Need of the hour is bigger aircraft and more seats

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Etihad Airways and its equity partner Jet Airways will add three new cities and an extra 28 flights a week in India from next year.

The temple town of Tiruchirappalli in the southern state of Tamil Nadu is to be the first addition, from February 1. Next up in the second half of the year are Kannur in Kerala and Chandigarh, the twin capital of Punjab and Haryana states in the country’s north.

Etihad adds flights and cities to India sector

My comments: The need of the hour is bigger aircraft which will add more seats. Specially to destinations like Bengaluru and Cochin. These two sectors attracts maximum transit passengers via Abu Dhabi. This increase in demand cuts the seat availability option for passengers from the UAE. This is an area Etihad has to address at the earliest as the news reports about Emirates operating soon from Al Maktoum airport will be an easy choice for many to opt. 

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