Ramesh Menon given Ministry of Interior Excellence Award

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Transcript of an interview taken for Arabic media after the Award Ceremony:

Age, job, number of years in the UAE?

I am 47 years and working as Communications Coordinator for Total, French Oil Company. I have been a resident of UAE since 1988. My wife, Rajashree Menon and myself live in Abu Dhabi.

The Award : Ministry of Interior Excellence Award

Why were you given an award by the MoI?

It was for my continuous contribution to the MOI on several subjects with a qualitative outlook intended to improve the harmonious living of the residents, both locals and expat in Abu Dhabi and UAE in general.

When did you receive a call from the police? What was your initial reaction?

The award ceremony was on Thursday, 5th February 2015 and I received a call from a lady Lieutenant colonel who introduced herself and verified me before she said to me about it.

It was a totally unexpected call and I was a bit surprised and made sure it was me she was trying to contact. I then asked her details about the award and which suggestion of mine has been selected. Her reply was that I am a regular contributor and hence there were more than one of merit that made them consider me for it.

When you were at the capital police HQ how did you feel, as the awards were for the police and other individuals? I believe there were a few or no Asians apart from you. How honored were you being among the award recipients?

It was indeed a special feeling to go to the premises of Capital Police on that day. Reaching there, I found myself to be the one of the only Asian expatriate among the lineup of police personnel in uniform and in civil dress.

I realized it was something special to be among them. They were from different emirates. Talking to some of them and watching them interacting with each other I realized, we all carried the same zest for Safety. We all considered it as our responsibility to act with diligence on whatever subject we handled.

It also confirmed one common truth that each one of us did our individual actions without ever thinking of any remote possibility of being selected for such a prestigious award!.

Now can you tell us when you started providing suggestions and proposals to the police? Were most of the suggestions pertaining to road safety? Can you tell us

It is a continuous process started way back from 2006, when I was awarded by Dubai Municipality as Distinguished Contributor for their Have Your Say Programmes. It was followed in 2007 too.

The dedicated Have Your Say programmes by the authorities are a useful platform for those who wish to contribute towards the betterment of community. Abu Dhabi Police’s website and the contact centre abudhabi.ae is of real help for community oriented persons like me. I use various options like the contact centre website and email, then over phone directly to the helpline numbers and also through the Community Police department.

Road safety is one of my primary target. However, it doesn’t end there. I contribute and communicate to them in various other subjects such as hygiene issues etc as and when I get to see an alarming situation, which needs to be highlighted to the authorities.

Some of them are at times considered risky and my sense of commitment to adhere towards community safety have prevailed over personal safety and resulted in me communicating with the authorities. It has never been done with a felicitation oriented approach.

Ramesh Menon by IreneleonMy Objectives:

I have always strived myself to promote safety aspects at all time and believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to create a safe environment, whether it on the road, or elsewhere in the community.

My actions therefore have been initiated to support the authorities and administration to propagate effectively their messages to more public through writing or other communication means.

It is a two way process to alert the authorities whenever I witness and confirm authentically it is an anomaly which requires rectification. At the same time an alert is passed on to the community to warn them about any danger if it exists. Focus is maintained on this objective and all available platforms are utilized.

Other Awards and Achievements:

I am an active participant in various HAVE YOUR SAY Programmes happening within UAE and around. This has resulted in winning a few prestigious achievements over the last few years

Photo and Text Credits: MOI and Irene Leon (for The National) and WAM/HotelandRest.com

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