Compassionate Ramadan 2016 – photography competition

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Photography competition to capture the inner reflections of life that you learn by capturing a “Compassionate Moment” you witness during this Ramadan.

This Ramadan 2016, Passionate Photographers group invite all Passionate photographers of any age with an attitude of participating in a community event which may lead to a winning moment in their life!

Send us photos of a “Compassionate Moment” that you witness and capture!

Photos taken using Mobile and professional cameras accepted. Awesome prizes to win!

Email your entries to: with the title – Compassionate Ramadan 2016/Your name

Include the following details : Name, Age, Address, email, phone and a few words about the location and camera or phone you used to click.

Simultaneously post the photos and videos to Passionate Photographers group on Facebook with hashtags #passionatephotographers and

Brought to you by: Passionate Photographers & Team 1 TalentShare
Entries close: 16th July 2016
All entries will be showcased in Passionate Photographers group & Talent Share blogs
Special highlights with Weekly Winners

Sponsors and Promoters Welcome / For queries, please email to

Ramadan 2016 through your eyes

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