Task in hand for the new school season

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Shopping malls are ready with stock of “Back to School” items to welcome the new school season. Unlike the earlier season, the market doesn’t seem to be vibrant and lively this year.

For parents, there is lot to think about the season ahead. Life is not so easy as it used to be earlier.

Especially after reading the news in The National UAE parents worry over school costs as cost of living rises.

A change of outlook is required among parents and children and definitely will come in the days ahead. Spending on extravagance is bound to decrease. In a way, it will be good to see children get used to the age old basics – specially move away from the so called electronic gadgets and get back to traditional reading methods from print media. Concentrate on physical fitness and sports activities rather than confine themselves within the four walls of their home.

At the same time the difficult market conditions may not give options for inferior products to infiltrate into the market in the disguise of “Sale” to attract consumers.


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