Nepal Earthquake Relief coordination

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Nepal Earthquake Relief coordination activities at Nepal Embassy Abu Dhabi A very satisfying day where I was able to join a group of members from Volunteer in UAE and assisted in sorting and repacking the relief aid materials presented to the Embassy of Nepal, Abu Dhabi. Great team work, all those who came in showed sincere devotion and dedication and worked selflessly.

Items to be considered for donation:

URGENT (Non-Medical):
Baby Foods Tarpaulins/Tents
Floor Mats
Packaged or canned food items
Water purification tablets
Masks and gloves
Hand sanitizer
Cleaning supplies such as shovels and buckets
Solar lights

URGENT (Medical)

Bandage / Cotton
Prodine Iodine Ointment
Medical supplies

PLEASE NOTE TO BUY ITEMS WITH LONG EXPIRY DATES. Those less than 6 months or nearing expiry will not be accepted and used.


Sai Gokuldham Bangalore – an abode of a different kind

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Sai Gokuldham Bangalore – an abode of a different kind
Sai Gokuldham
Sai Gokuldham, situated at Vaghatta agraha, about 18 kms from Kadugodi, Whitefield A divine place to visit. It is one of my favourite places to visit and didn’t want to miss this time too. Run by Sri A P N Sharma ji, Sai Gokuldham takes good care of old, disowned, injured animals.  The village is also called Yogapuri, and said to be a chosen place  where yogis meditate.
In its final days, our time spent with this bull was really worth
During our visit, we met a few animals who are very young and another stet very old, and one of them in the last stage of its life.

Due to water shortage, the facility is being shifted to a new location at Maloor shortly, which will have more space for the animals. There will be also option for farming the grass required for the animals at the new facility.
Sri APN Sharama is looking for support for setting up this new facility. If anyone is interested to support, may contact him on +91 9845024039 or email: mayur_elecblr@rediff.com, cool_n83@rediffmail.com.
Sri APN Sharma

options for children to feed the animals

a retired guard dog has now found is home at Sai Gokuldham

It will be a good CSR activity to visit and spent half a day there supporting his great effort.
Recreation and refreshments can be arranged on request.
God bless and sincere regards,
Ramesh Menon

75 years of operations in Abu Dhabi, Total achieved major leaps in the oil and gas industry and renewable energy"

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Al Hajji : “75 years of operations in Abu Dhabi, Total achieved major leaps in the oil and gas industry and renewable energy”

Abu Dhabi 30 -September -2014: TOTAL Emirates, leader in the oil and gas industry, has confirmed that it is committed towards providing the best energy in the United Arab Emirates and other countries, and it will continue its efforts in supporting and developing young talents from the UAE through social programs.

This came after conducting an interview with Mr. Sultan Al Hajji, Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer in Total United Arab Emirates, where he said that Total is involved with a number of oil companies in Abu Dhabi and it is always seeking to provide technical support in the field of oil and gas in the emirate.

He said in a press statement, that Total is also involved in many scientific and social initiatives in the United Arab Emirates and, most recently, participated in the establishment of research and development laboratories in the oil industry in partnership with ADNOC , Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi and Masdar .

“Total also provides scholarships for students in the UAE to study in French universities and institutes to support rehabilitation of UAE nationals to work in the oil and gas sector in Abu Dhabi,” he said.

Total is an international energy company with the whole range of activities like hydrocarbon exploration and production, gas and power.

“We are also at the forefront of refining, petrochemicals and specialty chemicals, marketing refined products and associated services, trading and shipping of crude oil and refined product.” Total was one of the very first international oil companies to recognize and point out that fossil fuels and renewable energies are not mutually exclusive. Our teams are committed to developing new sources of energy that can partner oil and natural gas to keep pace with global energy demand.

