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30051967 - Photo Speaks - Life as I see.jpgLife As I See


I was scanning my archives for a set of old photos and suddenly this particular photo came up. It was from a recent series of click that I had made while visiting a village close to Whitefield in Bangalore. The house reminded me of my college days in Madras. A one bed room sharing accommodation that me and my friends took. It was a very small facility with bathroom, kitchen, our beds, study everything combined and congested into the small space that was available. Even with all the limitations,  it was a luxury for us and of course many. Life during that time, we made it as lively as possible. During class time we studied, but during evenings we did not miss out on any enjoyment opportunities that either came on our way or we created. Cycling, biking, movies, long rides… so many things done during those days where brought back with one look at this house in a totally dilapidated condition. It was serious business as well as fun to meet our limited budget and stay outside the hostel and live a life King Size, as the famous tobacco ad during those time promoted!

Life goes on!

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