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A chance to live your childhood memories

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Abu Dhabi city is witnessing a lot of fitness enthusiasts these days. People are walking and cycling more than they used to do earlier. The recent hike in taxi fares may be one of the reason. The normal cheap taxi fares no more exist. The moment you hop into an Abu Dhabi taxi, the minimum charge applicable is AED 12/-. This has resulted in many taking up cycling as a more convenient option.

What do you do if you cannot afford to a costlier or bigger bicycle? You look at various online sites for secondhand bicycles being sold. Going for the cheaper ones, you end up buying even children bicycles. Modify it a bit and allow and standing stand for your partner to stand at the back, you are ready for your daily trips. This is what you are witnessing these days in the city.

It is hot, but it is enjoyable. Start early before the sun rises. Work late till it cools down. Cycle your way to office and back home. You are perfectly fit.
Of course, there is a big advantage. However, stressed you begin your journey, after a few minutes, you will forget and start enjoying the beauty around or even reliving your past…

Try it out and tell me if I am wrong. Happy and #SafeCycling #InAbuDhabi



From Tourist Club to Al Zahiyah

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Its weekend and time for all to explore Abu Dhabi. Tourist Club – no more the same as it is officially changed to Al Zahiyah. Many changes happening, starting with the name change, old buildings getting demolished in order to give way to new ones, new roads, more cameras…. it goes on. The good or bad thing about Abu Dhabi is once it is gone, gone for ever. You don’t see it again. All for good.
Abu Dhabi Mall from near and far

So once again another evening, another weekend, and time to take some rest and call friends and family. For many expats, a same routine.. In this photo above, a newspaper delivery boy sitting behind his cycle and calling someone. They work 7 days starting as early as 3:00 am. I know this as I get my newspapers delivered well before 4:00 am every day. Truly unsung heroes.

Old boats rested at Mina, Abu Dhabi.

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WYSIWYC – What You See Is What You Click – Daily Passionate Clicks of Abu Dhabi – Old boats rested at Mina, Abu Dhabi

A reminder to the days when my mother in law recovered after her chemo treatment and we used to go for evening walks at this beautiful side of Abu Dhabi from where we could see a major part of the Abu Dhabi Cornichse. Memories – please Rest in Peace…

WysiWyc – Daily Passionate Photography Thoughts – Etisalat Tower Building

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WysiWyc – Daily Passionate Photography Thoughts – Etisalat Tower Building Abu Dhabi
Every photo clicked is a history. You will never be able to re-create that precious moment. I consider photography as the best tool to promote positive thinking values because you never click an object with a negative output in mind.

Interacting with a professional photographer recently I realized how important it is to explore the possibilities of photography opportunity available around us, when we can. At the same time, exhibit them and explain them without inhibition are two important factors associated with it, which many tend not to do, either out of hesitation, or lack of time, or writing skills. In order to encourage my fellow Passionate Photographers, I am starting a new series of Photography exhibition, through my blog – WysiWyc – Daily Passionate Photography Thoughts.
As most of you know, I click several photos each day. Topics or objects vary infinitely. However, in this series, what I plan to do is to click  one object using different cameras, within a short time difference and present them to you to observe, and discuss, if interest persists. These clicks are taken appropriately within few minutes difference between each other to harvest same environment conditions for each of them. I will also try and provide you maximum information about the object involved in each of them.

The first of the series is Etisalat Tower Building, Abu Dhabi.
Location : Rigga Al Buteen This green glass detailed office tower feature a spherical golf ball like form on the top, which is the same for most of the Etisalat buildings in the UAE. 
Date of Capture : Tuesday, 11-12-2012  Time : 16:18 Location : Abu Dhabi, Airport Road
iPhone 4S (all options – automatic)
ExposureTime – 1/2632 seconds ISOSpeedRatings – 50
Flash – Flash not fired, auto mode 
FocalLength – 4.28 mm
Sony DSC T900 (all options – automatic)
ExposureTime – 1/640 seconds ISOSpeedRatings – 80
Flash – Flash fired, compulsory flash mode, return light not detected
FocalLength – 6.18 mm

Nikon D90 (all options – automatic)
ExposureTime – 1/200 seconds ISOSpeedRatings – 200
Flash – Flash fired, auto mode, return light detected
FocalLength – 18.00 mm

Being the first day of this thought conversion to reality process, I decided or rather acted purely with a passionate photographers mind, keeping all setting on normal mode. However, as we progress, as I gather enough confidence, I will try and play around with all possible options and features of different cameras I get to explore with and share you for your observation and comments. 
Hope you all enjoy joining me in the photography exploration. Share with your friends who are interested in photography.
You are welcome to join Passionate Photographers group on Facebook.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
Wednesday, 12-12-2012

p.s.: As a mark of special importance to this project and to this special day, 12-12-12, which we all will never get to see such a sequential date in our life, I wish to present another silent project.
A free photography  session for Cancer patients. If you, or any of your friends or family are affected with cancer and wish to capture precious and happy moments with them, do contact us on team1dubai@gmail.com. A member from Passionate Phtographers group will volunteer to assist you and present it.

WysiWyc = What you see is What you click

Abu Dhabi at night – WysiWyc – What you see is What you click – daily passionate clicks

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WysiWyc – What you see is What you click – daily passionate clicks by Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Corniche at night.
Posted date: 04-01-2012

WysiWyc – What you see is What you click – daily passionate clicks – bright and beautiful

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WysiWyc – What you see is What you click – daily passionate clicks by Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

A shop selling antique items and lights at Abu Dhabi Mall. Display was bright and beautiful.
Enjoy viewing and have a great day.
Ramesh Menon