And the Supermoon 2016 is here!

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Monday, 14th November and as promised the Supermoon 2016 is here in Abu Dhabi. I was expecting him by around midnight, but he arrived well in advance. He knows very well, this is the age of electronic media at its prime with everyone having high end cameras and mobile phones. So, he knows people are waiting for him and will keep on clicking him the entire night till he disappears to come back again another time with his full glory.

I did a bit of adventure to get him right as my friend informed me about his arrival through a whatsapp message. The effort was worth and here they are.

I am a bit selfish here as there are some more super SuperMoon photos that I held back from posting on any media. May be one day, someone might get an opportunity to buy them from me direct.

Keep clicking if you are interested in photography. The night is long and waiting for you.

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