Our Story of the Date Palms

Our Story of Date Palm Trees – 2020

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DSCN6437_InPixio_InPixio2_InPixio3-2-bIt’s beginning of a new year and new month and a new season too. The date palm trees have flowered. Yes, It marks the arrival of a new season. Weather is cold now, but very soon it will change and the summer will begin. You can expect hot and sunny days soon. Then in no time, the holy month of Ramadan starts. By the time Eid Al Fitr comes, these flowers on date palms would have developed and fully ripened dates will be ready.
I have been following them for the past several years. Each time they flower, it is an opportunity to remember about the past seasons. And also look forward to the future ahead.

If you have kids, take them around for a walk in the evening. Show them the changes to the trees and flowers as the flowers blossom to a fresh green date and then ripen to reddish and juicy ones.

Very few know about this hidden treasure from this part of the world. The actual date tree population in UAE is about 40 millions of which 8.5 in Al-Ain region. The gene pool is large and composes about 120 date varieties. New introductions from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Oman included Khallas, AbouMaan, Hallawi, Khissab, Khenezi, Nabut Saif, Jabiri, Hillali, Lulu, Chichi, Khadraoui, Sakii, Sultana and Barhi varieties.

UAE produces 533,701 Metric tons of dates on an average every year.

Mark out one or two date palm trees near your home and click them as you watch these wonderful natural phenomenon happening near you. Involve your kids.

Please do share your clicks with hashtags #OurStoryofDatePalms2020 #Talentshare
Good photos taken by children will definitely get appreciated and appropriate rewards.


A date with Dates!

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A date with Dates

#inabudhabi on Friday morning is the most interesting thing you should try out, if not done already. The quietness, neatness and peace surrounding is something you enjoy along with the breeze. A bonus now is the beauty of the date palm trees that are filled with dates ready to harvest. Summer holidays and thinking of some quality time with children. This will be good option.
Ensure to follow safety guidelines using the biking tracks.


A new Date with the Season

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Confused with my title. Not to worry. I am just giving you a hint on how the nature alert you about the change of season. It is cool climate now with a bit of rain here and there. But, look closely at the surroundings. Go for a walk and look at the date palm trees. You will see that they have started flowering.

It announces the arrival of a news season. Soon, you will get to see the climate changing with the arrival of hot wind and sand storm and then straight to summer.

I always propagate a lot about this so far untapped natural resource of the UAE.

The UAE is one of the top 10 date palm cultivators in the world, with dates grown in royal palaces, private residences, public gardens and streets as well as commercial farms.

Date palms are an intrinsic part of Arab life and heritage. For thousands of years, they have provided shelter, food and other necessities, as Arab Bedouins have settled in palm oases, and made use of all parts of the tree and its fruit. Palm wood and leaves were used to build houses, fences, beams, baskets, ropes and many other useful items, while the fruit itself has been a basic staple of the Arab diet, and a main source of nutrition and energy.

Have you ever watched the Palm trees flowering process?. If not, watch them from now on. The trees have started the flowering!.
It will be a good observation cum photography experience if you track it.
Inviting you to click them from wherever you are post them at the event page of Passionate Photographers on Facebook with details. Opt to choose the growth sequence in one or two selected trees.
For those parents with children interested or not interested in Photography, this will be a very good exercise to have them observe the nature, the seasonal changes and to observe and realise how nature announces the arrival of the seasons in its own way. Since it is spread out during a period of four months, it will be also a test to find out how patient you are towards your short term and long term objectives.
Enjoy the season.
Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
3rd March 2017

Photo Speaks – Time tells

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Do you need a watch to tell the time of this click?






Date Palms – nation’s hidden treasure

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A nation’s hidden treasure and a Passionate Photographers delight!
Follow the story at Our Story of the Date Palm Trees

Natural hurry

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Natural hurry
There is a saying in Hindi which translates into, “Whatever happens, happens for the good.”
Nature has proved this once again.
For some years, I have been keenly following the flowering process of date palm trees and the period after it, till it is harvested. Normally, this process happens during July to October.
However, last year, due to the change in weather pattern or due to the unnoticed climate differentiation, it didn’t happen during that period.
This year, the process started in March and by now, the dates in the palm trees are ready to harvest. It is as if the nature has hurried itself to be part of the festivities associated with the Holy Month of Ramadan.
It is an amazing feeling to watch the date palm trees full of ripened dates wherever one gets to go around in the UAE. Indeed, the nation is blessed with this hidden wealth, which silently forms a major export item of the country.
If you have missed following the process, keep an eye from now on. You will have many stories to tell based on it.
Ramesh Menon

