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Short Take – Gulf Today Dt. 31.07.2010 – Quest for knowledge

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Short Take – Gulf Today Dt. 31.07.2010 – Quest for knowledge

Our knowledge and experience are the only things that, if passed on, will remain with the generations. All the other things, money, property, etc, will have a natural, timely or untimely death.

Knowledge passed on, by any means, will become immortal. It will be all the more, if it is through a creative medium. I was surprised recently to learn this when I happened to notice a painting, which I had created in 1999 and posted on a webpage created that time, now being used in a German site, where they explain in detail the thoughts and principles underlying that drawing. I was amazed and swept off.

I am writing this to all those who hold their reservations, either due to shortage of time or other reasons for not utilising a wonderful opportunity thrown in front.

This is not the old age situation that happened to Ekalavya, who learned the secrets of archery techniques from the legendary guru Dronacharya, by hiding behind the bushes. When he came to know that Ekalavya had learned more than what he had taught to his favourite student Arjuna, Dronacharya, asked for his thumb finger as the Guru Dakshina (fees) from Ekalavya.

Don’t worry, our science and technology is far and well advanced now. Give your thumb finger out to your gurus or mentors if they are asking for it, and share your knowledge, as we have many a new technology already ready to replace it better than the original one. Have no fear, and have no holds.

This is also a tribute to all those who work hard and do continuous education through various Distant Learning Programmes. They deserve a special applause for hard work and dedication put in to continue their quest for gaining knowledge, without forgetting commitments towards profession and family.

Thanks to all those professors and support staff who work hard to present and create a classroom atmosphere and provide quality materials at par with other universities worldwide for these knowledge seekers, who in normal case could not have done it without their efforts.

Ramesh Menon

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Short Take – GULF TODAY – Dt. 24.07.2010 – Keep Communicating

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Keep communicating

The heat is on. CVs are coming in volume from job hunters. Thanks to the global recession, many companies still reduce staff.

The banking sector is also in greater caution and this is another major area for many of us who have an attitude to be there when in need.

In the coming days/months we may get to hear many sad stories/tragedies of job loss/life etc directly or indirectly due to the economic scenario.

It is, therefore, important to be in touch with your regular friends/loved ones/contacts. Make sure you get to create a communication and feel their pulse. I am sure you will definitely be able to get the feelings across, even if it is a silence or pause in the communication. But to be there at the time in need is the most important gift you can give to a friend or a well-wisher of yours.

The reason for writing this here is an interview of Indian actor Dileep shown on TV some time ago about a movie where he did a stunt scene by jumping into the sea. In it, he explained what was his feeling before jumping and once in motion down.

No control, and life and death were seconds away.

Luckily for him there were people to rescue him, who were on standby. But a repeat shot had to be taken and he continued, there were no one around and it was really touch and go.

Two years ago, a friend committed suicide due to a financial fraud by one of his customers. Almost similar time, another friend’s wife committed suicide due to prolonged arthritis ailment. Both took the same aerial route of jumping from the balcony and the narration by Dileep was really touchy and brought back memories several times.

If, someone was there to hold them/restrain them back from that decision, life would have been an altogether different thing for their children.

Let the party continue, enjoy life as it happens, let the rejoicing progress if you are on the lucky side. But keep an eye and ear open for that precious silence somewhere around.

You never know, a chance hello or a short email will make you realise the reason for that precious silence and may give you an opportunity to be the important person for someone whom you care.

Ramesh Menon

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Community report – Gulf News Dt. 23.07.2010 – Three-wheelers add to traffic woes

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Three-wheelers add to traffic  – They pose great danger to the rider and other motorists
By Ramesh Menon, Gulf News Reader

Currently, the inspectors of Mawaqif use the ‘Trikke’, or three-wheeled scooter, to inspect and report parking violations within the city of Abu Dhabi.

They are in uniform and remain on the pavements. However, I have been witnessing common folk using the same type of vehicles on the road, through the busy city streets of Abu Dhabi.

They are not uniformed, and do not wear luminous jackets so that they are not clearly visible at night to fellow road users. These vehicles do not have a rearview mirror or brake lights.

