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News update: Coronavirus in UAE: Indian passport services suspended in Dubai

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The services will remain suspended until April 7.

Indian passport services at all centres in Dubai and the Northern Emirates have been suspended. The Consulate General of Dubai tweeted an advisory confirming this on Tuesday.

The consulate said that the services will remain suspended until April 7.

“Any emergency case can be brought to the notice of the consulate via an email to with documents explaining the emergency,” the advisory said.

Consulate officials will revert within 24 hours, it added.

Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi said that it will process only those applications where the passport of expatriates have either expired or will be expiring by April 30, 2020, until further notice. The embassy is also temporarily suspending normal attestation services.

“If someone has an emergency attestation requirement, he/she could scan and send the documents, explaining the emergency through email on Embassy will reply to all the emails received up till 4pm on all working days, and if approved, will provide attestation service, on next working day.”

Source: Khaleej Times

News update: PM Modi announces lockdown, shares innovative banner to remind people to stay home. Twitter reacts

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while praising people who are taking to social media to spread awareness in creative ways, showed a banner that is both simple and informative.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed Indians at 8 pm today and announced a complete lockdown of the country for the next 21 days, starting 12 am tonight. In his speech, he asked people to follow social distancing and stay inside their homes at all cost.

While praising people who are taking to social media to spread awareness in creative ways, the prime minister also showed a banner that is both simple and informative.

Written in Hindi, the banner breaks down the syllables of ‘corona’ to create the phrase ‘koi road par na nikle’ which roughly translates to ‘no one should be out on the road’. The banner certainly shows the only way ahead in order to control the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Here’s the image PM Modi showed during his speech:
Corona by PM

Read more at: Hindustan Times

NRI fights for voting rights

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NRI fights for voting rights

By BEGENA P PRADEEP, Posted on » Sunday, May 31, 2009

BAHRAIN resident Sihas Babu is hoping to rewrite Indian law by winning the right for millions of people to vote.

The 35-year-old has already filed a landmark case in India against an act in the Indian Constitution, which does not allow Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to take part in national or state elections.

Although he is effectively waging a one-man campaign, any victory would be celebrated by Indian expatriates around the globe.

He filed a case in the Kerala High Court against India’s Election Comm-ission, the Kerala State Government and Indian Central Government last Monday.

The Indian public can only vote in an election if they live in a constituency in India, while government employees posted abroad are the only expats who can vote.

Mr Babu, a manager at a building materials company, told the GDN he decided to file the case after flying home to vote in recent parliamentary elections, only to find his name had been taken off the electoral roll.

“The clauses in Section 19 and 20 of the Indian Constitution’s R P (Representation of the People) Act, 1950, does not allow us NRIs any voting rights if we have been away from India for more than six months,” he said.

“I went to Kerala on April 9 to take part in the parliamentary elections but was told that my name had been removed from the list of voters.

“The Election Commission’s presiding officer will check with all constituencies if the person is a resident of that particular constituency – this is how my name was removed.

“However, I know of many NRIs whose names are still on the list just because they have the influence with different political parties.

“NRIs play such an important role in developing India and there is so much money coming into the country from Indians working abroad.

“But when it comes to choosing leaders and a government who will be responsible for making decisions affecting NRIs as well, we are nowhere in the picture.

“This is not at all acceptable and it’s about time things changed.

“We should also have the right to choose our leaders.

“The government may argue that NRIs are not being allowed to vote to avoid malpractices of voting with a fake identity and double voting.

“But technology is so advanced these days that such practices can be caught or avoided.”

Mr Babu claims to be the first person to file a case against the Indian government with a view to overhauling its domestic law.

The court has now given the state and central governments, as well as the Election Commission, a month to respond to the case.

“This law was drafted in 1950 and with changing times, necessary amendments should be made,” said Mr Babu.

“I contacted leading Kerala High Court lawyer Kaleeswaran Raj and filed a case on May 25.

“If the concerned parties reject the petition, it is up to the court to pass the verdict of whether to change the clause or not.

“However, if the court rules against me, I will take the case to the Supreme Court of India.”

Mr Babu has lived in Bahrain for around 15 years and is now hoping to drum up support for his case among Indian associations and clubs here.

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Rail package for Shirdi pilgrims

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Rail package for Shirdi pilgrims
Monday June 16 2008 09:38 IST G Virat Singh for Express News Service

BANGALORE: Indian Rail Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) will be introducing a daily rail tour package from Bangalore to Shirdi and Shanisignapur on Monday.

Though the IRCTC has not made any public announcement to the effect, sources at the IRCTC stated that it would be a three-night and four-day package on the Karnataka Express that leaves Bangalore city railway station daily at 7.20 pm. The train will have 10 berths, of the 72 in the train (both sleeper and 3AC) reserved under the package by the South Western Railway.

The IRCTC, besides offering free onboard breakfast and dinner to those who avail of the package, will also provide cab services and accommodation. The cab services are available from Kopargaon station to Shirdi and vice versa.

The pilgrims will be accommodated at Hotel Sai Tulsi and Hotel Sai Garden in Shirdi on twin-sharing and triplesharing basis. The package cost for twinsharing will be Rs 3,100 (sleeper), Rs 5,500 (3AC), Rs 2,960 (sleeper) and Rs 5,320 (3AC) for triple-sharing.

Those who wish to avail this package can book their tickets by logging on to or send an email to Tickets can also be collected in person from the IRCTC office at 2/2, CB Royal building, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

Call: 23123877/22960014.