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Personal Touch – Short Take – GULF TODAY Dt. 30.04.2011

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Personal Touch – Short Take – GULF TODAY Dt. 30.04.2011

Personal touch

I have a Parrot named Mittu, which whistles back whatever we prompt. I also have a good collection of plants in my balcony. These two have become an integral part in my life since some time. It all started as an attempt by us to return home every night whenever we venture outside. Having the thought of these members who cannot speak remaining un-attended have definitely worked in favour and achieved our goal towards it.

There are times when we cannot remain pledged to this commitment and recently it happened that we all had to go on emergency for an unplanned period.

As usual, I had to rely on my caretaker, who came diligently and fed the bird and watered my plant every day.

On my return, I found that our pet was looking thin with most of its feathers gone and the plants also looking lifeless. I knew immediately what the reason was. Within two or three days, they were both looking fine and healthy as before.

The secret was the personal attention, care and a few minutes of special time spent for each one of them. With the parrot, in addition to his regular food of sun flower seed, we used to give it bits and pieces of whatever vegetarian food, biscuits, bread etc we were having.

Constantly, we were keeping it active by talking or rather whistling to it and it was this personal touch that was missing for it. For the plants, each time when I watered, I made sure, if ever there is any weed or dried leaf on them and made it look neat and clean. This personal touch was missing for both of them.

No wonder the old saying in our epics “a personal touch in our deeds is the best rejuvenating medicine for all living beings” remains true forever.

Ramesh Menon

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A welcome change – Promising actions by Abu Dhabi authorities

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A welcome change – Promising actions by Abu Dhabi authorities

It is always a relief to see when the authorities carries pro-active measures towards suggestion for a better living environment. Here is one such example of a speedier action by Abu Dhabi authorities. Further to my Community Report in Gulf News dated 23rd April, I am happy to blog that both the dangerous spots have been marked clearly giving sufficient warning for pedestrians. What is left is a garbage bin issue, and I believe it will be also handled efficiently soon.

My sincere thanks to GULF NEWS and Abu Dhabi authorities.

Ramesh Menon

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Exploring Abu Dhabi through Clicks and Writes – Abu Dhabi police celebrates first patrol vehicle

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Abu Dhabi police celebrates first patrol vehicle

Under the slogan, our past is our heritage, and our heritage is our treasure, Abu Dhabi police is celebrating the 49th anniversary of launching its first patrol vehicle in April 1962.

The celebration is held at the commercial centers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain on Friday and continues until the end of April.

“This celebration comes in commemoration of the first patrol vehicle ever launched by Abu Dhabi police in order to promote security and deliver various services, thus increases public confidence in police and develop partnership with the public”, said Major General Mohammed bin Al Awadhi Al Menhali, director general of Police Operations at Abu Dhabi police.

As from 15-30 April the members of the public will view both old and modern patrol vehicles in a procession organized at the Abu Dhabi Corniche. The oldest patrol, a caprice, will be delivering traffic tips and awareness for road users by giving them brochures bearing “ traffic rules are made for your safety and safety of others”.

As part of the celebration, 12 vehicles of various historical stages, including thrilling F999 and the Falcon Bike will be showcased.

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Recklessness is the root problem – My Letters – THE NATIONAL Dt. 26.04.2011

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My Letters – Recklessness is the root problem – THE NATIONAL Dt. 26.04.2011

Congratulations to Abu Dhabi Department of Transport for reducing speed limits. Every afternoon, I witness minivans carrying school children without seatbelts, speeding at the signals.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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Dangers to shoppers and residents – Commuity Report – Gulf News Dt. 23.04.2011

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Dangers to shoppers and residents – Commuity Report – Gulf News Dt. 23.04.2011

Dangers to shoppers and residents

Iron rods on the pavement, uncovered openings and an overflowing dustbin near a mall

Text and Picture by Ramesh Menon, Gulf News Reader Published: 00:00 April 23, 2011

The Tourist Club Area (TCA) is a prime tourist, office and residential spot in Abu Dhabi.

Apart from the numerous office establishments, the shopping mall in the area has a good collection of eateries and entertainment and thus attracts many visitors each day.

It is therefore important to keep the surrounding areas neat, clean and safe for all those who visit it.

The most dangerous thing I have found in the area is a set of iron rods projecting out of the pavement near the Abu Dhabi Bus Terminal in front of the mall.

Several elderly residents walk along this route and an accident could happen at any time.

The section nearer to the mall has uncovered openings, which is another cause for worry.

Adding to all these problems is a dustbin, which is usually full and causes surrounding areas to get dirty because the cleaning staff from nearby buildings dump waste materials on the floor near it before depositing the content one by one into the bin’s small mouth.

They do it every morning and this makes the area dirty the entire day.

Through this community report, I humbly request the authorities to tidy up this area as soon as possible.

— The reader is a technical officer based in Abu Dhabi

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Caring hearts – Short Take – GULF TODAY – Dt. 23.04.2011

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Caring hearts – Short Take – GULF TODAY – Dt. 23.04.2011

I was walking back along the long corridor when I heard a loud prompt from my back. “We know that you write regularly. Please write about our department.”

I turned and with a smile told the chief nurse on duty, “Sister, I had already put it as a topic on my writing list.”

Yes, for the last four years, the long drive to Mafraq hospital in Abu Dhabi and its long corridors leading towards the Oncology department have been a routine.

The doctors, the nurses, administration, support staff and the restaurant employees — They were all caring and were always willing to assist whenever we needed any emergency assistance.

As I collected the discharge report and medical history of my mother from the head nurse, we couldn’t speak to each other.

A wry smile eclipsed on our face. She knew very well that I will not be returning there for my mother’s purpose again.

While passing by the waiting area, I met a familiar patient, who has become a family friend by now. She was anxious to know why I had come alone. I did not tell her anything, as I said, I just came to collect some report.

But, she was smelling something, as we all knew each others’ treatment cycle and stage. Her eyes were speaking of anxiety as she turned her face not to speak further.

Yes, for the past few years, that long drive to Mafraq hospital from Abu Dhabi and the long walk through the scenic areas surrounding it were “our only picnic,” as it was told to me by mother during one of her trips.

It was a place bound to generate compassion but well maintained to conceal each individual’s privacy.

So, each of those patients returned from its exit gate, more revitalised and reassured with a prolonged stay in this world.

Thank you doctors and staff and let God give you more strength to serve patients suffering from the “Emperor of all maladies.”

Ramesh Menon

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Solution for airport woes – My Letters -The National Dt. 19.04.2011

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My Letters – Solution for airport woes – The National Dt. 19.04.2011

Travellers from Abu Dhabi airport are blessed with a choice of checking in 24-hours prior to their flight. But the current charge of Dh30 per person is on the high side, especially for those travelling in groups.

Passengers also don’t gain any extra on baggage allowance checking in that way. This service charge could be lowered so that more passengers are attracted to it, thus reducing crowding at the airport.

Secondly, boarding passes issued from the City Terminal don’t carry the gate numbers for departures. Passengers should be guided appropriately to avoid confusion and a last minute rush. A text messaging system could also inform passengers about their flights and gate numbers.

Thirdly, at the entry gate, staff on duty could allocate a priority line for baggage screening to those already carrying a boarding pass, or elderly passengers or those with special needs. This will avoid long queues.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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