A Passionate Photographers Friday Morning

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A friday morning

Friday morning for most of the expats are time to sleep long and wake up late. However, for some of us, it is another morning to use efficiently and effectively for community service and passion.

Early morning food preparation for participating in the food distribution project and then off to distribute it. This morning, I thought, why not combine it with one of my favorite activities, i.e cycling.

No second thoughts. Off without any delay on my cycle. How can I go anywhere, without my camera. Obviously, it was with me when I started to ride.

Abu Dhabi, on a Friday morning is really quite and beautiful to capture. There is an air of silence and serenity everywhere.

I had experienced it many times as I find the early morning hours are the best to go for a solo photography ride.

It is the start of summer and the palm trees are getting ready to ripen!  A closer look and I good witness the reminiscence of a Premier League that might have happened yesterday evening!. Have a closer look and many of you might recollect and remember your childhood days when you played cricket with the leaf base of coconut tree!.

Clicking along, I continued my ride. Another weekend, another opportunity to continue my passion not missing an opportunity to serve the community.

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