Kadugodi Whitefield Overbridge – This is how we cross it – A shame for modern Bangalore

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What the Kadugodi, Whitfield residents have to say on this:
The plight of people is well known. Every resident of kadugodi is experiencing the difficulty in crossing the railway line. I have taken up through media.
Mr. Balasubramaniam
Its more painful for sick , old people who want to cross the railway track when so many goods trains are parked ( not sure if it is deliberately) just near the drop gates..  I cross the tracks daily and am grieved too ,  to see the condition of the people… This is absolutely callous behaviour of the authorities.. If they cant construct a walk over bridge , they can at least direct the drivers to park the trains in such a way that it does not bother the citizens more..
Mr. Shuja Wani
 The people travelling from/to Kadugodi bus station are facing insurmountable difficulties.  Parking of two goods trains across the railway gate, fencing the entry gate from Kadugodi end, digging of drain restricting people crossing over, darkness in the night are putting people to risk of life and property while crossing the railway gate.
Problem is greater for women carrying children, old/handicapped/sick people and those carrying luggage. This needs to be addressed quickly by railways by providing a foot over bridge.  After all people live on this side of railway gate while the bus station is placed at the other end which has no habitation at all.  Every one will agree that it is impractical for pedestrians to cross over by using the fly over, which has become dangerous even for motorists due to darkness and displaced road dividers.
Secondly, BMTC could be approched to extend the bus routes, more particularly volvos, to this side of railway gate.  There are several buildings and residential complexes coming up on this side and hence we could have a collective efforts.  The corporator and Legislator/ MP of this area should help us in this regard.  Could we build a movement?

Mr. Balasubramaniam

 I think the priority should be for railway over bridge which affects every one and critical.

Ajiyos Yohannan

 I support the cause for pedestrian bridge next to the flyover.
Mr. Raghuram Ch
We can perhaps submit a memorandum to the Whitefield Railway Station Master with an agreement from the Legislator……If someone has any contacts with the Railway Ministry or with Ms. Mamata Banerjee (now that she is the CM of WB), then that should also be looked at.

Mr. Abhishek Pakrashi

This Crossing is waiting for a tragedy – wish the railway / authorities open their eyes before it is too late

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This Crossing is waiting for a tragedy – wish the railway / authorities open their eyes before it is too late

(in picture showing a lady carrying provisions trying to find her way between stopped goods train at Whitefield railway crossing, Bangalore)

I have written here earlier too about the need for a pedestrian overbridge at the Whitefield railway crossing. It is labelled clearly by the railway authorities that “Trespassing is prohibited”. But it looks like there ends there (Railway’s) responsibility. When they built the flyover and closed this railway gate permanently, they never thought options for the public to:

– reach the railway station from the bus station side conveniently – other than to go over the 1 kms approximately lengthy bridge and come down and then reach across

– to install necessary street light for public

– to consider the huge number of public who rely that route mainly to reach the bus station, railway station from both sides and the ashram and market and shopping area and residential area situated on one side of the gate.

– never ever thought about the elderly or rather even young who has to go across two or even three waiting trains, which can move any time when the pass underneath them

– or even never ever thought about the public who has to go past the railway track which is often made filthy by the excretory output from the passing train

The sad thing is that this case is made aware to the legislator, railway authorities, electricity board, bus terminal authorities and even police. It looks like someone somewhere is competing with the other as to who will make the first step to solve this issue.

The day is not too far, when we will get to hear a tragedy of someone getting run over by a starting train, which has stopped when they tried to move down under.

I really pity everyone for this plight, especially the elders and sick, when even young find it difficult to cross over.

Hope this post and the photo and the video in the attached link (as I cannot post videos here) open the eyes of general public who uses this route and the authorities to find immediate solution to resolve this issue and build a flyover to have safe journey across, and install necesary and sufficient lighting on both sides.

I tried my best efforts to alert all concerned about this danger several times, and look forward to added assistance from Praja members and general public to resolve this.

Request to KMF society to reduce use of plastic materials for distributing Milk products

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Request to KMF society to reduce use of plastic materials for distributing Milk products

As we climb the Chamundi Hills Banglore, we get to see a warning board requesting us to keep the place free of plastics. I was happy to see it as I drove up. A visit to the temple and then to the exclusive Nandini Shoppe let me down completely. The outlet is selling milk products in plastic sachets which are thrown around by customers after consumption. Why not they start using “Aseptic Packaging materials” to pack and distribute milk products. It will be environment friendly and more cost effective. I am sure Indian Packaging Industry has advanced technological know-how to come out with economically and environment friendly products for manufactures and consumers.

