Unpredictable life – Short Take – Gulf Today Dt. 16.04.2011

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Unpredictable life – Short Take – Gulf Today Dt. 16.04.2011

At the beginning of each week, I set aside a point to express through Short Take and accordingly I had completed a write-up by this morning.

Reaching office, I came to know of the unfortunate demise of a little girl, Nandana, the only daughter of the famous Indian singer, KS Chitra. As a music lover, I like her songs since the time she started singing in movies and have a good collection of them. As a keen observer of things, I have been watching her closely too.

They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Chitra with her music was a true example of this. After a wait of 15 years in her marriage, she was given this blessed child, who happened to be with special needs. She had no regrets and during a transit through Dubai airport and speaking to a friend of mine on duty at the transit desk of Emirates, she clearly mentioned about it.

During an early morning with a long queue of transit passengers, my friend noticed a vibrant little girl wearing a green frock playing around with her mother.

Having a closer look at the person, she understood who it was and looking at the girl, my friend thought she would go and help her to reach the front of the queue. They were on their way to South Africa via Dubai.

Denying the help offer, Chitra told my friend, “I do not have any problem waiting or please do not think that my child is giving trouble to me. I was praying all these years for a child, irrespective of a boy or girl and I couldn’t believe even now that God has given me such a loving child.” Indeed, Nandana was an affectionate child as my friend narrated many things about Chitra and her daughter, in disbelief, after hearing the sad news. It is a shock to all of us.

As a person who interacts with schools and organisations like Manzil and the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services taking care of children with special needs, I know how important and affectionate they are. Let me join millions of Chitra fans in offering prayers as no words can fill the vacuum in her life.

Ramesh Menon

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