More options needed to alert dangerous driving

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Once again an accident involving a mini bus happened resulting in the death of a passenger. Although, this time, it was not due to the speeding or mistake of the bus driver!.
There is only one way, I see to end this catastrophe. More education to our public transport users to immediately alert the police as well as warn the driver, if they witness any incident of dangerous driving.
These drivers who speed and neglect the traffic signs, signals and rules may be pressurized by tight deadline from their company or their on personal financial pressures to earn more each day!.
Driving from Abu Dhabi on the Emirates Road as well as the Mussaffah Road during the last two Saturdays, I witnessed several instances of 15 seater mini vans speeding. Some even on the 2nd lane from left, which they normally should not be present.
I humbly request the authorities to have a foolproof and easy communication system like a mobile contact for whatsapp or sms for road users and passengers to alert the authorities whenever they witness dangerous driving. More awareness and calls should be made by the authorities to encourage public to be their voice to avert more such death resulting situations.

Letters to the Editor/The National:

One dead, 16 injured as pickup truck crashes into bus in Dubai

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