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My Daily Ramdan Thoughts – 10/2009

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My Daily Ramdan Thoughts – 10/2009

A blessed and graceful welcome to all my readers to the 10th day of holy month of Ramadan. I have deliberately missed to post the thoughts for the past few days. It was due to the turbulence created in my mind due to the untimely demise of a friend and also due to some personal happenings which were not conducive to writing these divine thoughts. Chirayinkeezhu Ansar – a good friend to all who know him and interacted with is no more with us. May his soul rest in peace. Very seldom we get to see human beings like him who go out of the way and help those in need. When I told about his untimely demise to a friend, I was told about his experience of interactions with late Sri. Ansar. Once at the Indian Embassy for a complicated work, he was running around from one counter to another to get things sorted out. It was at this time that late Sri Ansar passed by and seeing his tension, he enquired and intervened to assist him to clear the matter. Very rarely we get to see such act of kindness from those with responsibilities in public and corporate field. In all his areas of interactions with public and the community around he set examples to follow.

May god bless each one of us to develop good thoughts and deeds to the benefit of the society around us.

Ramesh Menon

My Daily Ramadan Thoughts – 06/2009

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My Daily Ramadan Thoughts – 06/2009

A municipality worker from Abu Dhabi Municipality harvesting the dates

Welcome to read my Daily Ramadan Thoughts on the 6th day of this holy month of Ramadan. Many times we conduct ourselves in different situations under the influence of various thoughts and moods. It may be deliberate or not but we get do these things as if we are under the influence of a magician. However, the almighty god always wish us to think only good and do the same, keeping aside even slightest of evil thought in all our deeds.

The other day, I was returning home from work nearer to the Iftar time. Taking my car out from the parking, I noticed another car blocking my way. Not seeing anyone inside, I honked the horn a few times. I noticed a well dressed person coming out from the nearby shop and then returning back again. I waited for about 10 minutes and seeing no response, I went in to the shop and enquired whether the owner was inside. Immediately the response came – from the shopper – who tried to convince me saying that it might have been by someone who went upstairs of that building. Seeing his quick response and seeing the embarassed face of the shopkeeper who was familiar to me, I realised who the real owner of the car was. I do not know from where I got the patience, I went back to my car and then reversed about 1 km to find an alternate route outside of that parking and proceeded.

A motorcycle specially made for Abu Dhabi Police on display at one of the malls.

Its important to keep away from doing or saying wrong things while observing the holy rituals. I wish all my friends all whom they love the goodness of this holy month of Ramadan.

Ramesh Menon

My Daily Ramadan Thoughts – 5/2009

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My Daily Ramadan Thoughts – 5/2009

Moon during the month of Ramadan moon as it is seen here in Abu Dhabi

Today is the 5th day of the holy month of Ramadan. Many organisations are arranging Iftar evenings. It is an opportunity to break the fast together with everone, without any type of discremination. It is also an opportunit to feel the oneness and enjoy the blessings of a full days of deovtion to god. Please do not miss an opportunity to participate in an Iftar evening.

Difficulties or sadnes comes in different forms of types to all of us. How we overcome it and how we work our way out of it shows what type of person in life we are and to what level our success factor is. During my recent holidays I met a family of four. A father, mothe and two children. The family has already spent about 18 lakhs for various treatment for a terminal illness which the mother is suffering from. However, we found the family with full of happiness, living the day as it evolves out in front of them and do not worried about what is in store for them for the coming tomorrow. I also happened to meet another family. A young couple. When we went, the father was busy watching the share market analysis on the TV and mother was at work. Their only child – an year old girl – was lying in the bed watching the share market charts moving and the analysis happening with curiosity. When the mother comes back from work, the father will move on for his night shift. I was wondering about the child. Changing faces and changing times for the new generation. When are they going to get a few hours together – may be it also depends on the financial and recessional markets fate.

A mosque illuminated during the holy month of Ramadan.