Short Take – Gulf Today 26 July 2014

Joy of seeing the ripened Dates – Our Story of the Date Palm Trees

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I told you well ahead, the joy of seeing a date palm tree full of ripened fruits is beyond words can say. Enjoy the blessed season. They say in hindi, “Jo hotha hey acha ke liye hotha hey”. The delay of flowering due to the global warming is overcome by the timing the dates have ripened and ready to be harvested for the festive season of Eid al Fitr. God bless all to have a peaceful, prosperous and joyous season ahead.

Our Story of the Date Palm Trees – Indeed a journey worth following

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This is an interesting example I am uploading today. While taking my parents to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, this particular palm tree caught my attention and as usual I moved away from them and started clicking many photos of the tree from various angles. My parents were watching and seeing me taking trouble, some other visitors stopped and started observing. In it was a legend from the UAE press with his family. As I noticed him, I went to him and said hello and he said, I knew it was you!. What was more funny was the scene that followed. As I moved away from the tree, I saw a man from Northern part of India, walking down the tree and started clicking it, the way I was trying, using his iPhone. He was with his family, daughters and son in laws and grand children. I walked past them and overheard what he was telling to his family. Oh, tho paagal nahi hey! Yeh bahuth khoobsoorath angle miltha hey, aise try karega tho! (meaning in english – he is not mad, I am getting beautiful angles to capture if I try this way).
I did want to go back and tell him that he was wrong – I am indeed mad about photographing Palm trees, and have by now covered almost all the flowering trees within Abu Dhabi, and nearby emirates!. Following them and in the process, creating a beautiful story and history!.
If you are interested in photography, do not miss out, join and participate in Our Story of the Date Palm Trees.
Chances are high that your clicks will be highlighted with prominence in future. Best wishes in advance and please share with friends and family who may be interested.
Ramesh Menon

11th May 2014

Our Story of the Date Palms – Unearthing a hidden treasure

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Our Story of the Date Palms – Unearthing a hidden treasure

If you ask me, what is the most beautiful thing happening in the UAE currently, I will ask you to look at my photos herewith. It is purely natural and currently happening. If you postpone to observe this process for another, you will not get to enjoy it.

Can you see in it a crocodile with its mouth opened? Indeed yes, this crocodile has a big treasure of bounty for the UAE farmers!

A date palm tree with flowers, the branches have been captured as if nature is handing over the flowers to someone. Indeed, time for a new options to think for UAE farmers with date palm cultivation!

Date Palm Tree flower in close up. These look like the Jasmine flowers of our desert. Nurture them, harvest them, and let the nation prosper with another hidden treasure.

They say, there is always someone in a hurry among us. In this natural process too, if you observe, you will see, some flowers bloomed a bit earlier and already into the next stage. This is also a teaser of what awaits you, if you follow this process till the end.

Look at these bloomed flowers you will definitely admit, this is one of the best natural thing happening in the UAE right now. Take out your camera, enjoy the process with your family and friends. Let there be many more natural team building opportunities evolve.

As a long standing resident of the UAE, it is my interest in the local culture and tradition that led me to observe the flowering pattern and process of the date palm trees.
There is lot to learn when one observe it closely. History, culture, tradition, trade and commerce everything embedded in it. The result is an astounding 130,000 ton or more of dates sold and exported from UAE per annum!
For those interested in photography, I have an event “Our Story of the Date Palm Trees” created to photograph the process in the coming 4 months, submit them regularly along with a 300 words story in your language of the experience of following this natural process. Mind you, it is a challenge and it will test your determination and dedication to achieve a set goal. A good team building activity for parents with children, teachers with students and colleagues. All are welcome.
You may submit them at team1talentshare@gmail.com or in a dedicated event “Our Story of the Date Palm Trees” created at Passionate Photographers group on Facebook.
View each of the photos and start watching them from today. Follow the story at the online event “Our Story of the Date Palm Trees”https://www.facebook.com/events/599177313457758/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

Please share this post with friends and family, who, you think will be interested.

The National – 6th birthday edition – 17 April 2014 An exclusive photo

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The National – 6th birthday edition – 17 April 2014
An exclusive