Nepal Earthquake Relief coordination

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Nepal Earthquake Relief coordination activities at Nepal Embassy Abu Dhabi A very satisfying day where I was able to join a group of members from Volunteer in UAE and assisted in sorting and repacking the relief aid materials presented to the Embassy of Nepal, Abu Dhabi. Great team work, all those who came in showed sincere devotion and dedication and worked selflessly.

Items to be considered for donation:

URGENT (Non-Medical):
Baby Foods Tarpaulins/Tents
Floor Mats
Packaged or canned food items
Water purification tablets
Masks and gloves
Hand sanitizer
Cleaning supplies such as shovels and buckets
Solar lights

URGENT (Medical)

Bandage / Cotton
Prodine Iodine Ointment
Medical supplies

PLEASE NOTE TO BUY ITEMS WITH LONG EXPIRY DATES. Those less than 6 months or nearing expiry will not be accepted and used.