Those who use the Trikke do not wear helmets either. Hence, having such vehicles on busy streets without the necessary safety gear poses grave danger to the person riding it as well as other people around him or her. It raises serious safety concerns regarding the rider as well as fellow road users. The authorities should therefore restrict such vehicles from being used [by people] on the road and these vehicles should be made available for use in private areas only.

— The reader is a technical officer, based in Abu Dhabi

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Pedestrians’ lives hang in balance – My Letters : THE NATIONAL Dt. 19.07.2010

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Pedestrians’ lives hang in balance

In reference to Abu Dhabi’s pedestrian-friendly scheme (July 15), I have been witnessing ongoing illegal crossings by pedestrians, in particular on Electra Street in Abu Dhabi in front of the New Medical Centre hospital. Scores of pedestrians cross the road, ignoring designated crossing areas.

Even when police are in the area, you can see people crossing 100 metres away. This raises the point that current traffic control will not work in the long term.

Municipality authorities should close the open avenues in the central reservations, restricting access in places other than zebra crossings and pedestrian tunnels. In addition, road signs in multiple languages should create more awareness about dangerous crossings.

Campaigns, with the assistance of radio and television media, should also be conducted to educate people who do not read newspapers. In fact, the electronic media should lead the drive for safety awareness.

The current exercise by authorities is not preventing dangerous pedestrian crossings.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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Short Take – GULF TODAY – Dt. 17.07.2010 – Stick to values

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Short Take – GULF TODAY – Dt. 17.07.2010 – Stick to values

We all come from different walks of life, and walk past different routes and directions of it each day. During the same course, we come across several people and some remains within our mind for a longer time and some are easily forgotten. Certain actions by certain individuals will easily capture our admiration and then we follow them and certain others, they might have a slow start and we tend to ignore them totally.

It is time we think about how we could transform ourselves to a society that responds at the right time.

Each day brings out a joy of learning a thing new, irrespective of which side I get up, who double parks in front of my car, and who speeds and misses hitting my car while travelling between work and home. The world is growing in pace and volume and along with it the diverse culture and style. Even during the last holy month of Ramadan, I witnessed women dressing scantly, people smoking discreetly, which a few years before I could have never even imagined or seen. Several times I did ask myself, why public has a tendency to violate rules and values when they clearly know that these are not to be violated during this period to give respect to the religion and numerous people who follow it. May be I will be labelled crazy, if I discuss such things frequently. But, how can I resist expressing myself. No, never, I will never keep my thoughts within.

My Letters – Khaleej Times Dt. 16.07.2010 – Road Signs

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Road signs

16 July 2010

I refer to the report, ‘Portable message signs make capital roads safer’ (KT, July 14), and take this opportunity to congratulate the Department of Transportation, Abu Dhabi, once again on this safety-oriented move.

The effectiveness of these signs was noticed immediately after they were installed. The report, ‘Solar-powered warnings’(KT, January 16) gave elaborate details of it. These progressive measures are effective as they make sure the public takes notice of them.

Innovative efforts like these are carried out from time to time with the safety of life and property in mind. The public should take this seriously and abide by the rules so as to reduce accidents. Let patience and good sense prevail.
-Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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Portable message signs make capital roads safer

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My Letters – Khaleej Times – Dt 16 Jan 2010 – Solar powered warnings

My Letters – Khaleej Times – Dt 16 Jan 2010 – Solar powered warnings

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My Letters – GULF NEWS Dt. 15.07.2010 – Green Diet

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My Letters – GULF NEWS Dt. 15.07.2010 – Green Diet

Photo Speaks – Auto Beauty – a car display at a mall

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Photo Speaks – Auto Beauty – a car display at a mall

It’s a beauty to watch new cars on display. And if they are meant to be won in a raffle draw, it all the more enjoyable. It brings hope and joy for all luck seekers. Here in this picture is a display of a luxury 4×4 at Marina Mall Abu Dhabi.

Photo Speaks – Fresh & Easy products

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Photo Speaks – Fresh & Easy products

An attractive display of fresh fruit juice items produced by Barakat Quality Plus.

Photo Speaks – Holiday mood

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Photo Speaks – Holiday mood

A 4×4 all set for a holiday travel. Many expat from neighbouring gulf countries travel by road to their home countries. Although traffic department regularly issue warnings to excessive luggage on top, they all carry much more than what they can.