Month: August 2016

Back to School! #StartEarlyDriveCarefullyReachSafely

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Mind Speaks - StartEarlyDriveCarefullyReachSafelyBack to School!
Let our priority be on imparting Road Safety Values to children & parents.
Let order and peace prevail on our roads.
Let our children learn the value of discipline in their day-to-day life.


Humility is the Key

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Humility is the key
The Hindu newspaper carries a beautiful column every day except Sunday. It was a must read for me during my younger days. Follow it whenever possible as it is good to read it and pass it on to the young generation the values of life. Have a great day/great weekend.

Do you want to be Happy? Then, visit Stillwater Aquarium

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Stillwater Aquarium designs offers one of a kind service in setting up Indoor Aquaponics and Nature Aquariums.
Indoor Aquaponics can provide round the year pure organic vegetables for small family, and can be setup at very reasonable cost. This also bring in many health benefits as well as education for children and adults to make your own food without chemicals and pesticide
Let this weekend visit be to Stillwater Aquarium
For details, contact: Godfrey Antony Phone +971507926791
or Basil James Phone +971555942487

Click Your Heart Out!

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Opportunity for Passionate Photographers Group Members.

To photograph 12 exclusive events in Abu Dhabi and Dubai till end 2016 !

* Cultural/Sports/Indoor/Outdoor
* All are welcome
* Photography equipment and guidance will be provided

If interested, write to for more details

Call for more visible policing on UAE roadways

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The observation by Traffic Safety experts are true and actual. A certain share of drivers are relaxed on the traffic violation punishments measures enforced through electronic media such as radars and surveillance cameras. Obviously they form the majority in creating dangerous road situations. It was not the case previously. There used to be police patrol in car and motorbikes. They come from nowhere and drivers used to be alert about such presence and avoid neglecting the road safety rules. Fear of punishment is an important factor to deter dangerous driving.

I feel therefore that there should be intermittent presence by Police on all the major roads to show their physical presence and ensure safe driving practices are followed.
In addition, weather conditions will change soon to foggy mornings very soon. An occasional presence of patrol cars posted on the major highways will definitely deter dangerous driving during the foggy season ahead so that we do not have any traffic calamities.

Children should be taught from a young age to follow the rules. Co-passengers in public and private vehicles should remind and warn those drivers who ignore the safety of others. Let patience and safe driving sense prevail on our roads. Continuous campaign to remind the drivers of following the safety driving practices is the need for the hour.

Letters to the National on:

Experts call for more visible policing on UAE roadways

Shine a light on E10 roadworks

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The continuing roadworks on the E10 from Shahama to Abu Dhabi are creating confusion, especially near the airport.

There is poor lighting in this area, where the road narrows yet many drivers continue to speed.

There is no signage to advise drivers to reduce their speed, adding to the dangerous driving situation.

 I hope that the authorities will place adequate warning signs and increase the lighting in this area.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Letters to the Editor: The National Dt 22 August 2016

Task in hand for the new school season

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Shopping malls are ready with stock of “Back to School” items to welcome the new school season. Unlike the earlier season, the market doesn’t seem to be vibrant and lively this year.

For parents, there is lot to think about the season ahead. Life is not so easy as it used to be earlier.

Especially after reading the news in The National UAE parents worry over school costs as cost of living rises.

A change of outlook is required among parents and children and definitely will come in the days ahead. Spending on extravagance is bound to decrease. In a way, it will be good to see children get used to the age old basics – specially move away from the so called electronic gadgets and get back to traditional reading methods from print media. Concentrate on physical fitness and sports activities rather than confine themselves within the four walls of their home.

At the same time the difficult market conditions may not give options for inferior products to infiltrate into the market in the disguise of “Sale” to attract consumers.