Community report – Gulf News Dt. 23.07.2010 – Three-wheelers add to traffic woes

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Three-wheelers add to traffic  – They pose great danger to the rider and other motorists
By Ramesh Menon, Gulf News Reader

Currently, the inspectors of Mawaqif use the ‘Trikke’, or three-wheeled scooter, to inspect and report parking violations within the city of Abu Dhabi.

They are in uniform and remain on the pavements. However, I have been witnessing common folk using the same type of vehicles on the road, through the busy city streets of Abu Dhabi.

They are not uniformed, and do not wear luminous jackets so that they are not clearly visible at night to fellow road users. These vehicles do not have a rearview mirror or brake lights.

Those who use the Trikke do not wear helmets either. Hence, having such vehicles on busy streets without the necessary safety gear poses grave danger to the person riding it as well as other people around him or her. It raises serious safety concerns regarding the rider as well as fellow road users. The authorities should therefore restrict such vehicles from being used [by people] on the road and these vehicles should be made available for use in private areas only.

— The reader is a technical officer, based in Abu Dhabi

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