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News update: Covid-19 in UAE: I have move permit but got flashed by radar

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Can you walk alone, or drive to and from work before 8pm? Here are the answers.

Several readers wrote to Khaleej Times, seeking clarity on the UAE attorney-general’s resolution about fines and penalties against violators of the Covid-19 coronavirus measures. We posed some of these questions to Emirati lawyer Abdul Moneim Bin Suwaidan of Bin Suwaidan Firm for Advocates and Legal Counsels.

Q. I have a move permit and got flashed by radars while driving. What do I do?
The radar flashes on any car. But the fines are later cancelled for move permit holders.

Q. If I don’t work in an essential sector, will I be fined for driving to and from work before 8pm?
People stepping out for work purposes are not fined. They need to present a proof, a document of that.

Q. Do I have to get a movement permit to go to the supermarket in the day time?
Movement permits are required during the sterilisation process timings.

Q. If I get fined for a violation, should I pay it immediately to the police?
There is a special prosecution handling such cases. One is summoned there and he can also object (to the fine).

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UAE Ministry of Health Updates

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All you need to know about Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) directly from the

UAE Ministry of Health page.


News update: Coronavirus in UAE: Have you seen these priority counters for healthcare workers at Lulu?

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Local hypermarket rolls out new initiative to recognise efforts of medical community in the fight against Covid-19.

You’ve seen the dedicated members of staff stationed next to the trolley banks at your local supermarket, ready to sanitise handles should you require a shopping cart.

There’s also the colourful signage on the floors next to checkout counters, encouraging you to maintain a safe distance from other shoppers.

These are positive signs to promote the unsung heroes. Read more at:Khaleej Times

News update: PM Modi announces lockdown, shares innovative banner to remind people to stay home. Twitter reacts

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while praising people who are taking to social media to spread awareness in creative ways, showed a banner that is both simple and informative.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed Indians at 8 pm today and announced a complete lockdown of the country for the next 21 days, starting 12 am tonight. In his speech, he asked people to follow social distancing and stay inside their homes at all cost.

While praising people who are taking to social media to spread awareness in creative ways, the prime minister also showed a banner that is both simple and informative.

Written in Hindi, the banner breaks down the syllables of ‘corona’ to create the phrase ‘koi road par na nikle’ which roughly translates to ‘no one should be out on the road’. The banner certainly shows the only way ahead in order to control the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Here’s the image PM Modi showed during his speech:
Corona by PM

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News update:TRA publishes list of 22 online grocery apps in the UAE

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The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, TRA, announced ‘Online Grocery’ that includes the purchasing application of 22 online stores in the UAE, noting that this is a preliminary list and will be subject to updates in the coming days.

The online stores included in the list include large shopping centres and cooperatives, in addition to grocery stores, meat and vegetable shops, and other services.

The start of the current year has seen solid activity in the online shopping sector, indicating a high demand from consumers to shop on the internet.

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News update:Indan PM Modi announces 21-day complete lockdown from midnight tonight

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Deaths from the coronavirus pandemic have topped 17,000 across the globe, according to an AFP tally. The count of coronavirus cases in India have crossed 500, including 9 deaths. Complete lockdowns have been announced in almost every state in the country. PM Modi will address the nation for the second time in two weeks. Stay with TOI for the latest developments

Updates from: Times of India

News Update: Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi suspends rental evictions, freezing bank accounts

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The move is in line with UAE’s keenness to support members of society and reduce their burdens during the current situation.

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, on Monday directed the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department to halt all rental property eviction cases currently underway, along with executive procedures like imprisonment, blocking of bank accounts, seizure of vehicles, stocks and assets for a period of two months.

The decision exempts cases related to alimony and labour disputes.

The move is in line with the UAE government’s keenness to support members of society and reduce their burdens during the current situation.

Source: Khaleej Times