Honest Kabali of Abu Dhabi Taxi

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It is my routine to take Abu Dhabi taxi once in a while. An occasional trip in the taxi bring back the memories of my olden days of Abu Dhabi. The taxis during the late 80’s driven by pathans and a few malayali’s. If it was a pathan driver, you can expect the usual routine questions like “thanka kithna he? (What’s your salary?), shaadi kiya he? (Are you married?) Etc…

Those taxis are a history now. The hobby and art of photography was not popular those days, and I do not have even one photo of the old Abu Dhabi taxi! Neither I can search and find them from the web!!.

The new taxis and the company that operates it are modern. The drivers too. Of course, like every other thing, with modernization comes the advantageous and disadvantageous.

For me, the idea of using the taxi within the city is manifold. First and foremost, after a long working day, I do not like to drive. Second, if I take a taxi, I can avoid the search around for a parking. Third and most importantly, I like to meet these people from diverse culture and try and generate conversation with them. Of course, as a person who likes to write, will definitely get his characters and substance many a times from these short trips.

There is also one danger that worries me all throughout the drive. That is the usage of mobile phones by these drivers. Especially, these days the use of social media while driving. Each time I take a taxi and find the driver using the phone, I consider it as an opportunity to talk to them and educate them of the dangers of using mobiles while driving.

Yesterday, was a busy day at work and then followed by the Supermoon, which I wanted to capture using my lenses. I had to leave for a programme at 7:45 pm. But, before leaving I wanted to click the moon and when I got to click the moon to some extent of my satisfaction,  I forgot all my work pressures and then off I went taking an Abu Dhabi taxi.

After the programme too, I took a taxi back home. As usual conversation started with the driver and his second name on the taxi meter attracted me. We talked several things within the short distance. It is my usual practice to keep my spectacle on my lap when I am in the car. Similarly I kept it this time too. While getting down quickly, I felt something fell down, but didn’t realise it was my spectacles. As soon as I got down the taxi took off and it was at that time I realized, there goes my costly spectacles, without which I cannot read!.

From the spot itself I called the taxi operating company of Abu Dhabi on their number 600535353 and reported about the missing item. The person who attended to my call, took the down detail and then told me we will get back to you soon. I gave them the description of the driver and also his second name.

This morning, I got a call from the taxi company that they found the car and the driver and also my spectacles was found by him. They also told me that he will come and personally return it to me.

After some time, there he comes – The “Kabali” of Abu Dhabi taxi. Thanking him for his promptness and honest action, I collected from him my spectacles.

Abdullah Kabali, the driver of taxi 5982, was very humble and upon my request posed for me for a photo. “Kabali Da”.  The name has a magic.

I thanked him and wished him the very best.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

15th November 2016

{The above is the longer version of the story. In short, I wish to thank the driver of taxi no. 5982 of Abu Dhabi taxi and their lost and found section to coordinate and retrieve my lost item and return to me within the shortest possible time. Thank you for your well coordinated effort.}

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