Al Hajji pointed out that the group was involved in solar energy since 1983, “We are now the world’s second-ranked photovoltaic energy operator thanks to our affiliate Sun-Power.”
Moving along the lines he said that Total’s story began nearly a century ago, with the search for oil fields. This positioning also enabled them to adapt to market trends and proactively meet customers emerging expectations with a diversified energy mix – oil, natural gas, solar and biomass — that delivers more value than any other global energy company.

Total, as the world’s leading international oil and gas company has operations in 130 countries involving in all the above activities having nearly 100,000 employees. “We are associated with exploration and production in more than 50 countries and producing oil and gas in 30 countries.”

Total’s engagement with Abu Dhabi dates back to 1939, 75 years ago. What started as the first contract then grew over time. Today, Total is associated with 9 ventures in the UAE; eight of these are in Abu Dhabi. These are covering a wide spectrum like exploration and production of oil & gas by our subsidiary Total Abu Al Bukhoosh (Total ABK) as well as our share holding companies namely ADMA OPCO, ADGAS, Dolphin Energy and GASCO. We are a shareholder of Ruwais FertilizerIndustries (FERTIL) and a partner in the Taweelah A1 co-generation power plant in Abu Dhabi. We are pioneers in the new energies sector and a partner of Masdar in Shams 1, the world’s largest concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in operation. TotalMarketing Middle East (TMME) based in Dubai is involved in the manufacturing and marketing of the entire range of automotive and industrial lubricants, greases, aviation and various speciality products. Today, our lubricants-blending complex in Jebel Ali Free Zone is the Group’s third largest blending plant. As a part of “BIOjet Abu Dhabi: Flight Path to Sustainability” initiative a partially biofuel powered Etihad Airways Boeing 777 completed a test flight in the UAE. Total partially converted the biomass in Brazil used for this flight test with Takreer completing the refining process in the UAE, making it the first UAE-produced bio jet fuel. This initiative was in close collaboration with Masdar Institute and Takreer , aiming to deliver a sustainable and commercially viable biofuel product by 2019.

“We interpret that the flourishing growth of our industrial activities in the UAE over the span of time is recognition of Total as a reliable partner. We thank SPC, ADNOC, Mubadala and their group of companies for their trust in us. I feel that we have earned this respect because of our constant effort to share with the UAE our technology and know-how, combined with capacity development of the UAE nationals in different ways,” Al Hajji said.

Total ABK is proud to have 123 including 17 female Emiratis employees including four on secondement from ADNOC Group, working in offshore field and different onshore sites like Abu Dhabi main office, Mussafah Logistics Base and Total ABK Academy in Shahama. In our quest and commitment to share with the UAE our know-how from global operations, we commission Emirati employees on international assignments. More than 10 Emiratis have benefitted from such placements in Angola, France and Yemen. Total ABK’s top management team comprises of Emiratis with ladies in majority.

He moved on to speak about Total and UAE citizens, as he said that the group supports Emiratis for post-graduation and doctorate education abroad, mainly in France. “Till date, 43 Emiratis have availed Total scholarship and they are oil industry professionals having career in ADNOC , ADCO, ADMA OPCO, GASCO, ZADCO, Dolphin Energy, Schlumberger and others.”

Some others are showing their excellence in varied professions: Emirates Nuclear Energy Operations, Mubadala, UAE Embassy in Japan, Ministry of Presidential Affairsand other highly respectable establishments. Of late, we have been sending university under graduate Emiratis to France for an intensive one week program called “Total Summer School” and so far nine Emiratis have attended the summer school.
In 2013, Alreyada, an initiative of Total UAE added a new dimension in the MENA region for empowering youth to bring forward their perspective. Alreyada is a forum for young undergraduate university students from the region to be familiarized with energy and future leadership challenges.

The seminar was inaugurated by His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, UAE Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development. The program featured presentation and workshops delivered by industry and community leaders, academia and experts from the UAE as well as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and France. The workshop session climaxed the seminar.

