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News update:Indan PM Modi announces 21-day complete lockdown from midnight tonight

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Deaths from the coronavirus pandemic have topped 17,000 across the globe, according to an AFP tally. The count of coronavirus cases in India have crossed 500, including 9 deaths. Complete lockdowns have been announced in almost every state in the country. PM Modi will address the nation for the second time in two weeks. Stay with TOI for the latest developments

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70th Independence Day -Be Humane, Hi-tech & Happy

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Mind Speaks - Independence Day.jpgPresident Pranab Mukherjee addressed the nation on the eve of our 70th Independence Day. Here are some of the top quotes from his address:

  1. May our studies be brilliant; may there be no hostility amongst us; may there be Peace Peace Peace.
  2. We are in the process of forging new relationships based on shared values and mutual benefit with all countries.
  3. India’s focus in foreign policy will remain on peaceful co-existence & harnessing tech & resources for eco development.
  4. I respectfully bow to the heroes of independence struggle who fought & sacrificed their lives to win freedom.
  5. India will grow, only when all of India grows; the excluded ones have to be included in the development process.
  6. It is much more important to look to the future; it is time to join hands to cooperate, innovate and advance.
  7. We often celebrate the achievements of our ancient past but it would be wrong to rest on our laurels.
  8. We should promote scientific temper by questioning our beliefs which aren’t compatible with scientific way of thinking.
  9. Passage of GST bill is reason enough to celebrate our democratic maturity.
  10. World has witnessed a spate of terror activities having their roots in radicalization of people on basis of religion. These forces pose a danger to entire comity of nations; world will have to fight them unconditionally & in one voice.
  11. Attacks on weaker sections that militate against our national ethos are aberrations that need to be dealt with firmly.
  12. Disruptions, obstructionism & unmindful pursuit of divisive political agenda lead to institutional travesty
  13. We cannot call ourselves a civilized society if we fail in providing safety and security to our women and children.
  14. We must take destiny in our own hands to build the India of our dreams.
  15. As we build an India of smart cities, towns & villages, we must ensure they are humane, hi-tech and happy places.

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​Run to fight cancer

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​Run to fight cancer

The Pinkathon movement promotes awareness about breast cancerwhich has a high incidence rate amongst Indians. It is the second most common form of cancer with the number of new cases being reported rising yearly.

A majority of the new cases are caught in advanced stages, thereby increasing the mortality rates. Most of these cases are reported fromurban India with the metros of Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata figuring prominently. Breast cancer in these areas is three times more than in rural India.

Apart from genetic causes, women with higher educational qualifications and an adaptation of the westernized lifestyle are more at risk of contracting breast cancer. A point to be noted is that breast cancer when detected in the early stages, is one of the most curable forms of cancer. Self-examination, clinical examinations and mammographic tests are the basic steps involved.

The Times of India presents Pinkathon in association with Times Foundation

To register SMS TOIBFW PINK YOUR NAME to 58888
Date of Marathon: 7th April 2013
Venue: Sree Kanteerava Stadium
Time: 6.30 am Free:
First 500 registrations before 29th March
Registrations close on 31st March 2013

My comments as follows:

I sincerely wish it create the awareness in the most genuine way. Most of the time, these runs create only momentary awareness and all forget the danger that is slowly affecting most of the women. Awareness on Breast Cancer should be taken to all level through continuous Corporate and Social participation. Regular presentation to schools and colleges to make young girls and working women understand how to do a self examination and how to monitor if there is any signs of it. They should be also encouraged to pass on this knowledge to their family and friends. Let no life be lost due to Breast Cancer

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Bangalore is cancer capital of India

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Bangalore is cancer capital of India
TNN | Feb 23, 2013, 03.14 AM IST

My comments as follows:

Indeed, spreading of Cancer amongst all strata of population is fast paced than the advent of latest electronic gadgets.

The idea of organizers to conduct more awareness to common public is great and appreciated. However, the organizers and organization of conferences such as Afro-Asian Conference of Transitional Research in Oncology (ACTRO) should consider several important facts.
All proposed innovative and methodological treatment plans should be carried out with due approval and recognition from the Ministry of Health and regulatory bodies including Drug Contoller and Indian Medical Association. There should be a centralized data register for cancer patients and treatment plans. Personalised treatment and clinical trial experimentations by pharmaceutical companies in co-ordination with famous cancer treatment centres like HCG should be monitored thoroughly by these authorities. Monthly monitoring of such data by a governing body taking closer look at the patient data like, sex, age, stage of cancer he or she started receiving the trial medication, period of treatment, variation in condition during the course of treatment, acceptance rate, failure rate, mortality rate, conditions at which the patient failed etc, are all to be carefully monitored, registered and documented by these governing bodies. In addition, a major review of the cost of cancer medicines and treatment should be carried out by the authorities and a strict control should come on the pricing on medication and treatment.
Last but not the least, hygiene aspects prevailing in these cancer treatment facilities should be given a high priority and ICUs, radiation and testing units should be always maintained with highest level of cleanliness and standards.
I am writing this as a feedback of my own personal experience had to go through during the hospitalization, treatment and demise of a close relative in one of the famous cancer hospitals in Bangalore, which was way beyond the standard they project, projected and even now projects by promoting such conference. Let improvements begin at home.