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Are you angry? Then, Relax & Think Back!

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Mind Speaks - Are You Angry - Then its time to relaxIt was weekend and as usual I took my cycle for a ride along the newly created track in our community. As I came out from the lift, I noticed the weather outside was dusty and not conducive for riding. So, I parked my cycle and thought, sit inside the waiting area and watch for some time before returning home. My mind was disturbed due to something and thought cycling was a good option, I thought it could calm me down and change the disturbing thoughts. But, I couldn’t, due to the bad weather.

It was a hot day and there was a cat, lying outside the glass door. Then came a little girl with a pet dog. She too was planning to take it for a walk. Seeing the outside weather, she also cancelled her plan. The dog had a belt which was of extendable type and the girl had left it loose so that it has lot of space to move around.

Suddenly I noticed, both the cat, which was outside and the dog, standing inside started a fight with each other. It became so furious that if the glass barrier was not there, one of them would have finished the other! The girl played around with their furious emotional outpour  for some time and then took it back to her home in the lift. As it left, it was still panting and growling.

Many times, we tend to be in such situations. Knowingly or unknowingly, we get carried away and start conversation or acts that lead to angry outpour of words, which may lead to physical actions!. Here in this case, the glass door was the strong physical barrier that prevented any mishaps. But, what will help us in such real life situations? A good friend? a a more relaxed and calm family member?, more than that a good family and school upbringing? a self discipline that is practiced?

Yes, control of anger is something that has to be consistently worked on and made a habit to not react to such unwarranted and unwanted situations instantaneously. If ever you happen to be in it, relax, take a deep breath. Think back and solutions to your disturbances will follow. It will save you!. God bless and wish you a great day.

Mind Speaks - Are You Angry - Then its time to relax

Mind Speaks: E-volution to excessiveness

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Photo Speaks - Presentation1 - E-volution to excessiveness

E-volution to excessiveness

It was lying idle for quite some time. To be fair to that time limit, it has remained not in use for more than 5 years now.  During its days, it was a king on its own merit.

You must be wondering, what I am talking about?

It is nothing but a 1 GB Desktop, I assembled and used for a long time. It had some of the best features handpicked and assembled including the high end hard disk, memory cards, a good resolution graphic card and monitor.

Today, I thought, I find time to re-assemble it once again. It used to be a hobby once upon a time to assemble PCs of choice.

Dissecting it into pieces brought again lot of memories.

What significantly stood out was the floppy disk option it had.

Suddenly, I thought about the 1980s, when all the computing work was done using an 8 inch floppy diskette. It was big and fragile and could handle about 500 KB of data. Imagine those days the accounting activities were more manual and some used Lotus 123. Both sides of the floppy diskettes were used and it writes data into the diskette with a loud noise! Those were also the days the data was stored only in floppy disks.

Years passed and then the 5 1/4 inch floppy diskettes arrive with more data space, at times up to 1200 KB (1.2 MB).

Then the 3½ inch compact floppy disks with 1.44 MB space arrived.

There has been no dearth in terms of storage options with hard disks coming out with bigger in terms of storage space and smaller in terms of physical size.

Now USB storage disks come in small size with 2 TB size even.

Life goes on and what used to be once an integral part of my professional and personal computing activities have now become redundant and retired.

What next? Everything is in unclear and remains suspense as in the cloud!

Remain Green.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

30th July 2016

#SafeCycling #InAbuDhabi

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Abu Dhabi is beautiful to explore in the morning. Try it out. If it on a cycle, nothing better than that!.
‪#‎Safecycling‬ ‪#‎inAbuDhabi‬
There has been mixed reaction to an earlier post of mine on cycling and hence attaching a cycling route map for those interested. This route is expanding.
Always be cautious for self and those others on your path.



Photo Speaks: Unite for peace and harmony

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World need peace and harmony. Keep a strong vigil. Stay united. Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu,

Athirappally Vazhachal waterfalls

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Athirappally Vazhachal waterfalls – a destination you should not miss when you visit Kerala.

