Mind Speaks: Make it lively & LIVE LONG!

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In the next few days, the world will stand still for some hours!. True, at least some part of the world will definitely will. It will include the India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Middle East, England, Australia and the U.S.

It is not a myth. Certainly, many, not excluding me are die-hard cricket fans and the World T-20 final stages are being played. How can you stay away from the venue or from the TV screen live telecasts!.

True and but! Have you imagined the amount of man-hours being lost because of being a cricket fan!. I was thinking of it during the last few matches. How can I make it productive. Not an easy solution, but not a difficult one too.

After reading about various incidents that took place in some of the cities that killed a youth, or created various online and offline interactions that caused permanent damage, I felt I should write this note.

Enjoy cricket but, enjoy it with the thought that we have to “Live Long” and not end our life being a mad fan of it.

End of the day, cricket players in India and elsewhere are privileged along with sportsmen and sportswomen playing golf and tennis who get paid for a lifelong earning during their playing years!. All others have to opt for other livelihood methods to carry on with their daily living.

Here is my thought for how to utilize our time promisingly and progressively watching the forthcoming cricket matches to make you LIVE LONG and remain a cricket fan forever:

  • List – prepare a list of items to throw away, donate and return which are at home and which you feel you do not need any more!
  • Imagine and Inspire yourself as a talented musician. Comfortably position yourself in front of the TV and play along the musical instrument of your choice or sing along the song of your choice. Visualise yourself as the best of the best, I am sure you will become one!
  • Veggie: why not?! – try to become a veggie for the first time, if you are not one!. Buy fresh vegetables, try and impress your wife and children with your skills to clean them, cut them and present them in the most beautiful way. Let it be a motivation and experience for them to try out what it is to be a vegetarian!
  • Expire the expired: Utilise the time and check all of the items in your bathroom and kitchen that have expiration dates. Dump the expired along with anything else that you aren’t using.
  • Locate: all old and useless receipts, unless they have a warranty on them and discard them for good.
  • Old: Newspapers and Magazines  and Out of date medicine – take them out and dispose them safely. May be donate the old newspapers to the news boy as he can make some money out of it!. Donate the unwanted medicines, if they can be used to some charity as it may be of use for someone else who cannot afford it.
  • Nerd: That’s not me!. Have you ever been overawed by the intelligence of your colleague or friend!. Think and come out with something new that can be innovative to the society. Or try some time with Sudoku. I am sure, if you try it and you will enjoy doing it again and again and the end result, you will improve your language skills.
  • God – In god finally we find solace!. We have seen it several times, especially through the lenses of the high-tech videographers of cricket matches. Those who never pray in their life come and cry out in front of the cameras in the stadium. Why not you also? – It is a nice opportunity to finish one set of your favorite prayers when the the match is in progress. I am sure, you will do it without any hesitation and prompting.

If you feel you miss any prime moment of the match, do not worry, there is a replay within seconds. So, do not focus too hard on the match!. It may save your life!.

If none of the above suites you, plan a travel so that you are away from the temptation of the TV screen and mobile updates during the time of the matches. (I am planning to do it!).

Try it out and let me know. Next few days will not be easy for die-hard cricket fans of those countries who are playing the semi-finals of the World T20 matches. Let there be no animosity or hatred between each other. We have plenty other problems to tackle. Let no life perish!

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