Mind Speaks – Common Man’s Pride!

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TVS 50 is common man’s pride!. You will agree with me, if you visit any of the markets or towns in Tamilnadu. It was not a surprise for me to see several local retailers coming to the wholesale vegetable market at Coimbatore and returning with goods stacked neatly everywhere possible, and the rider balancing it through heavy city traffic!.

In 1980 TVS 50, TVS Motor Company is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and one among the top ten in the world , rolled out India’s first two-seater moped from the factory at Hosur in Tamil Nadu, Southern India.


I call this a pulse presentation to the mass! TVS knew what the common man wanted to handle their day to day chores. Especially, those in the villages and small towns. If not altogether correct in an entire Indian perspective, at least and fully true in the Southern States of Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andra Pradesh.

Some of the mopeds are really old, but maintained and kept in excellent condition, as is the tradition in Tamilnadu. They love their vehicles more than anything!.


Bajaj M80 is another example, although it is visible lesser and lesser.

Automobile companies have to come out with economically viable products for the common man. It will keep the market alive and industry prosper and the profitability is shared to the grass root level.

Foot note: I am happy to see and highly impressed to note that the normally illiterate farmers or retail business people are happy to abide by and oblige the helmet rule, whereas the highly educated youth do not follow them and end up in orthopaedic wards of hospitals or in many cases even die an untimely death!.

Point to ponder.

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