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Remembering the volcano fountain

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Remembering Abu Dhabi’s Volcano Fountain: If you are a long timer of UAE and if you cherish fond memories of the Volcano fountain, which was there in Abu Dhabi till 2004, please express your nostalgic memories as comments here. Your comments are valuable for a project on Volcano Fountain. Thanks in advance for sharing with your friends and family.

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Rupa Wahi lot of memories attached to this fountain during 90’s wish this landmark of Abu Dhabi should have stayed….
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Manvi Gupta When I first came to Abu Dhabi, newly married, young girl……..a little nervous, a lot excited…….my first night here… husband walked me down to this wonderful place called volcano fountain next to sea! With a light breeze blowing….and him next to me…….i felt the world belonged to me now! That place, that night, that moment and that feeling is forever etched in my heart! And so Volcano Fountain holds a very special place for me!
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Ramesh Menon Abu Dhabi – Clicks and Writes It is genius, true we miss the famous Volcano Fountain of Abu Dhabi demolished in 2004, I really regret since 35 year ago nothing is left to remember symbolic monument
I am really touched by your idea
Bravo Ramesh
Céline ABDO
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Ramesh Menon Abu Dhabi – Clicks and Writes you made me close eyes and see the place
u made me travel with my brain to remember a place that i didnt see before … TRUE I SWEAR. AmaZZZzing place and video as well,, BRAVO ! I wish I could take my baby as well from corniche hospital directly to this place : ) , your Speech was like a nice story I can tell it to my daughter about our lovely Abu Dhabi ‘The City of Peace and Affection’’ . I always say that Abu Dhabi is a never-ending love story for each one.
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Ramesh Menon Abu Dhabi – Clicks and Writes The Volcano was definitely the landmark of Abu Dhabi, it was a throbbing heart with all the fire-like lighting coming from it.
I remember during the first week of my arrival in Abu Dhabi, my relatives took me to the Corniche and precisely to the volcano fountain. This simple visit made me feel more at home and confident about coming all the way to live in an unknown place.
I was truly touched and impressed by the huge monument and its changing of colours. It was very similar to a true volcano, only that this one was harmless and soothing to the nerves.
Year after year, I got used to my new life in Abu Dhabi, it became my turn to take my guests and visitors to the volcano fountain so that they can rejoice their heart and senses.
Walking up the stairs on the volcano fountain, was an excellent exercise to old and young people, it was a family’s place, good for walking as well as sitting, while you can inhale the sea-breeze.
There was a good distance from the road, so noise and air pollution was reduced in the volcano area.
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Ramesh Menon Abu Dhabi – Clicks and Writes I can say that this land mark represented for new the vision of HH. Late Shaikh zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan to see our nation as high as the mountain , flourishing it’s water( generosity ) the nearby and far people. More importantly it resembles the strength and unity of our house and it’s deep roots from the desert where the castle resemblance came from.
Sultan Al Hajji
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Narendra Kulkarni I also remember this icon. I used to stay very close-by on Khalifa street and it is used to be routine for me to visit Volcano fountain from time time.

Ramesh Menon Abu Dhabi – Clicks and Writes
Dear Friends, Please taken 3-5 minutes, watch the video and write to me a short comment which expresses your nostalgic feelings about the once famous Volcano Fountain of Abu Dhabi, and which was demolished in 2004. I am sure, you have many.
Your comments are important, because, I have a talk on 7th May and a workshop on 10th May on this subject, and will be useful to include it in my presentation.
Thanks a million in advance,

Ramesh Menon

Precious moment – Gulf Today – Short Take – Dt. 26 April 2014

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Precious moment

It was a very short notice call on Tuesday late afternoon from a friend inviting me to attend a function in Dubai. Normally, I do not rush up on things or commit myself to anything not in my schedule. Especially, if it is out of Abu Dhabi. But, when he explained to me the importance of it, I couldn’t resist myself and say no to him.

His son, Rohin Bajaj, along with two other girl students, Anagha Subash and Devayani Sainath, all from Abu Dhabi Indian School, were receiving the prestigious Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Distinguished Academic Performance. He wanted me to be there with him and the other proud parents to witness and capture the precious moment on my camera.

Children are always precious for me and I took off to Dubai, keeping my conscious approach and Safety First campaign always in my mind, Start Early, Drive Carefully, Reach Safely.

I paced myself in such a way that I was there in the auditorium well ahead of the scheduled start and witness the historic moment in the life of those three wonder kids and many other children and academicians who bagged this prestigious award.

In another interesting last-minute call on Thursday, I attended a family union of students from the college I graduated. It was after a long time that I was meeting some of my college mates and brought out memories of our good old days.

When asked to do a short presentation, I asked the audience, especially children, whether I should do so in English or in our native language, Malayalam. Many of the children asked me to address in Malayalam. I was impressed as some parents still inculcate in the minds of their children the need to connect with the mother language.

Ramesh Menon
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Feeding of baby Parrots

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Have you ever seen the baby parrots are fed at the pet shops? If not, see it here. Do show it to your kids.