In smaller groups, students with young professionals acting as their mentors presented their ideas and suggestions for developing them further on “How to foster long lasting partnerships”. Alreyada was adjudged the winner of ADIPEC 2013 Best CSR Initiative in the MENA region.
Total Abu Al Bukhoosh, our local subsidiary is a constant source of innovative solutions and case study for some of the challenges of Abu Dhabi oilfield operations. Here, we lead in the area of EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery), flare reduction, operations and HSE. Total is in collaboration with Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi on Dugong Conservation Program exclusively since 1999.

Total is proud of having shared many remarkable social innovations for betterment of the UAE community. With support of ADNOC , one of such programs Total has been running since 2008 is Total ABK Academy. This academy is a capacity building program for UAE nationals to make them employable in oil & gas industry. As on date, our academy graduates are working as offshore field personnel in Total ABK, ADOC, ADMA OPCO and Bunduq Oil Company.

Total in the UAEis also collaborating with initiatives like Al Bayt Mitwahid by the Crown Prince Court, Emirates Foundation and similar institutions. Total had been a participant in Abu Dhabi Science Festival since it started in 2011.

Total in the UAEcontinually strives to align its industrial and societal activities with the vision 2030 of Abu Dhabi’s wise leadership. Total in the UAE demonstrates is committed to better energy which synergizes a mix of world class technology and innovation with safety of people, environment and assets as top priority. It strives to address local environment and community concerns and enrich the society of the host country by sharing know-how.
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An evening well spent at Sai Ashrayadham

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Following the efforts of the morning, we moved on to Sai Ashrayadham this evening. A short bhajan session with children and patient aids who stay there and served dinner. Feeling contented.

Blood donation campaign with Abu Dhabi Blood Bank

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Blood donation campaign with Abu Dhabi Blood Bank
A group of young volunteers celebrating the 61st birthday of their beloved guru and god mother conducted a blood donation camp at Abu Dhabi on Friday, 26th September 2014.

It was a huge success as residents from all sectors of life participated in it.

Each unit of donated blood saves the lives of three people.

There is a constant need for a regular supply of blood.

Medical staff from Abu Dhabi Blood Bank was present and the collection happened in the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank Bus. About 120 people donated blood in this Social Responsibility initiative.

Abu Dhabi Blood Bank Bus

Abu Dhabi Blood Bank Bus

Volunteers donating blood

Volunteers donating blood

Volunteers donating blood

Volunteers donating blood

Volunteers donating blood

Abu Dhabi Blood Bank Bus

Abu Dhabi Blood Bank Bus

Abu Dhabi Blood Bank Bus

Abu Dhabi Blood Bank Bus

Those who wish to conduct similar campaigns may contact Abu Dhabi Blood Bank on +971 2 8191700.

TOTAL sponsors emirati students to study film making at La Fémis Film School

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TOTAL sponsors emirati students to study film making at La Fémis Film School
 in Paris

From Left to right: Mr. Mohamed Bendjebbour, Regional Audiovisual Attaché – Embassy of France, Ms. Fatma AlKhumiri, Communications & CSR Manager TOTAL E&P United Arab Emirates, Shahad Alshehhi, Bader AlKetbi, Ayham Hasan Qayed Saeed AlSubaihi, Mohammad Ibrahim Ali Suwaidan, Shaqra Mohamed Ali Sultan Al Hameli and Ramesh Menon,Communication Co-ordinator, TOTAL E&P United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi, August 6th, 2014: Five Emirati students will fly to Paris this week to embark on an intensive course at one of the world’s most prestigious filmmaking schools.
The students, who come from all over the UAE, will join the specially-tailored Gulf Summer University Program at La Fémis School. All five went through a rigorous recruitment process conducted by Image Nation in association with the French Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the French multinational oil and gas company Total.
As part of the program, the aspiring filmmakers will take part in an intensive five-week curriculum of creative workshops that are designed to give students a complete understanding of the roles and tasks that are part of filmmaking today.
The students: Bader Khalfan Mohammed Al Ketbi, from Abu Dhabi; Ayham Hasan Qayed Saeed AlSubaihi, from Sharjah; Shahad Alshehhi, from Abu Dhabi; Shaqra Mohamed Ali Sultan Al Hameli, from Abu Dhabi; and Mohammad Ibrahim Ali Suwaidan, from Dubai have varying levels of filmmaking experience , but share the same passion to learn more about every element – from storytelling to final production.

