Our Story of Date Palm Trees – 2020

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DSCN6437_InPixio_InPixio2_InPixio3-2-bIt’s beginning of a new year and new month and a new season too. The date palm trees have flowered. Yes, It marks the arrival of a new season. Weather is cold now, but very soon it will change and the summer will begin. You can expect hot and sunny days soon. Then in no time, the holy month of Ramadan starts. By the time Eid Al Fitr comes, these flowers on date palms would have developed and fully ripened dates will be ready.
I have been following them for the past several years. Each time they flower, it is an opportunity to remember about the past seasons. And also look forward to the future ahead.

If you have kids, take them around for a walk in the evening. Show them the changes to the trees and flowers as the flowers blossom to a fresh green date and then ripen to reddish and juicy ones.

Very few know about this hidden treasure from this part of the world. The actual date tree population in UAE is about 40 millions of which 8.5 in Al-Ain region. The gene pool is large and composes about 120 date varieties. New introductions from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Oman included Khallas, AbouMaan, Hallawi, Khissab, Khenezi, Nabut Saif, Jabiri, Hillali, Lulu, Chichi, Khadraoui, Sakii, Sultana and Barhi varieties.

UAE produces 533,701 Metric tons of dates on an average every year.

Mark out one or two date palm trees near your home and click them as you watch these wonderful natural phenomenon happening near you. Involve your kids.

Please do share your clicks with hashtags #OurStoryofDatePalms2020 #Talentshare
Good photos taken by children will definitely get appreciated and appropriate rewards.


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