I request KARNATAKA CO-OPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS’ FEDERATION LIMITED society to reduce use of plastic materials for distributing milk products.

Campaign – Appeal to bring Metro @ Whitefield Stn (Kadugodi)

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Campaign – Appeal to bring Metro @ Whitefield Stn (Kadugodi)

Background (Preamble):

Metro at Bangalore is the right step forward towards making this city truly international. This will not only reduce congestion on our overloaded road transport but will also be environment friendly. The need to cut trees for road widening or using own vehicle for commuting will be nullified to a great extent. Travel by Metro will be convenient, safe and affordable for all.

This petition is created for awareness and to bring all like minded people on single platform of having Metro at Whitefield station (Kadugodi). There are multiple reasons to do so and few have been highlighted below:

1) Whitefield station is the last railway outpost of Bangalore connecting southern lines with ample parking space for future Metro expansion.

2) Kadugodi bus stand (which is fully functional with Vajra, Vayu Vajra, Big 10 and other buses plying on this route) is the confluence where in people arriving from Hoskote and Kolar change their transport to catch appropriate city bus. It is also used by residents in and around Kadugodi/ Whitefield to commute.

3) Major existing residential/ commercial/ office projects and upcoming projects in the vicinity of Kadugodi area makes a fully functional Metro a must to avoid traffic, pollution and stress.

We, the undersigned, appeal to bring Metro at Whitefield station, Kadugodi!!!

Kindly log on to the above link and sign your support to this move.

Thanks and regards,

Ramesh Menon

An easy and safe Park and go option – Impose heavy fines for parking violations

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An easy and safe Park and go option – Impose heavy fines for parking violations

During my recent visit to Bangalore’s Commercial Street on two ocassions, I witnessed a series of parking violations. Although there are traffic wardens, parking bays and payment options, I noticed drivers parking at will ignoring the inconvenience of the other commuters.

A casual talk with the roadside vendors revealed an interesting information. The fines are too low that drivers ignore instructions and ignoring an civic responsibilities and park wherever they want and go finish there work and come back.

Even if there cars are locked they have to pay only a nominal fine and the lock act as a safety for their vehicles with added police protection.

I think it is time the authorities impose heavier fines and initiate stricter measures to curb such traffic violations causing inconvenience to road users.

Ramesh Menon

Wrong entry by motorists causing dangerous situation at new Kadugodi flyover

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Wrong entry by motorists causing dangerous situation at new Kadugodi flyover

Wrong entry by motorists causing dangerous situation at newly opened Kadugodi flyover

The new flyover at Kadugodi opposite to Brindavan ashram is proving a great help to all commuters in terms of saving time and travel comfort. However, a minor design flaw has already created a dangerous driving situation there. Drivers, especially of autos and bikes are wrongly entering the bridge without taking the u-turn designated for them causing accidents. This bridge has considerable amount of truck traffic and already several minor accidents have been witnessed by residents nearby.

Before a major accident involving loss of life happens, I request the authorities to install necessary signage about the availability of a designated u-turn a few distance away from the entrance of the bridge. Installation of an extended road divider will also make it impossible for such dare devil drivers to access the bridge easily breaking the traffic rules.

Ramesh Menon

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Wrong entry by motorists causing dangerous situation at new Kadugodi flyover

Kadugodi Fly Over – A need for Bridging a commuting gap

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Kadugodi Fly Over – A need for Bridging a commuting gap

Being a resident of Kadugodi village, whitefield area, I always have to depend on the Whitefield railway gate to go across to the main town. The fly over to ease the smooth flow of traffic at the Kadugodi area / Whitefield station, which is situated just in front of the Sai Baba ashram has been remaining incomplete for a considerable period of time. Every train passing through the station, a lot of man hours is being wasted, waiting for the railway gate to be opened for another couple of minutes of traffic flow, before a train arrives. This is to be considered as this road connects the village to Whitefield and has an easy access towards the airport road and many prominent institutions situated in and around. Precious time lost by all every time they use this road, without any sign of this incomplete work being carried out in the near future enabling smooth passage too and fro. Photo of the incomplete bridge is attached herewith.

Through a series of email and news postings, I sincerely request authorities to consider completion of this essential fly over for general public without any further delay.

Thanking you in advance and sincere regards to all your excellent administrative and public convenience measures.

Ramesh Menon
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