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Photo Speaks – Ramadan at Mushrif Mall

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Ramadan at Mushrif Mall

Ramadan at Mushrif Mall Abu Dhabi






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ISC Abu Dhabi all set for 2nd Holy Quran Recitation Open Competition.

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ISC Abu Dhabi all set for 2nd Holy Quran Recitation Open Competition.

The 2nd Holy Quran Recitation Open Competition
The 2nd Holy Quran Recitation Open Competition

In Commemoration of the Death Anniversary of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Father of the Nation, India Social & Cultural Centre is proud to organize the prestigious 2nd Holy Quran Recitation Open Competition in association with General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments commencing from 24th June till 6th July, 2015.

The event owing to its importance is expected to draw a large audience from Arab / Asian communities.

The Patron of the Organizing Committee is Capt. Mohammed Yousef Al Khouri and the event is benevolently supported by UAE Business Community .

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Suhail Bin Obaid Al Maktoum, Ruling family member from Dubai will inaugurate the event on 24th June, 2015 at 10:45pm. Also will attend Dr. Yusuffali M.A. Managing Director, Emke Lulu Group & Chairman, Board of Governors of ISC and Mr. Adeeb Ahamed CEO, Lulu International Exchange and Patron Governor of ISC.

Prayer facilities are arranged at ISC. There will be bus pick up and drop off from, Indian Islamic Centre and General Post office (MadinatZayed).

We request your active participation and support in this event to make it a grand success

Ramdan Village at Abu Dhabi Mall

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Day 1 of Ramdan 2015 at Abu Dhabi Mall

Ramdan Village at Abu Dhabi Mall
Ramdan Village at Abu Dhabi Mall


Ramadan Do’s and Don’ts

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Ramadan Dos and Donts
Ramadan Dos and Donts

Ramadan Dos and Donts 2 Ramadan Dos and Donts 3 Ramadan Dos and Donts 4

For non-Muslims, it’s all about minding others

Ramadan dont’s

When in public, refrain from:

>      Eating and drinking

>      Smoking

>      Chewing gum

>      Dancing

>      Playing loud music

>      Wearing revealing or tight clothing

>      Swearing


>      Be yourself in private

>      Participate in social events

>      Network

>      Try fasting

>     Go to an iftar meal

>      Drive more cautiously

>      Make the most of it

Eid Al Fitr — The feast marking the end of Ramadan. Greet others saying ‘Eid Mubarak’

Zakat Al Fitr — Prescribed amount of money obligatory on every Muslim to feed one poor person in his region for one day.

Working with Muslim colleagues

>      Understand that it is the most special month in a Muslim’s calendar

>      Greeting colleagues with Ramadan Kareem is a nice way to cross into a new culture

>      Working hours in some companies end earlier during Ramadan

>      Try to avoid the following arrangements with your Muslim colleagues:

.      Meetings, which include lunch

.      Meetings extending after 5pm

.      Department parties (or social events) during Ramadan

>      It is common to take vacation during the last week of Ramadan

>      The Eid holiday is a day off, especially for those with family

>      If invited to share Iftar, accept it, it will be fun!

Ramadan activities

In addition to Suhoor and Iftar, other typical Ramadan activites include:

Visitation — social gatherings such as visiting relatives, sharing food with neighbours, friends and the poor

Taraweeh — optional prayer at early night (20-21 hrs)

Reciting — reading of the Quran during free time

Qiyam — optional late night prayers in the last 10 days

Post courtesy: Khaleej Times — reporters@khaleejtimes.com

Ramadan Kareem 2015
Ramadan Kareem 2015

Ramadan Kareem

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Ramadan Kareem 2015
Ramadan Kareem 2015

The holy month of Ramadan begins on Thursday, 18th June 2015. Wish you all a bless month of Ramadan.

Getting ready for Ramadan 2015

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Getting ready for Ramadan 2015
Getting ready for Ramadan 2015

Shops displaying items at an Abu Dhabi shopping mall for Ramadan 2015.

A smile that conveyed a million thanks

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On behalf of TOTAL, we were extremely happy to inform all that we distributed the “Spirit of Giving” bags to the ladies at Mussaffah camp on Wednesday, 16th July 2014 evening before Iftar.
It would not have been possible for us without the generous support of each one of our colleagues who participated with a human touch.  The team effort displayed in this CSR initiative was exemplary.
We are also grateful to the volunteers who came forward in getting the boxes to Mussaffah and complete the distribution process as smooth as possible.
This event is an important first step of a series of CSR initiatives lined up for the year ahead.
It is part of a sustained effort to convey that using all available opportunities TOTAL is committed to bring out better energy among the staff as well as the community around.
Thanking you and wish you all once again a blessed Ramadan.

Fasting can improve your health – Gulf News Dt. 29 Jue 2014

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Fasting can improve your health

It will be a good idea for non-Muslims to experience a day of fasting followed by iftar
•             By Ramesh Menon
•             Published: 16:08 June 28, 2014

It is a divine time to become engaged in the community by investing time, skills or other resources at a personal level. It is highly important that people abide by the dress code policy especially during Ramadan, as many visitors remain unaware of the cultural sensitivities of the country.
Malls, hotels, buses, taxis, train and airline centres should put up flyers, to remind people of the courtesy policies during Ramadan. Many tourists coming from Western countries are not aware of the dress code policies and as a result, they might end up touring the country wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts during Ramadan, unaware that this might disturb the people observing the holy month.
It will be useful to spread knowledge on how to keep healthy while keeping to religious obligations. Healthy fasting during Ramadan is of prime importance as people tend to get more obese and diabetic due to irregular eating and overeating after ending their fast. Fasting during Ramadan can improve a person’s health, but if a correct diet is not followed, it can possibly worsen your condition. Therefore, the important factor is not the fast itself, but rather what is consumed in the non-fasting hours.
Non-muslims should be considerate to the feelings of those who are fasting. For those who are new to the country, remember that eating, drinking and smoking in public during Ramadan is forbidden as Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset during this time. It shows a lack of sensitivity if some people eat while others fast for over 17 hours. Don’t play loud music because neighbours could be fasting and/or resting.
It will be a good idea for non-muslims to experience a day of fasting followed by an iftar.
I am sure this will give a chance to learn self-restraint and will highlight the importance of caring and sharing.
Also, due to environmental changes, it will be the same time the date palm trees will be ready for harvesting the ripened dates, the nation’s hidden wealth.
Both join together as a double sign of good days ahead and let the country prosper in all ways.
To read it in original, please visit Gulf News Online

Ramadan Kareem

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Ramadan Kareem to all my friends.