Praying all good to happen to all the harmonious communities and social groups and gatherings during this holy month of Ramadan, I wish you all a wonderful Ramadan evening.

Ramesh Menon

My Daily Ramadan Thoughts – 04/2009

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My Daily Ramadan Thoughts – 04/2009

Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi decorated to greet the customers during the holy month or Ramadan

Into the 4th day of the holy month of Ramadan, my thoughts revolve around the same topics which I covered yesterday. Sometimes it is like this, some or other things remain for a longer time. It is the thought about the have’s and have not’s. It is about an interaction with a friend of mine who lost his job here due to recession recently. Well settled, he used to enjoy life in the fullest of possible ways. Leaving nothing for him every month, after his regular payoffs to his family, he enjoyed it to the best. Back home, with nothing much in hand as balance, thinking that whatever he transferred, he had a different approach from his relatives waiting for him. Just the same way it has happened for many others from here. Not easy to get a good job, and not used to this situation, he is in distress these days. On a casual meeting, I asked him, what do you do these days? And his answer to me was ” Our state is very big and we have several long distance services during the day and night? I sit inside one of them and there goes by days or nights problems.”

Let this holy month of Ramadan be an opportunity for all of us to think about those in need and help them in whatever we could.

Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi decorated to greet the customers during the holy month or Ramadan

Wishing another blessed day of Ramadan to all my friends.

Ramesh Menon


My Daily Ramadan Thoughts – 03/2009

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My Daily Ramadan Thoughts – 03/2009

Abu Dhabi mall decorated to greet customers during the holy month of Ramadan

Within no time we are into the 3rd day of this years holy month of Ramadan. First two days of fasting and prayers have groomed our body and mind to a pious and divine environment. When I thought of writing today’s two points of importance came to me and presenting to you all as it is. Both are somehow connected with Iftar.

As part of Ramadan, we all donate generously to the poor. Sumptuous and pompous Iftar celebrations are also part of the daily fasting. While planning ahead with a detailed Iftar, take a minute and think about the numerous poor who cannot even afford to have a light refreshment to break their fast. Arrange only what is necessary and if you come out with excess fund, try to organise an Iftar for the poor and needy at their place. It may be a labour camp which you know of, or it may be offering to an association who does it on behalf of you. This is one of the most benevolent way of caring the poor and in turn following the path of devotion as guided in our holy books.

Second thought which came into my mind is of the road rage which happens regularly on our highways and streets before the Iftar timings. Many accidents happen and many arguments follow unnecessarily for several unwarranted reasons. Mainly just to reach home to break the fast with friends and relatives. Keep your calmness and observe the traffic rules and regulations. This will benefit you and your fellow road users to reach home safely and observe this days and the coming days religious observance with its fervour and blessings.

Abu Dhabi streets decorated to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan

Wishing another blessed day of Ramadan to all my friends.

Ramesh Menon

My Daily Ramadan Thoughts – 02/2009

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My Daily Ramadan Thoughts – 02/2009

A supply tent by Abu Dhabi co-operative society to distribute free Iftar packets during Ramadan

We are into the 2nd day of this years holy month of Ramadan. Mankind celebrate religion and the rituals and festivities associated with it in various different ways. There is a saying in Malayalam which corresponds to the meaning Different people Different ways. Everything corresponds to it. While reading my thoughts, some of you might be wondering why all these?

Different religion, various gurus, several hundred thousand types of rituals have all fascinated me from my childhood. Similarly my effort to continue education in various fields. This constant effort has developed a continuous approach in me to find good in all whom I meet and all religions they follow and to provide me with a strong belief in god to do a devoted life for family and mankind. During my school and college days and all throughout the 22 years of expatriate life here, I have had the chance of having plenty of muslim friends. Knowing them well and caring about them and their families provided me opportunities to learn about their religion and culture more and more each time. This has strengthened my respect for them as well as the religion. I strongly believe, if one is good at science, there is no rule which says that he should not learn maths or arts? Offering good wishes to all good things associated with this holy month of Ramadan, may I continue to my thoughts on this 2nd day of Ramadan.