Funny truck slogan

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funny truck slogan 1

Photo speaks: Imagine following a 1980 model Matador tempo van on the road! He was trying to show his old muscles at least with the funny truck slogan.

A minute with ClicksandWrites – Working together works

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A minute with ClicksandWrites – Working together works

Ants have always fascinated me. In my childhood days, my grandmother used to say, any intense activity you see among the ants in the surrounding, you can expect a sudden weather change. There is lot to learn from them. Discipline, Team Work, Anticipating and saving for the future are some among them.
True, we have to always keep an eye and learn something new every day, even from the smallest of creatures living or non-living in this world.
Certainly, Working Together Works!.
By the way, it was not easy to stay where I was and click this set of Citronella ants. Those who know them will understand better!.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
#Committed to Continuous Improvement

Compassionate Ramadan 2016 – photography competition

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Photography competition to capture the inner reflections of life that you learn by capturing a “Compassionate Moment” you witness during this Ramadan.

This Ramadan 2016, Passionate Photographers group invite all Passionate photographers of any age with an attitude of participating in a community event which may lead to a winning moment in their life!

Send us photos of a “Compassionate Moment” that you witness and capture!

Photos taken using Mobile and professional cameras accepted. Awesome prizes to win!

Email your entries to: talentshare2016@gmail.com with the title – Compassionate Ramadan 2016/Your name

Include the following details : Name, Age, Address, email, phone and a few words about the location and camera or phone you used to click.

Simultaneously post the photos and videos to Passionate Photographers group on Facebook with hashtags #passionatephotographers and

Brought to you by: Passionate Photographers & Team 1 TalentShare
Entries close: 16th July 2016
All entries will be showcased in Passionate Photographers group & Talent Share blogs
Special highlights with Weekly Winners

For queries, please email to talentshare2016@gmail.com.

Mind Speaks : Life As I See

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30051967 - Photo Speaks - Life as I see.jpgLife As I See


I was scanning my archives for a set of old photos and suddenly this particular photo came up. It was from a recent series of click that I had made while visiting a village close to Whitefield in Bangalore. The house reminded me of my college days in Madras. A one bed room sharing accommodation that me and my friends took. It was a very small facility with bathroom, kitchen, our beds, study everything combined and congested into the small space that was available. Even with all the limitations,  it was a luxury for us and of course many. Life during that time, we made it as lively as possible. During class time we studied, but during evenings we did not miss out on any enjoyment opportunities that either came on our way or we created. Cycling, biking, movies, long rides… so many things done during those days where brought back with one look at this house in a totally dilapidated condition. It was serious business as well as fun to meet our limited budget and stay outside the hostel and live a life King Size, as the famous tobacco ad during those time promoted!

Life goes on!

A Passionate Photographers Friday Morning

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A friday morning

Friday morning for most of the expats are time to sleep long and wake up late. However, for some of us, it is another morning to use efficiently and effectively for community service and passion.

Early morning food preparation for participating in the food distribution project and then off to distribute it. This morning, I thought, why not combine it with one of my favorite activities, i.e cycling.

No second thoughts. Off without any delay on my cycle. How can I go anywhere, without my camera. Obviously, it was with me when I started to ride.

Abu Dhabi, on a Friday morning is really quite and beautiful to capture. There is an air of silence and serenity everywhere.

I had experienced it many times as I find the early morning hours are the best to go for a solo photography ride.

It is the start of summer and the palm trees are getting ready to ripen!  A closer look and I good witness the reminiscence of a Premier League that might have happened yesterday evening!. Have a closer look and many of you might recollect and remember your childhood days when you played cricket with the leaf base of coconut tree!.

Clicking along, I continued my ride. Another weekend, another opportunity to continue my passion not missing an opportunity to serve the community.