Plastic money – Short Take – Gulf Today dt 27.01.2012

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Plastic money

I had a good friend, who was not responding to my calls for a long time. Earlier, we used to talk daily on all matters. I was able to reach him finally and he talked to me for a few minutes.

He said everything was OK with him, but the tone and reply did not sound so. I wish him well.

Another friend of mine was also missing from regular contacts. I was worried about him, and last week I met him at a function.

He hugged me and apologised for not keeping in touch. I asked him where he was all this time. He replied, “I am a free man now.”

I got more anxious and asked him what happened!

He continued, “I have closed all my credit cards. They were killing me day and night. Somehow, I sold off whatever I could and closed them. Now, I have peace of mind.”

I could feel it from the expression on his face.

Yes, he’s one who could come out of the clutches of plastic money that has destroyed several lives.

I wish others too manage to follow in his footsteps.
Ramesh Menon

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