Pedestrians’ lives hang in balance – My Letters : THE NATIONAL Dt. 19.07.2010

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Pedestrians’ lives hang in balance

In reference to Abu Dhabi’s pedestrian-friendly scheme (July 15), I have been witnessing ongoing illegal crossings by pedestrians, in particular on Electra Street in Abu Dhabi in front of the New Medical Centre hospital. Scores of pedestrians cross the road, ignoring designated crossing areas.

Even when police are in the area, you can see people crossing 100 metres away. This raises the point that current traffic control will not work in the long term.

Municipality authorities should close the open avenues in the central reservations, restricting access in places other than zebra crossings and pedestrian tunnels. In addition, road signs in multiple languages should create more awareness about dangerous crossings.

Campaigns, with the assistance of radio and television media, should also be conducted to educate people who do not read newspapers. In fact, the electronic media should lead the drive for safety awareness.

The current exercise by authorities is not preventing dangerous pedestrian crossings.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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