Ayham Hasan Qayed Saeed AlSubaihi

“I have been lucky enough to study film in both the US and Australia, so to be given the opportunity to  practice in the birthplace of cinema is really exciting,” said Ayham Al Subaihi, one of the chosen five.

Shaqra Mohamed Ali Sultan Al Hameli 

“Working at the executive council, I’m already gaining great experience as a media specialist, but to get some hands-on practice at the acclaimed La Fémis school will allow me to develop my skills further, so that I will be able to do an even better job.” Added fellow student, Shaqra Al Hameli.

Michael Garin
Michael Garin, CEO of Image Nation, said of the students: “These incredibly talented young filmmakers have an exciting journey ahead of them. Understanding the process of how films get made is just as important as the making itself, and this program is a great opportunity for these students to learn and practice the crafts of the industry. The filmmaking industry is one where teamwork is essential, so attending the program as part of a ready-made crew will allow them to understand the importance of working together to achieve a great end result – which ultimately reflects on them all.”
Mohamed Bendjebbour

Mohamed Bendjebbour, Regional Audiovisual Attaché of the French Embassy added: “We are proud to be sending up and coming Emirati filmmaking talent to France for the Gulf Summer University Program.This is the first time that La Fémis has created a program dedicated specifically for the Gulf, so we are excited to see the outcome in five weeks’ time. This is both an educational and cultural experience for the students, so I encourage them to embrace Paris as much as possible – get to know the city, check out the outdoor cinema and learn as much as they can.”

Fatma AlKhumiri

Fatma AlKhumiri, Communications and CSR Manager, Total EP, United Arab Emirates said “Nurturing young Emirati filmmaking talent is integral to the development of the industry here in the UAE and we are thrilled to be part of that, along with Image Nation and the French Embassy.” 

Located in the historic Pathé Studios in the center of Paris, La Fémis is ranked as one of the top ten film schools by Hollywood Reporter. The students lucky enough to be selected for the program will be taught filmmaking theory and practical skills by top tutors in the industry. Trainees will also have the opportunity to discover contemporary French cinema through the study of important French directors. 

My sincere congratulations and best wishes to this dream five, whom I wish to see among the pioneers of the film industry in United Arab Emirates in the coming years.

Ayham Hasan Qayed Saeed AlSubaihi
Shaqra Mohamed Ali Sultan Al Hameli

Bader Khalfan Mohammed Al Ketbi

Shahad AlShehhi

Mohammad Ibrahim Ali Suwaidan

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
Photos and news courtesy: Image Nation & TOTAL

Tragedy of life – Gulf Today – Short Take – Dt. 09 August 2014

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Tragedy of life

Life passes by very quickly. At times many of us undergo a series of unexpected tragedies all at the same time. For a favourite colleague of mine Paulita and her husband Adrian, it was one such time during last year.
A cancer fighter, her condition aggravated and she had to undergo a series of major treatment.
She was recovering and it was at that time the natural tragedy happened and her entire village was destoyed. Along with it 18 of their immediate relatives!
Massive efforts were coordinated by her forgetting her own health condition to rehabilitate those who survived.
Time passed by quickly and it is time for her to go back on leave.
It is at this time she is feeling the magnitude of what happened. With houses yet to complete and essential facilities still not reconstructed, life is not going to be easy for some time.
In a way when we look at things happening in our life, it is true that all good things can be destroyed in a flash but to reconstruct the goodwill it is never easy and requires lot of hard work, determination, dedication and sustained effort.
I take this opportunity to salute all good human beings like Paulita who do selfless efforts forgetting their own personal hardship.
Ramesh Menon

Short Take, Gulf Today 9 August 2014
To read it in original, please visit Gulf Today online.