Congratulations to EK521 Crew & Dubai Airport Emergency Response Team

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My sincere congratulations to Emirates Airline EK521 Captain and Crew for handling the Crisis exceedingly well. Highest level of praise also goes to the Dubai Airport Emergency Response Team, who handled the situation and made sure the incident was brought under control. As regards to Emirates Airline Crisis Management and Communication Team, this is an excellent example for all global Comms/Crisis Management Teams to observe and follow how effectively and efficiently a major crisis can be handled and communicated. Everyone will agree and accept that this is not an easy task these days, when all are on social media and dissemination of information is just within the press of our fingers. The airline also came out with timely developing statements to avoid any rumors and feed stakeholders with right information. Emirates Airlines ranked Number 2 in terms of safety and the plane involved was a Boeing 777 which has a track record of safety. In addition the airport involved was Dubai airport, which is considered as one of the safest airports in the world. All the passengers and the crew were fortunate and blessed to have these three lucky combinations i.e, of a safe airline, airplane and a first rate airport, involved in this unfortunate incident from which they all survived! The country is proud of the brave firefighter Jasem who lost his life. May his soul rest in peace.

Letters to the Editor/Gulf News:

Dubai triumphs again


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