KT is my Choice – My Letters – Khaleej Times Dt. 17.04.2011

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KT is my Choice – My Letters – Khaleej Times Dt. 17.04.2011

* Congratulations to Khaleej Times for turning 33. As a reader who was lucky to read 22 years of your print path and progress, I have only words of praise for each one of your team members.

Let it start from the newsboy who diligently delivers the paper at my doorstep before 5:30 am each day. He has been one of the reasons for continuing the subscription and keeping our interest in ‘Young Times’ all those years it existed.

The pages, content style, presentation, paper quality, photos, local and regional news coverage, sports coverage, online edition, all have improved over the period.

Indeed, KT can take credit for several innovative marketing ideas, which benefitted its readers like, the insurance scheme for subscribers, KT exclusive business card, KT subscription linked credit card, KT special travel bag deals etc are some that come to our mind straightaway.

One thing we all miss is the absence of ‘Young Times’ from its wings. With limited opportunity for children skilled in non-performing arts, ‘Young Times’ was a boon to display their writing or drawing skills. We sincerely wish the day is not too far to see it back on the newsstands.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi