Lamp Festival Abu Dhabi 2016 Thaniyavarthanam

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Lamp Festival Abu Dhabi 2016 Thaniyavarthanam
by Manjapra Raju and Jayaram KS
two percussionist of prominence based in the UAE who perform regularly with visiting musicians and bhagavathars. Wishes for a wonderful musical journey ahead for both of them.
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Maa by Shakthi Wing

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Maa – a skit presented by Shakthi Wing of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Abu Dhabi on Ladies and Youth Day.

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Maa – a skit presented by Shakthi Wing of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Abu Dhabi on Ladies and Youth Day – Highlights

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Maa – a skit presented by Shakthi Wing of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Abu Dhabi on Ladies and Youth Day – Highlights.

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#StartEarlyDriveCarefullyReachSafely is a road safety campaign intended to promote patience and discipline with an aim to achieve zero percent man-made accidents!.

Dedicated Bicycle Parking racks at Abu Dhabi Mall

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20161207_105232-rCycling enthusiasts have some good news. Weather in Abu Dhabi is beautiful in the morning and evening. Abu Dhabi Mall, one of the prominent mall in the city has always been innovative and customer friendly. Adding one more feather to their special features, they have now a dedicated parking area for cycle. Now you can park your cycle safely when you ride and visit Abu Dhabi mall.

Ride Safely using the dedicated cycling tracks within the city.





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adipec-thank-you-2I wish to offer a big personal thanks to the DMG Team members for their wholehearted support for the success of ADIPEC 2016. It was indeed commendable effort by each one of them. Indeed, a diverse and versatile team that worked efficiently to #MakeThingsHappen for #ADIPEC2016 successful organisation.

Claire , JP, Nick, Chris, Siham, Sandra, Salman, Muhammad, Faheem, Savitha, Queenly, Sabrina, Kate, Nour Soliman, Hanadi, Amore, Nagesh………… The list is becoming endless. Great going and May take this opportunity to wish you the very best for the success of your future events.

@ADIPECOfficial@dmgeventsMEA  #WorkingTogetherWorks – I enjoyed every interaction with all of you.

14th November 2016 – your night to chase the Supermoon

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supermoon 2013 2.jpgThe moon normally orbits the earth at about 364,000 km. On 23rd June 2013, that distance decreased to 356,991 km. In 2014, supermoon in August, was even closer, at 356,575 km.

The picture above is the one I took in 2013.

The November 2016 full supermoon is taking place on Monday 14 November, and will be the closest full moon of the century. Why not try and click one of your best photos tonight?.

The full supermoon is a rare astronomical occurrence, taking place every one to two years when the full moon coincides with its closest point to Earth during its monthly orbit.

This can result in the supermoon being up to 30% brighter than a regular moon, providing a fascinating subject for astro-photographers around the world.

The November 2016 supermoon is particularly exciting, because it will be the biggest supermoon in 70 years . According to NASA, the full moon won’t come this close to Earth again until 25 November 2034.

There are as many ways to shoot a supermoon as there are vantage points on Earth. It is therefore interesting to know and try how to position yourself (and your camera) for a chance at the best shot.

Find the Best Camera Gear

National Geographic staff photographer, Mark Thiessen, suggests interested photographers to find the biggest lens they can and then add a teleconverter lens. Theissen photographed the moon for the magazine about ten years ago using a 600mm lens and a 2x converter. He traveled to Moab, Utah—where the desert landscape would ensure a clear sky—and used GPS software called The Photographer’s Ephemeris to know exactly where the moon would rise, as well as the arc it would take across the sky.

“Don’t make the mistake of photographing the moon by itself, with no reference to anything,” says Bill Ingalls, a senior photographer for NASA. “Instead, think of how to make the image creative—that means tying it into some land-based object. It can be a local landmark or anything to give your photo a sense of place.”

Shooting in low light usually requires a long exposure. But that’s wrong for a supermoon, says Theissen. When you’re looking at a full moon, it’s technically daylight on the moon, so shoot with the same exposure you would in daylight on Earth. Leaving your shutter open too long will result in an overexposed moon that’s too bright, with no lunar detail.


Be Creative

Try to include a landmark feature in your image but make sure there’s nothing in the background that can obstruct your view of the moon – tall buildings, for instance, or in more rural settings, a copse of trees or distant hilltops.

Take control of your camera

For consistent results you need to instruct the camera what settings to apply. Try and shoot in Manual mode but Shutter priority can also be used- these can be found respectively in the M and S positions on the Camera Mode dial.

In either case, it’s important that you tell the camera what shutter speed to apply, then adjust brightness using ISO (Manual mode) or the Exposure Compensation dial (Shutter priority).

Traditional advice is to select a shutter speed that’s numerically the same (or higher) than your lens length – so > 1/200 sec for a focal length of 200mm or > 1/400 for 400mm etc. This helps avoid any further movement exaggerated by the longer lens.

Use your Smart Phone

Now, if you don’t have a high end camera and lenses, do not worry and back out. More casual  and passionate photographers can still get a great shot without the bells and whistles of fancy cameras. It is suggested to start by noticing the moon a few days before the supermoon. The path won’t be exactly the same, but it’ll be similar, and you can plan where and when to shoot.

Use your optical lens only, not your digital zoom, advises National Geographic photographer Michael Christopher Brown. That means don’t zoom in on your phone’s sensor before you take the photo, which will decrease quality. Take the image first, then zoom in to crop or enlarge detail.

Put your phone on a tripod somewhere firm. “Ideally the phone is stabilized,” says Brown, which might not seem too urgent, but when shooting something so far away, tiny vibrations of your camera can dramatically reduce image quality. If no tripod is available, even placing your phone on a solid surface like a ledge or windowsill and setting the timer will ensure a stable exposure.

Dear Passionate Photographes, 14th November 2016 is your night to chase the Supermoon. Click without inhibition and share your photos with us. Post your clicks at Passionate Photographers group on Facebook with hashtags #PassionatePhotographers #Supermoon2016 #Clicksandwrites

Text source: Clicksandwrites.com, National Geographic, Mirror

Need of the hour is bigger aircraft and more seats

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Etihad Airways and its equity partner Jet Airways will add three new cities and an extra 28 flights a week in India from next year.

The temple town of Tiruchirappalli in the southern state of Tamil Nadu is to be the first addition, from February 1. Next up in the second half of the year are Kannur in Kerala and Chandigarh, the twin capital of Punjab and Haryana states in the country’s north.

Etihad adds flights and cities to India sector

My comments: The need of the hour is bigger aircraft which will add more seats. Specially to destinations like Bengaluru and Cochin. These two sectors attracts maximum transit passengers via Abu Dhabi. This increase in demand cuts the seat availability option for passengers from the UAE. This is an area Etihad has to address at the earliest as the news reports about Emirates operating soon from Al Maktoum airport will be an easy choice for many to opt. 

Narada: What is there in a name?

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I am always fascinated by news and media. True, from my childhood, it was a regular feed of English and Malayalam news through The Hindu, Mathrubhumi and Malayala Manorama. The odd Russian news magazines and Illustrated Weekly that used to come to our village public library augmented additional nutrition to my reading quest.

The zest for reading never died. Later on at some stage of my life in the college days, it developed to writing. One thing progressed to another and then it became a passion, which turned one other day to become my profession.

The art and cultural upbringing within me took different twists and turns as years passed. It took a creative turn with a quality element embedded in it as my life journey progressed.

First it was the Team1Dubai email groups.


Then came the highly interactive blog initiative, TalentShare.


Team1TalentShare was created on 6 October 2008. A first of its kind during that time, and even now, with the key message “A Talent or Knowledge within you is to be Shared” targeted children with interest in non-performing arts and their parents to do creative projects in multiple disciplines like painting, drawing, poetry writing and even poetry rendering or story telling on video. Social media was not very active that time and blogger at the beginning stage was the platform used and then with supporting and sharing links through a dedicated FaceBook page helped this creative initiative to benefit about 400 dedicated users. Many of them were initially shy and hesitant but came out of their inhibition and exhibited their brilliance in creativity.

Almost at the same time followed my initiative to promote those with interest in photography through “Passionate Photographers” group which was created on Facebook.


Passionate Photographers on Facebook, created with the key message “Every photo clicked is a history. You will never be able to re-create that precious moment” is a dedicate d group to all those who are passionate about photography. It has now more than 4000 members.

The journey progressed and ideas and thoughts developed and one day it merged together in the form of a master site by the name “ClicksandWrites”.


It is combination of everything I can offer. Music, arts, culture, life, safety, security, Quality or whatever that comes into my mind. Either I click and then connect it with my writing or I write and then search and find a good click that can go along with me.

The journey continues and I look around for interesting subjects.

An interesting name and site caught my attention recently. The name attracted me as well as the contents they regularly carried. It is none other than the news portal “naradanews.com”. I used to think, why such a name, when everyone goes for modern names. Today, I found their motives behind naming it naradanews through one of their post


How Narada News Has Got Its Name?

They had interesting justifications, not one but many. Named after the first journalist, or so called investigative journalist in the universe Narada from the puranas, Narada had a great news sense. He took news from one world to another and served it with a tinge of his perspective. Although he was keen in making news entertaining, he never did misinterpretation for the sake of sensationalism. He was truly a gentleman.

