Narada: What is there in a name?

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I am always fascinated by news and media. True, from my childhood, it was a regular feed of English and Malayalam news through The Hindu, Mathrubhumi and Malayala Manorama. The odd Russian news magazines and Illustrated Weekly that used to come to our village public library augmented additional nutrition to my reading quest.

The zest for reading never died. Later on at some stage of my life in the college days, it developed to writing. One thing progressed to another and then it became a passion, which turned one other day to become my profession.

The art and cultural upbringing within me took different twists and turns as years passed. It took a creative turn with a quality element embedded in it as my life journey progressed.

First it was the Team1Dubai email groups.


Then came the highly interactive blog initiative, TalentShare.


Team1TalentShare was created on 6 October 2008. A first of its kind during that time, and even now, with the key message “A Talent or Knowledge within you is to be Shared” targeted children with interest in non-performing arts and their parents to do creative projects in multiple disciplines like painting, drawing, poetry writing and even poetry rendering or story telling on video. Social media was not very active that time and blogger at the beginning stage was the platform used and then with supporting and sharing links through a dedicated FaceBook page helped this creative initiative to benefit about 400 dedicated users. Many of them were initially shy and hesitant but came out of their inhibition and exhibited their brilliance in creativity.

Almost at the same time followed my initiative to promote those with interest in photography through “Passionate Photographers” group which was created on Facebook.


Passionate Photographers on Facebook, created with the key message “Every photo clicked is a history. You will never be able to re-create that precious moment” is a dedicate d group to all those who are passionate about photography. It has now more than 4000 members.

The journey progressed and ideas and thoughts developed and one day it merged together in the form of a master site by the name “ClicksandWrites”.


It is combination of everything I can offer. Music, arts, culture, life, safety, security, Quality or whatever that comes into my mind. Either I click and then connect it with my writing or I write and then search and find a good click that can go along with me.

The journey continues and I look around for interesting subjects.

An interesting name and site caught my attention recently. The name attracted me as well as the contents they regularly carried. It is none other than the news portal “”. I used to think, why such a name, when everyone goes for modern names. Today, I found their motives behind naming it naradanews through one of their post


How Narada News Has Got Its Name?

They had interesting justifications, not one but many. Named after the first journalist, or so called investigative journalist in the universe Narada from the puranas, Narada had a great news sense. He took news from one world to another and served it with a tinge of his perspective. Although he was keen in making news entertaining, he never did misinterpretation for the sake of sensationalism. He was truly a gentleman.

I am sure the site will justify their name in the coming days feeding its readers with topics of relevance and interest. Setting sites on readers through English, Hindi and Malayalam sites with regional topics and news item of interest, it will be festival time for those who wish to read, read and read on.

Let creativity and innovation flourish.

Can we all look forward to this new portal, just as we listened to vedic sage Narada in his form as a traveling musician and storyteller carried news and enlightening wisdom, patience and perseverance for peace and harmony, which is what, the need of the hour.

Visit and enjoy reading: Narada news in English, Malayalam and Hindi

Best wishes to its team for a successful journey ahead.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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