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Bangalore is cancer capital of India

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Bangalore is cancer capital of India
TNN | Feb 23, 2013, 03.14 AM IST

My comments as follows:

Indeed, spreading of Cancer amongst all strata of population is fast paced than the advent of latest electronic gadgets.

The idea of organizers to conduct more awareness to common public is great and appreciated. However, the organizers and organization of conferences such as Afro-Asian Conference of Transitional Research in Oncology (ACTRO) should consider several important facts.
All proposed innovative and methodological treatment plans should be carried out with due approval and recognition from the Ministry of Health and regulatory bodies including Drug Contoller and Indian Medical Association. There should be a centralized data register for cancer patients and treatment plans. Personalised treatment and clinical trial experimentations by pharmaceutical companies in co-ordination with famous cancer treatment centres like HCG should be monitored thoroughly by these authorities. Monthly monitoring of such data by a governing body taking closer look at the patient data like, sex, age, stage of cancer he or she started receiving the trial medication, period of treatment, variation in condition during the course of treatment, acceptance rate, failure rate, mortality rate, conditions at which the patient failed etc, are all to be carefully monitored, registered and documented by these governing bodies. In addition, a major review of the cost of cancer medicines and treatment should be carried out by the authorities and a strict control should come on the pricing on medication and treatment.
Last but not the least, hygiene aspects prevailing in these cancer treatment facilities should be given a high priority and ICUs, radiation and testing units should be always maintained with highest level of cleanliness and standards.
I am writing this as a feedback of my own personal experience had to go through during the hospitalization, treatment and demise of a close relative in one of the famous cancer hospitals in Bangalore, which was way beyond the standard they project, projected and even now projects by promoting such conference. Let improvements begin at home.

Give a fresh life to your Used Books – Do Participate in a great Humanitarian Cause

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Do Participate in a great Humanitarian Cause.

Request all book lovers to participate and give a fresh life to your Used Books.

Story books, novels, fictions, reference books of all languages accepted.

However, school text books and magazines not accepted.

The last day to donate books is February 24.

Anyone wishing to donate books can contact SCHS on 06-5669966, SCHS Collection Supervisor Mihraj Abdul Rahim on either 06-5671117 or 050-7965576 or drop them at SCHS premises in the Al Yarmouk area of Sharjah.

Used Book Fair aims to encourage youth to read more

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Used Book Fair aims to encourage youth to read more

Fair promotes the vrtues of reading, volunteering and brings the community together
By Ramesh Menon, Gulf News reader
Published: 00:00 February 17, 2013

Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) is finalising preparations for the fifth Used Book Fair, which will be held from February 26 to March 1 at the Palm Garden by Khalid Lagoon. Books are currently being accepted from anyone who wishes to donate, provided the books are in good condition. One can donate books in any language, but magazines and textbooks will not be accepted.

Schools that donate less than 2,000 books will be allocated one booth and those that donate more than 2,000 will be allowed two. Participants will be given a certificate of achievement.

Students who donate more than 20 books will also receive a certificate.

The Used Book Fair is organised every two years and has a number of objectives, such as promoting the habit of reading by offering low-priced books, planting the spirit of volunteering in the minds of the youth and raising funds to support the services offered by SCHS to people with special needs. 

SCHS is a local non-profit organisation, which was founded in 1979 and aims to change society’s attitude towards people with special needs and effect policies regarding disability-related issues. It also aspires to pave the way to a brighter future for children with mental and physical challenges, giving them confidence and a chance to live in a society that provides equal opportunities.

During the four days of the fair, visitors will find books available for as little as Dh3.

The last day to donate books is February 24.

Anyone wishing to donate books can contact SCHS on 06-5669966, SCHS Collection Supervisor Mihraj Abdul Rahim on either 06-5671117 or 050-7965576 or drop them at SCHS premises in the Al Yarmouk area of Sharjah.

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How many more deaths before a pedestrian overbridge

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In Times of India, Whitefield edition dated 16 February 2013