Kadugodi Whitefield Overbridge – This is how we cross it – A shame for modern Bangalore

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What the Kadugodi, Whitfield residents have to say on this:
The plight of people is well known. Every resident of kadugodi is experiencing the difficulty in crossing the railway line. I have taken up through media.
Mr. Balasubramaniam
Its more painful for sick , old people who want to cross the railway track when so many goods trains are parked ( not sure if it is deliberately) just near the drop gates..  I cross the tracks daily and am grieved too ,  to see the condition of the people… This is absolutely callous behaviour of the authorities.. If they cant construct a walk over bridge , they can at least direct the drivers to park the trains in such a way that it does not bother the citizens more..
Mr. Shuja Wani
 The people travelling from/to Kadugodi bus station are facing insurmountable difficulties.  Parking of two goods trains across the railway gate, fencing the entry gate from Kadugodi end, digging of drain restricting people crossing over, darkness in the night are putting people to risk of life and property while crossing the railway gate.
Problem is greater for women carrying children, old/handicapped/sick people and those carrying luggage. This needs to be addressed quickly by railways by providing a foot over bridge.  After all people live on this side of railway gate while the bus station is placed at the other end which has no habitation at all.  Every one will agree that it is impractical for pedestrians to cross over by using the fly over, which has become dangerous even for motorists due to darkness and displaced road dividers.
Secondly, BMTC could be approched to extend the bus routes, more particularly volvos, to this side of railway gate.  There are several buildings and residential complexes coming up on this side and hence we could have a collective efforts.  The corporator and Legislator/ MP of this area should help us in this regard.  Could we build a movement?

Mr. Balasubramaniam

 I think the priority should be for railway over bridge which affects every one and critical.

Ajiyos Yohannan

 I support the cause for pedestrian bridge next to the flyover.
Mr. Raghuram Ch
We can perhaps submit a memorandum to the Whitefield Railway Station Master with an agreement from the Legislator……If someone has any contacts with the Railway Ministry or with Ms. Mamata Banerjee (now that she is the CM of WB), then that should also be looked at.

Mr. Abhishek Pakrashi