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KHALEEJ TIMES – 30 years of excellence

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30 years of excellence – KHALEEJ TIMES

30 April 2008

AT THIS moment in time and on this momentous occasion, the 31st year of our publication (1978-2008), we would especially like to thank our readers, our advertisers, our contributors and well-wishers… and also our critics, for the leading role they have played in the making of a leading newspaper. It is always a discerning readership that provides the vital impetus for a discerning newspaper.

And the fact that we have so well matched the aspirations of our readers is also a tribute to our editors, reporters, writers, photographers, commentators and many others in many other departments of the Khaleej Times who have contributed so much over the years.

As we look back with pride we can say with some professional justification that our achievements are also their achievements. Of course, we have changed and transformed rather dramatically over the past three decades as we encountered and absorbed the best of modern technology in print and mass media. But equally, there are certain core elements and characteristics that have remained the same: For instance, our belief and our commitment to quality journalism. And it is the pursuit of this belief in excellence in news coverage that has best tested and tempered us. Of course, our finest achievements must lie in the future… as we constantly try to innovate and adapt ourselves to changing times and their challenges and requirements. And we continue to react and respond to new technology and new thresholds of professional excellence, as always we must. However, it would be fallacious to assume that merely numbers can ever quantify excellence, especially in journalism, which is why our professional integrity is anchored in the substance we chose to offer in our coverage, rather than mere superficiality of style. And that this is of much value is borne out by the consistently rising graph of our readership.

We are also convinced that, even as we further improve and improvise on our print edition, we will also be adding a lot more value to our online edition and make it more interactive and more responsive. So do log on and tell us what more you expect of us. We value your suggestions and your promptings. Lastly, we would like to believe that even a newspaper, like any living organism, evolves best in a dynamic environment. And the dynamism and the vibrancy of a modern nation like the United Arab Emirates and its unique multi-cultural ethos have constantly spurred us to ensure we excel at what we do best — produce a newspaper of substance.