I am sure the site will justify their name in the coming days feeding its readers with topics of relevance and interest. Setting sites on readers through English, Hindi and Malayalam sites with regional topics and news item of interest, it will be festival time for those who wish to read, read and read on.

Let creativity and innovation flourish.

Can we all look forward to this new portal, just as we listened to vedic sage Narada in his form as a traveling musician and storyteller carried news and enlightening wisdom, patience and perseverance for peace and harmony, which is what, the need of the hour.

Visit and enjoy reading: Narada news in English, Malayalam and Hindi

Best wishes to its team for a successful journey ahead.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Lasyatarangini launched to promote Mohiniyattam in UAE

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Lasyatarangini UAE Chapter, an art initiative dedicated to the promotion of Mohiniyattam, was launched at the Kerala Social Center (KSC) Abu Dhabi on Thursday, 20th October 2016 by the doyen of Kathakali, Padmasri Kalamandalam Gopi Asan.


The ceremonial launch was held on the sidelines of the three day Kathakali Festival held in Abu Dhabi in which Asan launched Lasyatarangini Logo and Kerala Social Centre (KSC) President Sri Padmanabhan announced the inaugural edition of Lasyatarangini UAE Chapter’s activities.

The first of the performance series titled “Mohiniyattam Arangu”, will be presented on Friday 11th November 2016 at KSC with a Mohiniyattam Katcheri by renowned dancer Aswathy Srikanth.

Aswathy is the daughter of legendary writer and filmmaker Sri M T Vasudevan Nair and eminent guru Smt Kalamandalam Saraswathy.

A documentary titled “Spatial Rhythms” commemorating Sri Kavalam Narayana Panicker, the inimitable Indian dramatist, theatre director, and poet will also be screened at the event.

logo-launch-a1-board-rLasyatarangini is a collective of Mohiniyattam artists, scholars, and art enthusiasts seeking to promote Kerala’s supremely graceful dance form. Born as an online forum 6 years back, it has led to the coming together of like-minded individuals from across the globe dedicated to this cause. Eminent gurus Kalamandalam Kshemavathy, Bharati Shivaji, Neena Prasad, Vijayalakshmi, Gopika Varma and Smitha Rajan among others are the Patrons of group.

Lasyatarangini aims to expand its reach to communities worldwide, bridging barriers in a bid to promote Mohiniyattam. The UAE chapter is their first step outside India towards this goal.

In addition to the performance series “Arangu”, Lasyatarangini UAE Chapter also aims to conduct its academic series “Samavesh”, national and international Mohiniyattam seminars, lecture demonstrations and documentary screening aimed at generating academic interest in the dance form. Lasyatarangini conducted Samavesh in India from 2011-2013 bringing together scholars, artists and enthusiasts from across the globe.

“Mohiniyattam provides a very aesthetic experience. Unfortunately there aren’t enough opportunities in UAE to watch this graceful dance form. The patrons of Lasyatarangini believe their effort will bridge this gap and bring Mohiniyattam closer to a wider cultural audience”, said Priya M Nair, one of the curators of Lasyatarangini UAE Chapter. The first event “Mohiniyattam Arangu” will be held on Friday 11th November in association with Kerala Social Centre, UAE Xchange and Etihad Airways will have Aswathy Srikanth performing for the first time in UAE.

For further details contact: priya.mnair@gmail.com



Vidhyarambham – 11 October 2016

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Vidhyarambham – 11 October 2016

Vidyarambham (Malayalam: വിദ്യാരംഭം) is a Hindu tradition observed onVijayadashami day mainly in Kerala andKarnataka, where children are formally introduced to music, dance, languages and other folk arts. It involves a ceremony of initiation into the characters of the syllabary.

The Vijayadashami day is the tenth and final day of the Navratri celebrations, and is considered auspicious for beginning learning in any field. The process of learning and initiation on this day is also closely related to the Ayudha Puja ritual. It is usually on Vijayadashami that the implements kept for puja are taken up again for re-use. This is also considered a day when the Goddess of learning,Saraswati, and teachers (gurus) must be revered by givingGurudakshina. This usually consists of a betel leaf,Areca nut, along with a small token of money and a new piece of clothing – a dhoti, mundu or saree.

The ceremony of Vidyarambham (Vidya means “knowledge”, arambham means “beginning’) for children is held in temples and in houses. It is common practise for thousands of people to visit temples to initiate their children into learning.

Join and promote Talent Share – a dedicated online platform to promote knowledge and talents of all kind with the motto “A talent or knowledge within you is to be shared”.