Having completed the 1st day of Ramadan and the Iftar, I am sure a certain group might find it exciting to follow. They are none other than our children. As we all know, many times, they observe quietly what we say, and do and carry with them an urge to carry out and follow their peers. The rituals associated with Ramadan is also one among them. As they see their parents, relatives and friends fasting throughout the day during the holy month of Ramadan, and in the evening, after sunset, pray together and the break the fast by taking Iftar together as a group. It creates a dedication within themselves to follow suite on their own for the first time and they do it with utmost devotion. A challenge to make sure that they are at par with their peers make them more dedicated to follow these holy rituals with ease. No wonder, the seeds of unity, dedication and oneness automatically gets planted in their mind from a very young age.

Let me take this opportunity to narrate an interesting interaction I witnessed during my travel back from summer holidays via Goa recently. A young goan guy and his son studying in Gr 2 was sitting next to me. They kept on talking about all topics under the son and the interaction was really interesting. As the airhostess came around serving soft and hot drinks, the father asked for two beers. Pointing towards his sons seat, he requested the airhostess to keep two more if permitted. She did it with a smile and turned. Immediately, the boy opened out, Dad, you are cheating. You know that I don’t drink. You should not have ordered on my behalf.! Myself, the airhostess and of course our dad, were surprised by the momentary reaction by that small child. Children they are innocent and their mind is simple and pure.

The holy month of Ramadan and the short working hours associated with it is a blessing in disguise for many to spend maximum time with children. Utilise it to the maximum and you will find god in everything. Through various bits and pieces of Talent Share activities I will be also here around and if you find it interesting, please do spare a few minutes to make sure your child participate in them.

Wishing another blessed day of Ramadan to all my friends.

Ramesh Menon

My Daily Ramadan thoughts – 01/2009

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My Daily Ramadan Thoughts – 01/2009

Mosque near Madinat Zayed Shopping complex Abu Dhabi

Today is the first day of the holy month of Ramadan. It is the 9th month according to the Muslim calendar and very special to all muslims. From the time, I came to gulf, I enjoy following the fast and festivities associated with Ramadan. May be it is due to the religious upbringing I followed from my childhood which gave prominence to all religion and taught me to consider every one with importance irrespective of their caste or creed. May be this enthusiasm and belief is the force behind me to do the second edition of the Ramadan thoughts this year too. The first edition done last year was in Malayalam and many of my friends were unable to read it and I am following their request this year to do a version in English.

This is the month of August and days are longer than other months. That means fasting during the entire period of the day is a tough proposition to all, especially who do not fast regularly. It gives an added importance and virtue to this religious ritual and give a person a test to his commitment and belief.

During the month of Ramadan, muslims fast from dawn to sunset. It is therefore important that muslims and non-muslims do not eat, drink or smoke in public places during this period. All these are considered as an offence to the belief. Please also do not express any type of anger or swearing in public during this period.

Muslims pray five times during Ramadan. When the call for prayer is announced, it is required to keep silence and reduce the sound of any loud music or public announcements happening around.

Display of affection between men and women in public places should also be controlled during the holy month of Ramadan. Provocative clothing should also be avoided during Ramadan period.

Fasting muslims eat two meals a day during Ramadan, namely Suhour and Iftar. Suhour is a pre-dawn meal, taken to give enough strength to fast. Iftar marks the end of the fast just after the sunset and mainly water, fresh juice and dates are taken. The main course of food is taken later during the evening after performing the Maghrib prayers.

Iftar tents situated near the mosque at Madinat Zayed shopping complex Abu Dhabi

I will try to add daily a few pictures of how the society celebrates the holy month of Ramadan in this part of the world.

I wish all my friends blessings of this holy month.

Ramesh Menon