UAE’s STEM education objectives foster positive results

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The study results on pupils interest in STEM subject is interesting but not surprising.

The two category of students evaluated speaks for the results itself.

Expatriates children normally come from parents of high professional background and will have always an orientation for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects as these are part of their daily life, whereas local pupil are gradually getting in to the STEM world as the generation progress.

Irrespective of this, children now know really well that there is no more “Wasta” culture for success in life. They have to study and work hard, be innovative and keep on improvising and adapting to the changes.

There is a lot of interest among local students to take up STEM subjects. This can be seen by the active participation of students in the annual Think Science Competitions organized by Emirates Foundation. Child prodigy and emirati inventor Adeeb Alblooshi is an inspiration to many young local pupil to follow STEM for their success in future. Destination Medicine Summit by Al Jalila Foundation inspires Emirati youth to pursue medicine under the slogan “today’s students, tomorrow’s doctors.

All these shows that a conducive environment that supports science, at home and at school is being created for the young with sustained and dedicated efforts. I am happy to see that corporate bodies are actively supporting these initiatives to make it a success. Total, is an example, by partnering with Emirates Foundation and Al Jalila Foundation through its Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

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Study finds GCC pupils place less importance on Stem than expat peers

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