Solution for airport woes – My Letters -The National Dt. 19.04.2011

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My Letters – Solution for airport woes – The National Dt. 19.04.2011

Travellers from Abu Dhabi airport are blessed with a choice of checking in 24-hours prior to their flight. But the current charge of Dh30 per person is on the high side, especially for those travelling in groups.

Passengers also don’t gain any extra on baggage allowance checking in that way. This service charge could be lowered so that more passengers are attracted to it, thus reducing crowding at the airport.

Secondly, boarding passes issued from the City Terminal don’t carry the gate numbers for departures. Passengers should be guided appropriately to avoid confusion and a last minute rush. A text messaging system could also inform passengers about their flights and gate numbers.

Thirdly, at the entry gate, staff on duty could allocate a priority line for baggage screening to those already carrying a boarding pass, or elderly passengers or those with special needs. This will avoid long queues.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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