Sai Gokuldham Bangalore – an abode of a different kind

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Sai Gokuldham Bangalore – an abode of a different kind
Sai Gokuldham
Sai Gokuldham, situated at Vaghatta agraha, about 18 kms from Kadugodi, Whitefield A divine place to visit. It is one of my favourite places to visit and didn’t want to miss this time too. Run by Sri A P N Sharma ji, Sai Gokuldham takes good care of old, disowned, injured animals.  The village is also called Yogapuri, and said to be a chosen place  where yogis meditate.
In its final days, our time spent with this bull was really worth
During our visit, we met a few animals who are very young and another stet very old, and one of them in the last stage of its life.

Due to water shortage, the facility is being shifted to a new location at Maloor shortly, which will have more space for the animals. There will be also option for farming the grass required for the animals at the new facility.
Sri APN Sharama is looking for support for setting up this new facility. If anyone is interested to support, may contact him on +91 9845024039 or email:,
Sri APN Sharma

options for children to feed the animals

a retired guard dog has now found is home at Sai Gokuldham

It will be a good CSR activity to visit and spent half a day there supporting his great effort.
Recreation and refreshments can be arranged on request.
God bless and sincere regards,
Ramesh Menon

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