criteria I have thought about for initiating this scheme for the first time.

You can participate in two ways:

  1. If interested, you may join hands with me are welcome to contact me by email
  2. You may identify a needy child and introduce him/her and his/her parents to me so that as a team we could finalise what are their requirements for a successful educational environment to come up in life.

If identified, children in earlier classes of education will also be supported under this scheme.

It is also planned support and facilitate better reading room facilities in school and villages in the rural areas.

As we work ahead, we will fine tune the proposed scheme named e Nidhi SREE Nidhi and make it more attractive and interesting to those needy children in our community.

Thanking in advance my family and friends for the support for the success of this educational scheme.

Looking forward to your positive reply in this regard and then we will work on further to make it a reality.

True regards,

Ramesh Menon